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  1. Flying Tiger Whisper

    Whisper Foiling Catamaran Sailors

    The weekend of foiling in Miami was exactly what I needed to turn the corner and become successful at consistently foiling. Thanks so much, Martin!
  2. Flying Tiger Whisper

    Whisper Foiling Catamaran Sailors

    Dear James, I'm sorry to hear you lost your rudder! Can you further describe what you lost? There is a M8 hex bolt that's about 75-80 mm long and partially threaded. It fixes through the bottom portion of your rudder stock. Did this bolt come undone and you lost both the rudder and the rudder stock? If not, there should be a rope tied through the very top of your rudder. This rope is used to pull the rudder up, but it also prevents the rudder from sliding all the way down through the rudder stock due to the stopper knots. Flying Gorilla has a fantastic 3D printed solution for holding his rudders, but I have a low tech solution:
  3. Ride Height Set the ride height adjusters to 3 mm as measured between the top of the white edge of the foil and the bottom of the black trailing edge of the foil when the wand is straight down. Tighten the ride height nut fully, then undo the nut one quarter turn (just enough that you can adjust your ride height). Foil Rake For racing, setting the foils asymmetrically is optimal (say 2.5 windward, 3.5 leeward), but when first learning to foil set them the same bilaterally. Interestingly, it is necessary to set the foils with a higher rake for fresh water than for seawater due to the lower density of fresh water. For seawater, learn to foil at first with the foil rake set at 3 bilaterally; For fresh water, 4 bilaterally. Running with an Even Keel “The most important thing is the boat must be flat to foil.” Like a plane taking off, the wings will provide the most lift when parallel to the surface. Twin Trapeze Having both captain and crew out on the trapeze is the easiest way to foil. The crew uses the main sheet to maintain their stance on the hull while the captain uses the traveler (but do not uncleat the traveler). Beam Reach While you are on a beam reach going near your max speed, let the mainsail out slightly and you should start to foil. Avoiding Windward Capsize Once you start to foil, it is likely the mast will tip windward. When this happens, do not point more into the wind as you will luff and lose power in the mainsail. When foiling, your speed will increase and the apparent wind will shift forward. Sheeting in the main should apply more force leeward and avoid capsize.
  4. Flying Tiger Whisper

    Weight Placement on Foiling Catamarans

    He did abandon his crew! I've abandoned two of my best friends myself following a pitchpole in heavy wind. Before righting, I uncleated the main and jib, but with the wave action, the mainsheet became entangled around the boom. Shortly after we righted the catamaran, the main caught and the boat took off. One of my friends tried holding the rudder, but couldn't pull himself up, while the other never even got close to the boat. I was holding the dolphin striker and got dragged, Indiana Jones style, for maybe 30-45 seconds. By the time I pulled myself up and got sorted, I was exhausted. Multiple motorboats offered to pick my friends up, but they responded, "No, our friend will come back and get us." I waved down a motorboat and told them to go pick up my friends. My friends tried to wave their rescuer off and he told them, "Your friend told me to come and get you because he's heading back!" Those guys still give me grief about that, 12 years later... And I deserve it! To top it off, I offered to take them out that night for surf and turf, to make it up to them for my abandonment. We went to a semi-fancy restaurant in Hawaiian shirts and board shorts. It was perhaps 4 p.m and the place was practically empty. The Maître d' looked us up and down and asked if we had a reservation. We did not. He said, "I'm sorry, but we will not be able to accommodate you." So that just added to my humiliation and gave them more ammunition.
  5. Flying Tiger Whisper

    Whisper Foiling Cat in Miami FL

    Really appreciate your videos, Martin!
  6. Flying Tiger Whisper

    Weight Placement on Foiling Catamarans

    Greetings! First post on Sailing Anarchy. I have absolutely no experience foiling and would appreciate tapping into the collective wisdom/experience of this forum. I'd like to see if I have a good grasp of crew weight placement on a foiling catamaran. Hoping to receive my White Formula Whisper next week. Props to Martin and Charlie P. Mayer for their very helpful videos. Proper Weight Placement Weight Too Far Back – Ventilation at 0:18: “Popping a Wheelie” at 0:06: Weight Too Far Forward – Submarining of Bows, then Pitchpole at 0:51: “Catapulting” Pitchpole at 1:04: Weight Too Far Windward – Windward Capsize at 0:48: Weight Too Far Leeward – Heeling Capsize at 1:10: If you know of better video examples of these scenarios, please post and I'll update this thread.