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  1. Justaquickone

    Soft boats

    I'm presuming balsa cored by the way it's sort of vanished ?
  2. Justaquickone

    MALTA Challenge...all but confirmed

    " MALTA" WTF . I suppose with the scale of AC budgets a little money laundering could go unnoticed ?
  3. Justaquickone

    what is it?

    Sorry no carbon allowed .
  4. Justaquickone

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    The British are almost there, controling ride height from a chase boat .
  5. Justaquickone

    Cool fairing tool

    What's the clear liquid applied over the previous transom bog before his next coat ?
  6. Justaquickone

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    In the video , at the front edge of the cut out one side is clearly a reddish brown ,while the other appears to be white . No tape covering laminate . Could be a trick of the light but if not just wondering why you would do an asymmetric laminate in the middle of a deck ?
  7. Justaquickone

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Interesting that in the deck cut out one side of the laminate looks like plastic honeycomb ?
  8. Justaquickone

    shit show (front page)

    You should try snow skiing these days . You're seriously looked down upon if you don;t turn up with one . I see pictures of J class foredeck crew donning them . Times change , you'll get over it .
  9. Justaquickone

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Whenever i've stuffed the bows in on my cat and managed to have a glance up, the top always looks like shit ! I'd have to think that the loadings involved on something that goes considerable faster, then stops would make the top of their rig look like crap as well !
  10. Justaquickone

    What Are These CAT Wheels?

    I just watched the video of the X Cat and i have to ask how does the rudder gantry feel ? Do you get much movement through the system ?
  11. Justaquickone

    New imoca boats

    You would hope so , because he's probably going to be a little blinded by all the glare and water bouncing off that foredeck .
  12. Justaquickone

    Fiberglass Repair Estimate

    I'd have a bit of a guess and say it's minor stress fracturing along the spit moulding seem .It doesn't appear to be anything to sinister but if you're concerned by them I would probably use a Dremel tool or something similar just to remove the gellcoat along the stress lines to see if the glass is cracking . If it is then it's a small glassing job , if not then just re-gellcoat .
  13. Justaquickone

    Someone has been naughty!

    Technically not a genoa . It still measured in as a Kite . I suspect with the N 17 that although they look very genoa'ish their kites still measure in as such ?
  14. Justaquickone

    Mo Bettah Too

    Is she a double diagonal planked boat ? Have sailed on one of their 1Tonner's . Almost a work of art .
  15. Justaquickone

    Hull repair with a different core material?

    Im with jbbrown , the sharpness of those 2 main gouges will of at least shattered the resin in the laminate . If you're not intending to keep the boat ,then bog and paint . If you want to protect the balsa then at least take the gellcoat back and check the laminate as jb advises . Bogging onto damaged laminate is like trying to weld to rust , you might be able to get away with it but why would you ?