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  1. Sail4beer

    Sailing Bucket List

    NJ coast says keep moving
  2. Sail4beer

    Ummmmm. I don’t know, but wish him well Go to the New Orleans Yacht Club website message board and select “Track him here”
  3. Sail4beer

    phrf boats

    I can say that after racing a J/24 for years that they suck if your not the skipper or tactician. Of course, that’s my personal opinion. An ugly Merit 25 here would be able to clean up PHRF if the skipper wasn’t so high and drunk.
  4. Sail4beer

    What is it?

    Lee Creekmore 34 as Rasper said.
  5. Sail4beer

    Aerosol Gel Coat...e.g., dolphinite

    Dolphinite is a one use, expensive version of the Preval sprayer. It would be a waste of money to use one for a small repair.
  6. Sail4beer

    Aerosol Gel Coat...e.g., dolphinite

    I haven’t used any pre made aerosol products myself. Air inhibits gelcoat from curing. You can apply several coats of unwaxed gelcoat over each other and spray a PVA mold release liquid over the gelcoat to cure it by blocking the air from the surface. Waxed or finish gelcoat cures by having the wax rise to the surface as it cures to block the air contact. If you have a small repair you can sand the area, wipe it with acetone to clear out any wax or debris and mix up a small batch of bondo to fill the basic repair. After it cures(20 minutes), sand it smoothe and mix up a small batch of waxed gelcoat with 10-12 drops of catalyst per ounce. I use a bondo spreader or an old credit card to apply and smooth the gelcoat, sanding with 220 and then 400 grit when cured. If you want to spray it on, you can use a Preval project sprayer to apply the gelcoat. I usually mix 2 oz of gelcoat, mix in the catalyst and then thin it about 10-15 % with acetone before putting it into the spray bottle. I spray in a small circular motion to build up the material as it comes out in a spatter fashion. Gelcoat doesn’t really sag or run much so you can spray it on thick and it will be ok. If you are careful spraying and don’t overload the repair site, it won’t take much effort to sand it smooth and polish it up.
  7. Sail4beer

    Another reef

    It’s a 40 foot one off composite c/b ocean racer built in Quebec in 1949 for the Newport Bermuda race. Cedar on oak frames with steel floors and centerboard trunk. I was talked into extra reef points since the boat is offshore capable. The main is very powerful and a deep reef should tame it down when it gets ugly. Hopefully, I get to skip the second reef
  8. Sail4beer

    Another reef

    I had 2 reef points sewn into my new main and a reef point in the new staysail so there are choices when the wind is going to pick up.
  9. Sail4beer

    Front Page - Retro

    Part time, I might add!
  10. Sail4beer

    2 DC police officers suspended for role in riot

    Spellcheck corrected capt it’ll . I spelled Capitol and that’s what I got this time!
  11. Sail4beer

    2 DC police officers suspended for role in riot

    Yes. I meant Capital police, not Metro police. My bad
  12. Sail4beer

    2 DC police officers suspended for role in riot

    I wondered why some officers were pulling back the barricades and standing away from the path to the Capital steps. This will be a shocking wake up call that the DC police can be complicit in any way. CNN is talking about radicalized members of law enforcement who are in a position of trust. One taking selfie’s and another wearing a MAGA cap and giving a tour.