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  1. Sail4beer


    And money to make! You’ve gone from innocent veal to cash cow pretty well there. But, you are more credible than Lia
  2. Sail4beer


    I did, in fact, paint a damaged 48’ wooden mast with gel stain after it was repaired with fiberglass back in ‘03. You couldn’t tell it was painted. Send me your carbon and I’ll send it back looking the way it started out. And I only sleep in Egyptian cotton anymore. It took too long to dry after the races so I switched to polyester resin extrusions.
  3. Sail4beer

    Gybe Ho

    Ahh, another evergreen that was missed by Mid last year!
  4. Sail4beer


    Until you got the Mr. Microphone for just $17.88! From RONCO!!!
  5. Sail4beer


    I thought they drank Tito’s hand crafted Austin vodka now that they are in the Lone Star State...
  6. Sail4beer


    You never heard of magic, yo?!
  7. Sail4beer


    I have the original spars for a 26’ catboat project I have on the back burner. Solid spruce mast, boom and gaff. I would imagine this is more the Local NJ timber since it’s a Morton Johnson boat from NJ. Nice and stout for wood milled and shaped 90 years ago. At least you set about to design some spar sections. Most people have no idea how to even approach the concept.
  8. Sail4beer

    what is it?

  9. Sail4beer


    I can believe that. We used old growth Oregon Douglas fir for the spars on Marilee and that wood was so dense and the annual rings spaced so close and even. We got it in large slabs in February and had to wait months for it to dry out enough to Mill.
  10. Sail4beer


    Warship building, that is. The British Navy was built with Irish timber, otherwise the Celtic Island would be loaded with forests.
  11. Sail4beer

    Coolboats to admire

    I guess if my Daddy owned Baruna I would think I would be a bit snobby-until someone wringed my neck with my cardigan sweater! Baruna has such wonderful lines and proportioned perfectly. And Bolero lost to her in the Newport Bermuda race if I remember correctly, so that speaks Volumes of the S&S design firm
  12. Sail4beer

    Let’s Talk Prices!! (topsides )

    Here’s the owner scraping the waterline of paint where the sand blaster didn’t hit. If it takes more than 2 hours to sand those hulls down you’re wasting time , using the wrong type of equipment or your milking the clock. I do none of those. You can see where I ground out some gelcoat voids and filled them with polyester resin and chop strand matt on the starboard hull. They sanded easily when I spent the 2. Hours sanding the 2 hulls. This was late July and I haven’t seen the boat since. He keeps finding little “things” that “need” attention before the barrier coat...I’ll re-repair whatever he damages
  13. Sail4beer

    Let’s Talk Prices!! (topsides )

    Mad, The boat was sandblasted you to the gelcoat, which was about as smooth as an English muffin. Each hull draws about a foot and maybe 3’ beam at the water lines. My $500 Mirka sander hooked up to a commercial vacuum and I knocked out each hull in an hour. There is no need to accuse me of bullshit, I’ve been in the business for 25 years. Also, the owner bought all the material. I was going to apply the barrier coat, sand and paint the bottom. one hour to apply barrier coat to the hulls x 3 and sand then paint. It isn’t much surface area or difficult work. I’ve known the guy for years and I was using his boat slip so I gave him a good price. I’ve done gelcoat work on the decks and that cost him a good amount of money. I personally would have sanded the bottom and painted and launched myself.
  14. Sail4beer

    Shrink Wrapping

    I have many boats. I have never shrinkwrapped any of them. A good tarp well secured allows for moisture from condensation to evaporate. The lack of moisture will prevent a buildup of mold in the cabin and you can reuse the tarp again if it is in decent shape for any number of uses at home or work when it is no longer good enough for your boat.
  15. Sail4beer

    Coolboats to admire

    I worked on Bolero about 20 years ago. No comparison