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  1. Hi I follow the Team NZ AC thread - is there a way to have the most recent page of comments load automatically, when I access the site? Presently it's a very manual affair for me to get there.
  2. Matt17

    Oracle Team USA

    Oh this is getting embarrassing. There are now several occasions during each race where the choppers struggle to get both boats in the same shot! Frustration clearly making its presence felt onboard OR : JS slinging his tablet down on the tramp, thumping the hull with his's getting hot in there! JS finally admits (after yet another pants-down reaming with no lube) that OR's boatspeed (more accurately, complete lack of) is "an issue". So he can tell the truth. Expecting OR to use the coming days to make some serious mods...just keep them legal this time eh boys?
  3. Matt17

    Oracle Team USA

    If things continue with ETNZ having crushing dominance over OR-XEROX in every facet of racing, and OR don't cheat (unlike last time...), you'll be lucky to win a single point. That said, it's far from over - let's see how we go tomorrow. Am picking another two comfortable wins for ETNZ. OR better hope we repeat the same massive errors like we did today, or it will be an absolute pants-down whipping. I'll almost feel sorry for OR-XEROX if so. Actually, not really. Not ever. Go ETNZ! Smoke those Australians!!
  4. Matt17

    Oracle Team USA

    So, how are you doing OR fans? Still feeling confident? Unlucky? Scared? Long way to go for sure, but ETNZ just crushed OR on all points of sail. If I was the OR boys, I'd be pretty fucking nervous!!!
  5. Matt17

    How to watch live races?

    In NZ : Another option (to a full Sky subscription, or FanPass) to prevent total reaming by Sky : get a friend who has Sky to organise an additional Sky decoder (I think it's called MultiRoom) through Sky. It's legit, and Sky knows that people take this extra decoder to their bach, boat etc - but they turn a blind eye. My "friend" has her main decoder (for which she pays full price) and two extra decoders which are each charged at $25/month - they have access to the same package the main decoder does. Obviously requires that the extra decoders are plugged into a satellite dish pointing at the Sky satellite. In my case, I used to be a Sky customer but ceased using them - but the dish and cabling was left in place....handy!
  6. Matt17

    Oracle Team USA

    Let's not open up THAT can of worms... Do 'Mericans supersize their gulliability and their portions?
  7. Matt17

    Oracle Team USA

    Well said - I agree completely.