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  1. Shu

    The Two Best Days...

    This! Over a year ago, I sold the dinghy my Dad and I built. The new owner's plans for the boat made me wince a bit, but it had to go. I don't think I want to know what the boat is like now.
  2. Toilet paper goes into ziploc bags (which are not flushed down the head!) on our boat. Based on some of the statements here, it sounds like the very bacteria-killing action that allows for overboard discharge in some areas, makes for a way worse situation in our holding tank. I'm pretty sure we have to run it when flushing No. 2, otherwise the grinder pump would clog up. One of the reasons I might keep it was for potential trip to Puget Sound, but that is out according to Steele. You guys are helping confirm that removing the Electra-Scan is what I should do. Anybody want to talk me out of removing it?
  3. I can attest to that. The holding tank smell when it vents is nearly gag-worthy. There is no way to skip the Electra-Scan the way my boat is plumbed. Hence, my thoughts of removing it from the boat.
  4. I don't know what the demand is, but it "sounds" like it is using a lot of power for the 30 or 40 seconds it runs for each solids flush. We don't run it for urine only, as we want to save the batteries. I'm not sure that's the right thing to do though.
  5. Thanks B2B. We have been thinking of the composting toilet option. In the meantime, it would be good to get rid of the Electra Scan, if it is serving no purpose for us. I suspect it even adds to the odor issue, by being one more place where seawater can putrify in an anearobic environment when we are away from the boat for a couple weeks. Do any of the group have an Electra-Scan, or the older Electra-San? Do you like it? How is it better (or worse) than not having it?
  6. Shu

    When to go out, When to stay in

    That looks a little sporty. I would definitely want the main up while motoring out through that. If the engine quits, you can always tack your way out (it appears the wind is coming straight in). Failing that, you could turn around and sail in. I would not want to be there with no motor and no sails. If your roller furling is reliable, you could pull the jib out quick and head back in, but tacking out could be difficult, depending on your boat's peculiarities. But good job on pushing your limits a little further. It looks like it was a great day once you could get away from shore. Everyone talks about the "piers". I see two jetties. Is pier a Michigan term for what we call a jetty on the west coast?
  7. Hi folks, My Corsair 28 came with an Electra-Scan grinder pump device on the discharge hose for the head. The head is just a standard Jabsco manual type (or Groco, I will have to check when I'm down at the boat next). I was hoping to get your opinions regarding the need for such a device. As I understand it, some areas of the country allow a type 1 marine sanitation device to discharge overboard. I sail in Southern California, and I must discharge to a holding tank for later pump out at an approved facility, or if more than 3 miles offshore, I can discharge directly overboard. From the mapping on the EPA site, Type 1 discharge might be allowed within the 3-mile zone, but not untreated direct discharge; unless it is a harbor, then no discharge is allowed. The main question I want to ask the group is this: Has anyone without such a device experienced clogging problems with the hose to the holding tank, or with the fitting into the holding tank? I see no need for the Electra-Scan device; it just adds weight, is one more drain on the batteries, and one more thing to go wrong on the boat, with potentially nasty consequences. I would like to remove it. Your thoughts? -Steve
  8. The Catalina doesn't appear to have hurricane damage. Sunk in slip? hatches left open and filled with rain water?
  9. Shu

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    I'd like to know more about this. So rather than sell his boat for someone else to enjoy, Larry had it cut up?
  10. The spinlock PXR camcleat really helps with the release. I retrofitted one onto my 6:1 mainsheet for my Farrier/Corsair 28. Great slideshow, by the way. A nice relaxing way to spend part of an evening.
  11. Shu

    Light air sails

    I've been impressed lately by the performance of code zero sails broad reaching in light conditions. Assuming you have a bowsprit, or some other means of achieving a lot more sail area than your standard genoa, it can work very nicely. It can be set with a standard furler, which allows for easy furling and unfurling during gybes, and it can be put up or taken down at your leisure, preferably at the dock or mooring. The tight luff and flat cut make a sail that only requires enough breeze to push it away from the boat. it does not need to lift in order to fill. If you insist on running deep, or have a heavy, slow boat, you can pole out the clew as you would with a genoa.
  12. Shu

    Boom Vang CF?

    +1. Cheapest. Simplest.
  13. Shu

    Ranger 23 Calif to Hawaii

    I watched (skimmed actually) the video, and it appeared that he went through the Pacific High rather than around it.
  14. Shu

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    According to Jeanne has a long window before the next disturbance which appears to be dissipating and staying well south. She should have solid breeze on her after quarter for the next few days.