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  1. The Onion

    One never jokes about The Onion.
  2. Radio controlled sailing

    What are people running for servos on the main sheet and jib on small boats with a 300~400 sq/in main sail. I'm thinking about scratch building a small cat or two to entertain us between Laser races. I have several metal geared 100 oz/in laying around the house from helicopter and car projects. Do I need a continuous rotation sail winch servo?
  3. What a money pit!

    We have re-located many Massholes to NH, so the taxes up there should be out of sight soon enough.
  4. Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    Check the CT Craigslist in the Spring, like sometime in May. On a super cheap budget there should be a few options for a young sailor. Force 5's show up in your area for $800 all the time. Laser 2's around $1K that will both take a friend. If you plan to sail alone a lot with a few club races, I still think the plain old Sunfish with an Intensity race sail is the most fun per dollar that has ever been invented. You should be able to do the Sunfish with a brand new sail for $600 or less. If the cat is still in your mind, there will be dirt cheap Hobie 16's around in the Spring too. A Hobie Wave is a more durable boat over time. They also cost double on the used market.
  5. I just bought a 'Mystery Dingy'! What is it?

    I wonder if one of the Zuma sails from Intensity would be similar enough to use?
  6. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    As near as I can tell, there are new boats being made in the USA that have a similar size lateen sail. One I found while looking for parts last year was Sunblazer. https://sunblazerboats.com/ I think there might be something else by American Sail as well. Once the race officials break the link to LP, club racing only gets better.
  7. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    I don't qualify for either of those at the moment and I am not planning any major changes in the future. As long as there are reasonable people running local club races, life will go on as usual. I do realize that I won't be attending the Cork Sniffer Regatta any time soon.
  8. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    I won't be complaining. Any time I need something, I just go to the Intensity web site and order it. It shows up in three days. No problem at all.
  9. Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    It looks like Tillerman dropped the ball on this one, so I'm going to say it because it weighs exactly half the weight of a Laser. Aero 5
  10. My Holder If your goal is a 14' Lido, you could group a few other boats with the same specs. The Holder 14/ Hobie One and the Capri 14.2 are the same boat for all practical purposes. You don't want to get stuck racing PY handicap against longer boats in light air, as the short waterline has the profile of a giant bowling ball. In less than 13 kts they settle down in the water and slow to a crawl. Once planing in 17~21 kts they are good fun and faster than a DS. I raced a Holder 14 last year against the DS1/DS2 fleet and by mid-summer my wife refused to crew for me because she always got tangled in the jib sheets and bruised by the dagger board. I finished the season racing it single handed. She has no problem crewing for me in a DS2 though, because of the extra room in the cockpit area. My suggestion if going 14' is to choose a boat with a rolling furler on the jib and a swing up CB. Capri 14.2 being this way, the late Holder 14/Hobie One had this and the older Holder(1984~1988) had a vertical dagger board and clip on jib. Not sure on the Lido , other than the other two are 1 kt faster on average.
  11. If I were starting a new class, I would start by looking on craigslist to see what has the biggest over-stock in your area. Sometimes bigger boats are cheaper than small boats, but be realistic about launch area. Inland I would never go over 20'. With ocean access you have options. In my part of New England, it's the O'day Daysailor. Cheap as dirt and they sail well. A quick look at CL in your area shows Catalina 22's are cheaper than old Lasers. We are still out of season, so I would look around in April to see what's out there. How old and athletic are your friends who you plan to drag into this class. Last year at my club we had many different boats out there. The Daysailors beat the 29er every race. Not only in Portsmouth handicap, but also in actual finish order. This is on a lake with a tree covered island in the middle and frequent wind shifts.
  12. I suggest the Beneteau 45. Being close to San Francisco, there should be a few for sale used around there.
  13. OPTI SAILS NEEDED usable or repairable- deductible donation

    I guess we better not tell him Intensity sails are under $90. The measurements could be 2 mm off.
  14. "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    There are a few Laser racers around 3rd beach in the evenings. No special facilities, just a boat ramp and a bay to sail in.
  15. My half baked theory is that mooring fees in populated ocean front areas have pushed the casual mid-sized yacht owners out. I can buy my choice of clean wine and cheese yachts locally for $2500 all day long. It's not hard to find them. It's harder to decide which one. Pearson 26, C&C 25, Catalinas, etc. It's a good thing I sail inland with clubs that have 20' limits on boats.