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  1. Sail4beer


    I think I need one of these in NJ
  2. Sail4beer


    I was almost dumb enough to bid on Rainmaker when it was brought back to Bermuda. I decided to pass on it and I am still happily married!
  3. Sail4beer

    FTFP - blue water bullies

    That’s kind of sad. Oh well, you’re a loser and these guys have you pegged. You should take up golf and leave the real sports to the real men and ladies.
  4. Lot of boats out there. Not a lot of time to try them all...
  5. I’m selling my Fareast28R anyway, but I do like the 26! And I did watch pretty much the whole regatta and the 26 did very well on the course even though it didn’t seem to track as well in the chop as the Fareast. I hope they never put a j-80 in with them again...the rating was completely skewed in their favor.
  6. Just spent today with my Mom. I love her more than myself. Shes so bad I’d take the boat, backyard special more than any other!
  7. Sail4beer

  8. Sail4beer

    Who is snaggletooth

    I got a call from Huntigdon, Long Island last week. I let it go to voicemail.
  9. Sail4beer

    Carrot Foiling?

  10. Sail4beer

    what is it?

    The Farr 280 is the same way under sail. Matt Sheehan called it a “grunty” ride when he sailed on one a few years back. I think it does a great job tracking for the amount of wind and sea it’s sailing through.
  11. Sail4beer

    what is it?

    As Hugh Welburn noted above, it’s his design and it seems to sail very well given the conditions. Any crew looking for an adventure at sea isn’t t looking for standing headroom below either. I’d go sailing on it in a heart beat. Great job on the design!
  12. Nope Dreams have no age limit. But Mother Nature is a tough adversary at that age
  13. To be fair, the KWRW 2016 Fareast28R was sailed by the owner and 4 teenagers-one who fell overboard at the start and had to picked up to keep racing. Otherwise they would have finished higher and to have an-80 take the honors was too bad for the GP. Nothing against deGroot or Beasley, they raced very well and the regatta was exciting to watch due to high winds and high seas for the regatta.
  14. Sail4beer

    plenty of fish

    They also have shitty promotion and marketing people here in the US for their big boats. They can’t get enough optis, lasers and 420’s sold by the same team...
  15. Sail4beer

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Ye olde coracle