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  1. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    I'd contact the local police department and let them handle it because if I have to come down from Jersey I'm going to have to beat some local's asses with that stolen gear
  2. what are you listening to right now ... part trois

    Here's Russell Malone for you
  3. what are you listening to right now ... part trois

    Thanks for that one!
  4. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    The video of me playing my acoustic in open G didn't make it up here by accident. I like the advice since I also like to play in open D now! I'll be back on it this weekend, I've been busy as hell with my house being lifted and replacing all the varnish on my 40' wooden sailboat with Awlwood
  5. Meant to post in dinghy anarchy, please delete

    Is this a sock for Rimas?
  6. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Unfuckingbelieveable!!! He claims he wanted to see Saipan and thats why he "sailed" north. He's pretty good at walking straight for a guy who should have 137 days worth of sea legs under his hips
  7. Coolboats to admire

    It's a Freedom 40AC (aft cockpit)Halsey Herreshoff and Garry Hoyt collaboration from the late 70'. Classic lines and a hell of a lot of room below decks. They also made the Freedom 40 center cockpit.
  8. Coolboats to admire

    Halsey and Gary did pretty well with this cat ketch.
  9. Random PicThread

    Is that someone on the transom in that pic?
  10. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    This is the painful one. I tuned it up and put it back in the case but it had bubble wrap in there and knocked the guitar out of tune. That, plus the fact that it's tuned way low by accident didn't help the overall sound. I also didn't have a pick so I went to get one and got sidetracked by work. I tuned it up to pitch and I'll get back to it tomorrow and try to make it less horrible sounding. It really was extremely tough as you will see
  11. Musical Anarchists Thread?

  12. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    Well here we go with the left handed guitar playing. I shot a few short intro videos that aren't too high def but you can get the general idea of how things are going to go for a few weeks skill wise...