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  1. kiwispirits

    Lone wolf - have you read it.

    Sefton's book is on Amazon kindle store for pre-order, delivery tomorrow. About US$11
  2. kiwispirits

    AC36 - The Venue

    I am an Aucklander. Sad, but true. Gave up on the traffic decades ago and moved out of town. Although the Hauraki Gulf is a great sailing venue the city traffic congestion sucks and the council (in the words of Spike Milligan) "has all the coordination of an epileptic on fire getting off a bus". So, if Goff has no vision or courage for the cup, perhaps it should be in a different town? : 1. Wellington. Sail in the harbour? Or perhaps the Cook Straits - boat design would certainly have survivability features applicable to ordinary yachts 2. Tauranga - Park a couple of cruise boats in the harbour for accommodation and use the open sea as a course - again the boats would be closer in heavy weather features to trickle down to production yachts. 3. Christchurch - An ideal combination of a harbour and a city that also provides adventure tourism, Watch the America's Cup while Experiencing Real Earthquakes !
  3. kiwispirits

    Race Replays

    All the best for your holiday Rudder, and thanks for all your hard work
  4. kiwispirits

    Race Replays

    I am not completely certain of my old and failing memory, but I think I saw something about the nose down stance being needed to avoid wind getting underneath the boat beams/tramp area and lifting it, which would probably mess up stability. Nose down means wind over the boat is tending to press the boat slightly downwards rather than upwards which might cause loss of foil/rudder control.
  5. kiwispirits

    Race Replays

    d/ling as well
  6. kiwispirits

    Race Replays

    Many, many thanks for those Rudder. I have no way of watching these races otherwise (living in NZ without a satellite dish in a caravan). You are indeed a legend