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  1. A Santana 22 or 23 would be a good choice. They used to always give us a hard time when we were sailing a Capri 24
  2. Cant Crunch

    Leisurefurl Boom Failure - Any Suggestions?

    Even though the fitting failed, were properly rigged with a double spectra lashing around the mandrel and another to the padeye. I’m not sure if the former owner (or Forespar) used Duralac at installation, which was about 12 years ago, but I will certainly not make that mistake. That said, this was a severe test for the system. We gybed with a full main in a solid 25 kn breeze with a six foot swell running off the Brooks Peninsula. I was paranoid about the boom slamming across violently, and even though the vang was slack, I had both the mainsheet and boom brake cranked down tight. That certainly produced a lot of load on the leach. Next time I’ll leave a bit more slack and let the sheet run when the boom comes across. Prior to this snafu, we were very happy with the functionality of this rig, and really still are. It just needs to be a little more robust. It is a very effective sail-shaping tool, and reefing is easy, straightforward, and all done from the cockpit. Important factors when the crew is just my wife and I with about a 600 sq ft main. The sail is rigged nicely full, but one turn of the mandrel takes most of the belly out of the sail going upwind, and pulling it down to the first full batten – about two feet – really flattens it out and gives it a great shape for driving to weather in a blow without sacrificing much sail area. Maybe a little credit for North 3DL Marathon too.
  3. Cant Crunch

    Leisurefurl Boom Failure - Any Suggestions?

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate input. One of the ideas I had to avoid a complete replacement was for a machined collar around the aft end of the mandrel. In heavy gauge stainless it would be bomb proof, but would still leave the galvanic corrosion problem. Temporarily, I’ve lashed a low friction ring to the mandrel with spectra webbing, which is undoubtedly much stronger than the original, but a bit Mickey Mouse (or Heath Robinson for our brethren to the north). Completely replacing the mandrel with one of heavier gauge aluminum is undoubtedly the cleanest solution, and I really like the idea of having it anodized. You would think that I could just order a new replacement from Forespar. Easy, right?? Like I said initially, they were completely useless. At one point even denying that this was their boom – very frustrating. I’m thinking that a carbon fiber mandrel would work very well and is worth looking into also.
  4. I could use a little help figuring out what to do with a broken boom fitting. The clew pad eye pulled out of the mandrel of our Leisurefurl boom as a result of a hard gybe. To my surprise, the people at Forespar - makers of the Leisurefurl system - have been absolutely no help at all. As you can see from the picture, the fitting is not spectacularly robust. There were six #8 screws holding the pad eye into what is about 1/16” aluminum. Add in a little corrosion and the failure (in hindsight) is not a huge surprise. With this system, there usually isn't a lot of load on the clew, but still.... I’ve got a few ideas on how to deal with this, but I would appreciate any suggestions people might have, or perhaps a referral to a rigger or fabricator who is familiar with this type of issue.
  5. Cant Crunch

    Anchor Geekdom

    I was wondering the same thing about the shank, but hoping the more squared off shape would pull it in under the bail (if that's the correct term). I've emailed Ground Tackle to see if they could send me a template. I did get a template from the Spade folks (excellent customer service btw, and a 6 month satisfaction guarantee!!) but was more focused on the tip clearing the bow than the shank issue. I'm going to be up in the Victoria area in a week or so, and will see if the Ground Tackle folks can fit me. I'll send pics of both when I can. Thanks again
  6. Cant Crunch

    Anchor Geekdom

    Hi Steve, This has to be one of the most excellent, practical, and useful series of tests and discussion I have visited. One might say ground breaking. Well done! Based on your results, I bought the Spade S120for my boat - 46'/25,000 lbs. Problem? It doesn't fit my bow roller particularly well. I have a bail over the shank of the anchor that won't allow me to pull the blade of the anchor tight against the bow roller, leaving it hanging down about six inches. It's nice and solid, but upsets my sense a proper stow. second choice, based on your tests, is the Sarca Excel, but I can't find one, or anyone at West Marine of Fisheries that even knows of it. Do you have any suggestions on sourcing this excellent anchor without having it shipped from Australia or New Zealand? Thanks, and keep up the great work!