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  1. SimplyDabbling

    Snipe Questions: Jib Sheet and Daggerboard

    Got some more photos. Up close and personal with the Jiffy Jib Jam!
  2. SimplyDabbling

    Snipe Questions: Jib Sheet and Daggerboard

    “A Freudian desire to de-Nut their crew” is truly an all time line. Ill make sure to keep my jewels hugged tight.
  3. SimplyDabbling

    BVI what's open/closed 2019

    Pretty much everywhere is rocking and rolling, apart from Virgin Gorda and Trellis Bay to a degree. The link you shared basically nails it. Virgin Gorda Details: Baths are still beautiful and a must-see. They just got approved for a big restoration there to update bathrooms/sitting areas/etc. CocoMaya is still one of the best restaurants in the whole BVI. Absolutely epic dinner spot, just don't forget your black Amex to pay for it all. Hog Heaven still has in my opinion the best view in the BVI and some nice BBQ to boot Oil Nut Bay just opened a brand new, beautiful marina just north of the North Sound. Pool, bar, restaurant, shop, etc. Definitely worth checking it out. Saba Rock is rebuilding. Should be open sometime in 2020. Bitter End Yacht Club also rebuilding. Shooting for end of 2019 reopening of the marina/early 2020. Hotel rooms coming later. Sandbox Beach Bar rebuilding. No updates on time frame there. Unsure of the plans for YCCS, Biras Creek and Fat Virgin Cafe. Sunchaser Scuba still delivering epic dive trips with world class service out of BEYC property What else are you looking for?
  4. SimplyDabbling

    Snipe Questions: Jib Sheet and Daggerboard

    The old Jiffy Jib Jam! I should've known....
  5. SimplyDabbling

    Snipe Questions: Jib Sheet and Daggerboard

    Cool. I'll let you know what number I find.
  6. SimplyDabbling

    Snipe Questions: Jib Sheet and Daggerboard

    Ehhh I don't know if it's all wood. Certainly mast, boom and spinnaker pole are all wood from the photos I've seen. Where should my buddy look to find a hull number on the boat? We're gonna go sailing sometime here in the near future on it. I'll throw some more photos up here when we do.
  7. SimplyDabbling

    Snipe Questions: Jib Sheet and Daggerboard

    I haven't seen it in person, just photos. But I think it's the 'newfangled' aluminum board (using the term newfangled lightly here) rather than the bronze one. Any advice on what best to tie the daggerboard line to that will hold specifically? And that's some great advice on the fasteners shearing off if we drop it right in. Although Surf_N_Turf does pose an interesting argument against you for the leeward mark....
  8. Hey guys, Buddy of mine just bought an old snipe. No idea on the year, but it has a lot of wooden parts and looks pretty cool. I'm excited to take it out on the water. I've never sailed a Snipe before though and I have two questions. 1.) In the picture, is that greenish thing protruding from the daggerboard housing a cleat of some sort for the jib sheets? Or does it have some other use which I can't decipher. 2.) How do you rig the daggerboard to prevent it from falling out and sinking to the bottom in the event of a capsize/turtle? Thanks.
  9. SimplyDabbling

    West Michigan Thread

    Bit off topic here compared to the rest of the recent posts, but on topic for the thread title itself so I figured I'd drop it here. I recently accepted a side gig as the Boat Maintenance Manager for the Grand Rapids Junior Sailing Association. It's based out of the Grand Rapids Yacht Club on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids. I'll also be teaching beginner adult lessons on Monday and Thursday evenings there. Anyone here sail at GRYC?
  10. SimplyDabbling

    Mirage 27 Sailboat Review/Advice

    Had to push back the haul out date a bit due to weather, but my Uncle got it out of the water and she looks pretty great. Figured I'd drop some photos here.
  11. SimplyDabbling

    Jerome Rand solo circumnavigation in a Westsail 32

    A great article written by Jerome recently published in Sail Magazine, if you are so inclined.
  12. SimplyDabbling

    Round the world nonstop on a (insert vessel here)

    A recent article from Sail Magazine on Jerome Rand's journey. May give a little insight into this question!
  13. SimplyDabbling

    BVI News

    Here is a great post giving a quick recap of a recent BVI Charter!
  14. SimplyDabbling

    BVI News

    If you want dive/snorkel advice, hit up Sunchaser Scuba. They're based in the North Sound but they can pick you up right from your boat and you're guaranteed a 5-star experience. There is also new kiteboarding/free-diving school based out of Leverick Bay. UpNUnder Watersports. I've heard some great reviews of the guys from friends so if you want some kiting lessons give them a ring. Otherwise, that's all I got. Enjoy it, sail fast!
  15. SimplyDabbling

    Mirage 27 Sailboat Review/Advice

    The Google machine is telling me it's a good thing. But yeah, this is my first Skookum.