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  1. 30-34ft cruiser racer

    If you definitely want A sail at that size, and to win under IRC, then I cannot think of anything that would be a better bet than the J97. Although it is worth noting that in the UK a few J97s are starting to go to S-sails for round the cans. If you're not wedded to A-sail then there are several options in the thread above that will either a: be better on the ww/lw track. (eg JPK1010) b: have better interior for family cruising. (eg Elan 333)
  2. The Next Boat-----2020

    I'm not so sure you'd end up with something like the IACC boats if you went mono. The fastest short course boats around now for the length are the TP52 / Fast 40 type. If you decided that you wanted to go back to mono then something of that ilk would seem to be quite a decent option, would work fairly well in dial up match racing mode, but also look pretty good downwind when the breeze is up. I will say though that everything I've heard reported about TNZ statements before and since does give me some confidence that whatever kind of boat we get the next cup will be well worth following.
  3. The Next Boat-----2020

    I don't see a foiling mono as an option. What would be the point? If the game is to be foiling then tweak the AC50 rule to make tacking and gybing less costly and promote closer racing. Sacrificing a little top speed for this would be worthwhile in my opinion. And do away with the grinding just for oil pressure. I invited some non sailors over to watch some of the racing, and when I explained what those guys were doing, they looked at me like I was insane. If you want a mono and sail changes etc, then something that looks like a scaled up TP52 should deliver decent racing, not be excessively expensive and potentially encourage new challengers. The issue will potentially be that these new challengers are more likely to be Billionaire backed teams rather than corporate backed teams. But a foiling, or foil assisted mono....? What would be the point in that? You won't be going as fast as the cats, and the racing won't be a close as a conventional mono, and tacking and gybing will hurt even more than the cats.
  4. Jeanneau Sunfast 3600

    A Sunfast 3600 called Reshift Reloaded just pushed Yes all the way in the UK IRC national champs. Yes being an especially tricked out JPK1080.
  5. If you want to increase the spectacle of the sailing, and you define that as close racing with lots of covering tacks and gybes etc, then you have to make tacks and gybes cost a lot less. Quite how you do that I'm not entirely sure, but having an automatic ride height might well help a lot as the risk of a splashdown would be reduced. Then if you can make the whole platform a lot more manoeuvrable, probably at the expense of some top end speed, you could even go back to a more traditional match racing start. And stop the stupid pumping just to generate hydraulic pressure. Stored power for foils and conventional winches for trimming only.
  6. Who will TNZ pick for the semi-finals?

    BAR have gone 2-0 against Artemis. Both sailed in reasonable breeze. I wonder if the kiwis will consider picking SoftBank and letting BAR have another crack at Artemis, maybe thinking there's a better chance that way of not having to face Artemis at all?
  7. volvo goes both ways

    Do they feel that designing the boats so they could be IMOCA compliant will compromise what could be achieved performance wise in a 60ish foot foiling mono platform given a completely blank piece of paper?