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  1. I think " Raw to the Cores" were more of a spray deflector to make life a little more bearable for the crew ?
  2. Justaquickone

    Dazcat 9.2

    I can see the attraction . That's a pretty sweet looking 30 footer . If I could reduce the mortgage , then convince the missus I'd be very tempted .
  3. Justaquickone

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Might have have something to do with being a bit wet and stuck to the sail ? I'm sure a little slap on the sail would sort it out .
  4. Justaquickone

    what is it?

    Also the moulds seem to be either side of it .
  5. Justaquickone

    what is it?

    Doubt it's a plug . Too much carbon by the looks .
  6. Justaquickone

    Distance racing with a trailerable trimaran

    I think you'll find the floats are just pushed forward of the main hull . Seem to remember that it made them cop a LOA penalty as the distance floats were pushed forward got added to main hulls lenght .
  7. Justaquickone

    "Miss Nylex" Notes from wing designer

    Got that book as a kid . Absolutely read it to death and still manage to flick through it occasionally some 45years latter .
  8. Justaquickone

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    They got their red and green sides mixed up by the looks . Must be the B team onboard today .
  9. Justaquickone

    Fixing my beachcat rudders

    To add to the advise above , put an alloy tube through the knot acsess hole so that when you hit something hard enough it cuts the rope rather than splits the rudder head .
  10. Justaquickone


    Gotta ask . Is the mast anodised or painted ? Might answer some questions about longevity
  11. Justaquickone

    What's the point...

    What a thing of beauty. As a Shipwright of 40 years it always impresses me when someone reverts to traditional methods . Now if only it had some seal skin covering those frames ??
  12. Justaquickone

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    100 MPH
  13. Justaquickone

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    This is what appears when dumb cunts say "Beatlejuice " ( or Greta) 3 times .
  14. Exactly . Starts in junior classes like Optis where it's pretty hard to police with only a couple of judges in large fleets . The best kids are usually the ones that hide it the best or are just hyper aware of judges proximity.
  15. Justaquickone

    INEOS Team GB

    That picture reminds me of a " Cosmic Psyhco's " album . " Blokes you can Trust " Absolute Aussie classic .