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  1. NorthofSouth

    Prada Cup

    So what would have happened if the second race had started towards the end of the window? I thought there was a 6pm cut-off time for the start of the second race with TVNZ flipping to DUKE if it ran over. I'm still really confused how there was no way that there was either an existing official feed on YouTube or TVNZ (who had a reporter on the water giving updates during the news hour) could not have just simply continued, even if it was on something on pokey as Facebook Live.
  2. NorthofSouth

    Prada Cup

    My understanding is the last race had to start by 6PM and there was provision for late-racing to be transferred over to DUKE/23 so the news hour could go ahead, but I could be wrong. The online streams on YT cutting off early is inexcusable though; as is the lack of post-race given it was the end of a round of the Prada Cup, not just a day's sailing.
  3. NorthofSouth

    Prada Cup

    Was anyone else really unimpressed with the coverage and their decision to move away from the action once the race had been called? TVNZ went back to Toni Street in the studio talking about how excited she was - before Patriot was righted, and then went to the 6PM news slot. The YouTube stream showed Patriot being righted but being obviously crook and sitting way too low in the water. However they still pulled away from the coverage and wound-up the stream. F1 has an hour-long post-show for pretty much this exact reason - I was stunned someone didn't think to just carry on the stream, instead of pulling it in the midst of the most dramatic moment of the event.