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  1. This boat sat at a slip for eight years with hardly a finger being raised, the owner being close to 80 and moved. When I pulled the boat out last month there were, maybe, 40 blisters ranging from dime to half dollar size. Quarter size was typical. The boat is a 1978 26' S2. I live in a mountainous desert. It is very dry. Bought a couple gallons of Pettit Trinidad today. It is 75% copper and should be fine in the Gulf of Mexico. Since the blisters have disappeared, I can't hardly "sand and replace" even if I wanted to. Only the outermost layer of fiberglass was affected. I thought the wetted hull was in good shape considering the absolute lack of maintenance. Now I seek to lower the re-occurrence to a certain extent. I plan to sell the boat in about two years and get a much larger one for cruising. I want to do a "good job" but not necessarily an "oh my darling" job. The Trinidad paint is about $300/gallon so I am not ignoring the hull by any means.
  2. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    With Vag raking in $8500/week, I can't blame them for trying. My question would be....why watch someone with neglible sailing experience? On the other hand....seems like a good gig for a bloke who can get a decent boat and establish a good youtube presence. Getting a continually new crew of bikinis almost assuredly guarantees a full life, or a life full of drama? Who really loses anyway? It isn't like anyone is being forced to watch.
  3. Bye Bye to AGM

    That chart is absolute fiction by every single account. I have about four tons of new and old batteries lying about and have used gels and agm's. Gel's are not even a viable option for solar applications. Unless, of course, someone seeks to sell their inventory...
  4. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    OK....he did toss the modern amenities including a/c's, tv, microwave, and stove. Mentioned in Episode 8. His drinking water also has birdshit since the deck is never washed. Fourth crew in 1.5 years? The Danish girl and him are hitting it off. Seems a bit extreme. Some things are safer when heated. Have not seen mention of a genset either. Perhaps his series will take off and the funds will grow.
  5. Bye Bye to AGM

    Watched an episode of Voyages of Emerald Steel on youtube last night. They discussed their solar. They just got their third set of T-105 batteries and are getting 8-9 years out of them every time. They use a 2000 watt inverter and have a 7 Kw diesel genset. They keep their panels on the deck but did not mention how many watts they have. They spend winters off of British Columbia so the days will be very short and the panel orientation should be at least 60 degrees, or so, at that latitude....on the steep side. They use the modern conveniences but there are only two people on board. They do seem to sail in cooler environs and that helps battery life. A dark, steel boat may be pretty miserable in the tropics. Pros and cons to everything? "Don't have time for fkg solar"? Well....most lead acid battery banks should be checked every month. AGMs and Gels don't even need that... I will repeat that gels are not made for frequent deep discharging.
  6. Bye Bye to AGM

    Problem with 24 volt forklift batteries is the lack of width since you have only have 2 cells in width...I think. I was lucky to survive moving my 1650 pound 24 volt forklift battery through ice and snow. It fell over twice and I jumped in the right direction. 4D and 8D batteries are pretty short so electrolyte stratification is less of an issue. Bad fit for a sailboat because of the floor space. I'd go with eight ~90lb golf cart batteries and spend the savings on rigid solar panels racked to the staunchions. Better yet.....eight 110 pound L-16s.
  7. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Just watched the first episode last night. He has a fun series and I am a bit intrigued by his ability to continually staff his boat with groups of girls. They are European and not repulsed by a man in a Speedo. He did not toss a TV or fridge in the first or second episode. I would not be without a TV or fridge....being a movie buff for one thing. Coupld years ago I bought am unused, commercial grade icemaker for about $1000. Thinking that it would be great on a boat, it is not a large unit. Last month I bought a $400 ice chest. Once again thinking it would be great on a boat. Think I always knew I would wind up on a boat.
  8. Bye Bye to AGM

