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  1. Oracle Team USA

    Face it, Its well known Oracle are a bunch of fucking cheats - Fact
  2. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Why isint the great jimmy sailing the Moth worlds
  3. what is it?

    Hey clueless Ed, - Really ya think R2AK? Prototype of the Volvo boat? Another crazy Frenchman? Heard of right click - Search Google for Image Duh
  4. Team NZ

    The biggest mistake was not building a cup that could only hold a teaspoon of bubbly. The cup is now bigger better due to Team NZ previous holdings
  5. Clean Interview of GA

    No you didnt say - " the biggest reason was Glenn " You said the only reason was Glenn - " Why was ETNZ faster? 2 words. Glenn Ashby." Yo boy O Your "My only concern from the interview is that I am beginning to think the AC is heading back to lead mines". As you will know the C Class Little Americas Cup idea was stolen ,, Now theres a chance to get back to mono high performance with or without lead Go Yo
  6. Team NZ

    I can only assume you were looking in the mirror when you wrote that. Oh well, just send me a link to the news item once you've successfully proven the cheating *crickets* --- No need for me to send you a link. Youre trapped on this site the rest of your days, you wont miss a thing Yo
  7. Team NZ

    Who gives a shit if they cheated now? - many would give a shit now if they knew what went on no bearing on modern day. - If/when this is exposed there will be bearing on modern day ------------ Youre just another self opinionated clueless nob
  8. Why was TNZ faster ?

    Why was TNZ faster It was a package of perfection from start to finish You fuckwits that are singling out 1 reason only ( ie Glen Ashby ) are seriously clueless and have probably never put a successful campaign together. unbelievable crowd this site attracts
  9. Team NZ

    Here's your boy Jones and a few others of note https://www.sites.google.com/site/paremataboatingclub/about-us/our-history
  10. Team NZ

    More to the point Who has lost the most Cup races - spithill and barker will be right up there
  11. Team NZ

    No look tacks and gybes have been done countless times in club racing since time begun - No Look is nothing new
  12. What was your favorite race/moment?

    Folk on this site seem to think a no look tack/gybe has just been invented
  13. What was your favorite race/moment?

    Nice work Kid ..
  14. Why was TNZ faster ?

    You should think outside the box .... Hint .. There is no box Hɘy ƨnɒɘɿʞ , Ƨʜow ƨomɘ ƨqunʞ, ƚimɘ you ɔʜɒnǫɘb youɿ ƚɿɒnƨlɒƚoɿ iƨnƚ iƚ, ꟼlɘnƚy oʇ oƚʜɘɿƨ ouƚ ƚʜɘɿɘ. Yo