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  1. Sail4beer

    haven't been here in years...

    Why bother coming back? I did and look what happened to me. Apparently you missed Jen
  2. Sail4beer

    Is wearing sunglasses cool?

    That’s just cool with or without shades!
  3. Sail4beer

    Is wearing sunglasses cool?

    This your line of work?
  4. Sail4beer


    So would I.
  5. Sail4beer


    Hugh Saint built Miss OSB back in ‘09 to showcase the beauty and strength of OSB. I’ve waited years to mention it to anyone that cares. Good luck mucking the basement Steam!
  6. Sail4beer


    As they always say “G’monin’! Welcome to Waffle House! Can I get you a coffee y’end a menu?
  7. Sail4beer


    No. That would be Hawaii House. That is the proud visual representation of what you might get as a cubed ham product filled omelette. The grits are essential( maybe not eaten) and hash browns can be done in about 15 different ways.
  8. Sail4beer


    There are so many waffle houses down south a blind man could find you two on the same block The signs say: “Due to the murder of our last employee by the residents of the motel next door and the closing of the police station out back, please visit our new Waffle House across the street” The Management
  9. Sail4beer


    I hope the juice, toast and coffee farms weren’t inundated as well. Could be trouble for the Waffle House customers. ”Sorry, y’all! We’s only gots grits theis munth!”
  10. Sail4beer

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I love the roller furler main! “Welcome aboard! Have some sushi and a sip from cool flask with us, please!”
  11. Sail4beer

    The Zombie Fleet

    Probably a bunch of number 2
  12. Sail4beer

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    And erect!
  13. Sail4beer

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    Oh, so mine’s bigger in a chihuahua vs Great Dane way?
  14. Sail4beer

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    His tiller is longer than mine
  15. Sail4beer

    Old Sails

    I was going to get a used main from Bacon sails and have it cut down, but a customer in need of some ‘glass and gelcoat repair has a loft so I’m waiting on a quote from him for a new sail instead. It’s just for cruising, my race sails will come from a performance loft.