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  1. Impressive. thanks for all input so far. :-)
  2. Thanks all for you input. Black Jack, how do you pocket out the keel? Again apologize for my ignorance. thanks beforehand. j
  3. Was more thinking in line of stacking washers and nuts as governail describes...anyone done that? Im trying to get an idea of the method...thnks. :-) j
  4. Could you send a pict of your xmas tree Gouvernail? ;-) Trying to get creative input. Thanks. Jon
  5. Thanks for your response. My number is 5045152990. Im on cst so its late. Pls call at yr convenience. Id kove to hear all you know about the bolts...and fixing them. Best Jon
  6. I didnt see SloopJonB's last mention of keeldrop. Nice story...and scary at the same time...impressive he didnt roll over...thanks for sharing that.
  7. columbia 45. About to launch, keelbolts bad. Been on the hard since I bought boat 2.5 years ago. Keel bolts were bad and unattneded to by previous owner. I cleaned up bilge and have kept it dry, but it seems air humidity has worsen the corrision, even after covering all metal with rostoleum....not a very good idea.... (ps im pretty new to this but learning) I see beecook and sloopbJon has done recent keelwork....pretty impressive... Would love to get in touch and discuss over phone or such but I dont know how that works in the forum. Or if someone knows someone that does or has done something like this... anyways. Builder of boat at columbia plant, who owns the yard im in, said 16 months ago that the bolt would prob hold and that he hadnt heard of any columbia loosing its keel... Now as im approaching a launch and revisit the issue Im getting second thoughts....and rather do something about it....i pict mine look as bad as SloopJonB's... The right thing to do would of course be to take out old ones and go back with fresh stuff, which it seems wouldnt necessarily mean a droppin of keel, since it appears that it would be possible to do from inside cabin. What are your thoughts on that? What did you use to get bolts out? My plan be was to rent a magdrill and try to drill an oversized hole, put a new stud an epoxy it in and put new stringer, next to old stringer. Has anyone done anything like that, that is reenforcing keel with new bolts, leaving old corroded ones where they are? Has anyone had a keel drop while at sea? or marina? Thanks beforehand Jon