    I was addressing the board as much as you. Yes...I am sure you have spent months banging your head against the wall on solar issues. 260W isn't enough to charge anything, never was. My problem is deck real estate. I have a lot of deck, but very little of it is suitable for mounting large panels. These are also flex panels as I recall....I am new to this board of course. I think almost all boat owners can relate to your issue. I don't know of a viable solution other than building racking that is attached to the staunchion array. SVDelos on youtube is quite happy with the four 150 watt panels attached to the rear staunchion array. I think he has a 52' Super Amel and 4-5 live aboards with a "high power consumption". I have logged months on a solar board and have yet to hear a single compliment about flex panels. They may be the future, they are not the present. The LFP batteries are a better fit for you in so many ways. I still believe that more panels is the way to go. Thats just me and you possibly got what you paid me. You also have more batteries than is optimal. Three parallel series IIRC. Two parallel series is far better. The batteries should be much, much bigger than 66 pounds. I think L-16s are about 110 pounds. I use 175 pound batteries here, those are quite a load to move around. These folks would help you: http://forum.solar-electric.com/categories/off-grid-solar-battery-systems Engineer David Angelini, for example, lived on boats for years. Said they were the best years of his life. How about an 800 pound 24 volt forklift battery? Just an idea. Those batteries are super tough with super thick plates: 9 positive and 8 negative per cell.
  9. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Sure it wasn't Adrienne? https://abarbeau.com/ I am a little mystified by the donations. Sailing into Freedom has 100 uploads and doesn't even have a TV or a fridge. LaVag makes $8500/week?
  10. Bye Bye to AGM

    Just adding a few random thoughts here. I installed five separate solar charging systems here but have never cruised by the way. You folks likely know this information but re-iteration helps at times. 1) Digital hard drives consume less power than the previous type. 2) The screen is the largest power consumer. Turn down the brightness. Consider trading the 80" TV for a 55"...j/k I think. 3) Almost everything that is plugged in consumes a few watts simply by being plugged in. 4) Is it practical to turn up the operating temps on freezers and fridges? 5) I am almost certain that the root of B.J. Porter's solar problems are a shortage of charging panels. That is an extremely common problem in the solar world. 6) Are the battery interconnect cables of a large size? Like copper 2/0 or so? 7) What size is the inverter? Larger inverters are like larger car engines. They use a lot more power to idle. They consume this power 24/7. 8) MPPT charge controllers are approx. 10% more efficient than PWM charge controllers. 9) Golf cart batteries provide the biggest bang for the buck for the vast majority of solar users. 10) A huge weakness of 12 volt solar batteries is that you have an anchor if a single cell goes back. I have a dozen, or so, 12 volt batteries with five good cells and one bad cell. I would not use 12 volt batteries unless the quality was exceptional. 11) Discharging 12 volt batteries below 11.5 volts is generally pretty hard on them. I would place a bet that B. J.'s batteries spend plenty of time below 11.5 volts, or 5.75 volts if 6 volt batteries. 12) Blaming lead acid battery technology is the easy way out. B. J. has insufficient solar charging capacity coupled with a high demand for power. Heading for my bunker...........
  11. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    They may not cruise but they certainly linger...
  12. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Title should be "Professional grifter floats around like flotsam" No?
  13. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Calling a deck a dick can do that.
  14. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Don't be ridiculous. Figured out some story with the Sailing into Freedom dude. He doesn't have a fridge, a camping type existence may explain the seemingly high turnover. Plus he is running a Passion Booth. Before the Italian girls showed up he said there would be lots of passion (in the stabbin' cabin we presume). Perhaps they sent out a male scout first? An Italian guy did sail just before they did. He was married with three little girls. The wife didn't like sailing from appearances. He sure has a lively and entertaining personality. The Emerald Steel couple strike me as the best folks. They aren't always asking for handouts for one thing. I don't mind getting asked, I do object to getting hammered a bit.
  15. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I think New Zealand and Australia have pretty rigid requirements for hanging around. He better hope he doesn't wind up in either place I would think. I have started believing the charges about gross incompetence. He is probably as happy as a clam with no critical thought capacity whatsoever.