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  1. Shu

    the greatest

    My first experience with planing keelboats was my dad's Farr 740 Sport. For our first sail out of Oceanside, CA, we had a wet southerly, maybe 20 kts. After sailing upwind awhile in a rather unmemorable way (which is remarkable given the light planing hull form in those conditions), we turned northward, set the spinnaker and commenced practicing gybing. The speedometer was regularly pegged at 11 kts, and we kept gybing back and forth with no concern about keeping the boat under control. For my turn at the helm, I was steering with my knees while handling the runners in the gybes. I forget if perhaps I was gybing the main too. Control was just not an issue. In a short time, we were off San Onofre, and realized we had a long slog back. That wasn't bad either. So in my experience, Farr and the rest of the Kiwis get the nod.
  2. Shu

    Rigging Design Experts

    What MultiThom said. It will vary from boat to boat, depending on the size and shape of those triangles.
  3. Shu

    New Corsair 880

    I haven't heard back from Corsair about my concerns with the head. However, this recent video they released shows the head offset to port, against the main bulkhead. That appears to be a better solution than the slide-out-from-under-the-V-berth idea. The head is shown in a rendering at 2:30 in the video.
  4. Shu

    Is this what we have come to?

    Rasper, That must have been a relief when it went from sail to power. It actually looks pretty good. I like the nice clean side deck. I think I've only sailed once on a large catamaran, but I imagine myself wanting to sail with my butt either on the side deck immediately aft of the cabin/coach roof, or on some sort of seat in the same location. The cabin sides would need to be shaped so I could see the jib, and there would need to be an unobstructed view to leeward through both port and starboard cabin windows. Then I would feel like I was actually sailing. Put a pair of wheels in the right place and get rid of the opaque surfaces in my line of sight to leeward, and I can see your design working for me. Plus, I would be happy to get rid of all the crap that makes life too complicated and the boat too heavy.
  5. Shu

    What is this?

    I'm trying to find the reasoning, however faulty, behind this thing. An attempt to add stability aft may be a "reason". I think at most speeds this configuration would add wetted area. I mean the perimeter to area ratio for three triangles is going to be higher than for a single half-ellipse. And just where you want a full shape to maximize the pressure recovery, huge chunks of the hull have been cut out. I suspect it may be faster in reverse, or being dropped from a crane.
  6. Shu

    Is this what we have come to?

    To be fair, there were complaints about the 1/2 flybridge thingy on the Rapido 50. But it is an order or two of magnitude smaller, and at least two orders of magnitude less ugly than Zonker's original posting. As for the three-story condo thing, there is no comparison.
  7. Shu

    Dazcat puts out cool vids

    It seems a popular solution to headroom is to lower the bridgedeck. What could possibly go wrong?
  8. Shu

    Dazcat puts out cool vids

    I watched the MJ sailing video. At one point, the woman comments on how nice the boat "feels" as she steers it. I don't think I've ever seen a comment like that on any of these couple patreon, SV Lazy Deless, fund my early retirement vlogs. Apparently, she can actually feel the boat sailing underneath her. I suspect the rest of them haven't a clue what she is talking about.
  9. Shu

    Help me out with some MORC History

    I'm extremely biased, but the Yankee Dolphin has the best traditional aesthetics of the bunch. We had a succession of 3 of them when I was a kid. Great boat to sail, and seems to be much quicker than it should be.
  10. Shu

    How to stop this dropkeel lifting off?

    Whenever I see the title of this thread, my mind reads, "How do I stop this lift-keel from dropping off", which is a more alarming thought.
  11. I'm glad some of you are still watching, and can reduce 15 minutes of video to a couple sentences. I still want to know what happens, but I just cannot keep my finger off the button that changes to a different video. In early videos, things happened; they worked on the boat, they learned things (maybe not very well), but now it's just an endless slog of one-day trips per video-post, as they progress down the ICW. Worse, they seem to be taking some tips from the usual young vlogging/sailing couples, and now it has even lost the refreshing difference it once had compared to all those mind-numbing "We Almost Lost Our Rudder in a Storm" videos. As someone said above, it would be interesting if they tried to make a sailboat out of it again.
  12. Note that the main luffs as it "gybes". At 65 mph with true wind of 20-25, the apparent wind is around 40 knots on the nose as it gybes. Mind blowing.
  13. Here are some photos, for those who might be considering it. The dimensions of the main unit are as shown. The height of the box is about 8" and the overall height is 13.5". As I said, it's free to whoever wants to pick it up or pay for shipping. A couple of corrections to my previous statements: I's manufactured by Raritan. A normal cycle is 3 minutes on, and it shuts off automatically. You can stop it manually for a shorter cycle. Trash pickup was today at my house. Next week this will be put in the trash, unless someone wants it. It seems like a nice bit of kit for someone who can put it to use. These are $1,299 new!
  14. Just about every vinyl garden hose I've seen gets sticky after a year or two or five in the sun. Then it leaves nasty streaks on whatever it rubs against. These streaks are very difficult to remove.
  15. Shu

    Weta anarchy

    Sounds good, Pewit.