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  1. Laraco

    Trailer Winch F27

    Thanks for all the info everyone really good points. I will be sure to ask about tow vehicles! I am sure the 10 foot U-Haul that I rented would not be recommended. I will have a look at brake winches. Trying to find something I can use a rope on instead of a strap. Will try to loosen nets, I guess the screwdriver is to keep the net intact while towing?
  2. Laraco

    Trailer Winch F27

    Thanks for the advice Wess will check into all that you mentioned. Good point about the trailer will check it over too. It is a Pacific Trailer still so will have a look at their site. Hoping to bring her back into good condition soon!
  3. Laraco

    Trailer Winch F27

    Just purchased an F27 that needs some attention. I am looking for a trailer winch. Currently it has a winch that brakes automatically but is showing it's age. What rating should I look for to be able to handle mast raising and trailering? I was looking at this winch: Does anyone have recommendations for a brand or model?