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  1. Eddie_E

    Peeling Gelcoat Project

    I would find a 4 cans of lacquer spray paint and spray the bottom. It doesn't matter if you don't get a perfect finish with lacquer as it sands off like butter and can be sanded it 2 hrs and not be sticky like enamel. When you are ready for gel coat, simply wet sand it off with 320 grit.
  2. I raced a nearly identical boat to the one in the OP. I always replaced my jib sheets with 25' total length. This always gave me enough to leave a 2' tail behind the stopper knot. I always ran separate and just threw the jib sheet on the seat after tacking. If you can't reach the jib sheet in a 14' boat, your hiking stick is too short. Trust me, single handing a 350 lb boat with 115 sq/ft of sail, you sometimes need to hike from the widest part of the beam as there are no trap wires. I agree with those above that said it's time to go sailing with someone that has single hand experience. Little things can be obvious to those of us who often single hand, yet never ever enter a new sailors mind. Sailing my Flying Scot single hand I noticed that sheet management is even easier when I have been trimmed for pointing on a windward leg. Why is it easier? It's because I don't have extra blocks to trim the slot. I have to use the leeward sheet to trim the slot and that had a side effect of making it smoother and faster on tack. If I hadn't crewed for an old timer in a DS race, I wouldn't have even thought about that. The other thing is the little Capri doesn't have a kite, so learning how to wing the jib down wind makes all the difference in the world.
  3. I thought out ILCA Dinghy class was an olympic class. On the other hand, those WS Bermuda trips sound nice. Maybe I should apply for a Job in London. Does anybody know the college requirements needed to become a posh twat?
  4. Eddie_E

    Is It Soup Yet??

    For rule 45 does it have to be a class legal builder for the anchor?
  5. Eddie_E

    Thoughts on the Hunter 170

    I have looked at the H170 as well. We have some of the H146 in our area that people bought cheap and they seem to be fine. You already seem to know about the hull cracks, but I would remind you that Hunters are a cheap plastic hull that you can't just patch with 5 minute epoxy. From my research they all crack eventually, but there was a running change in the plastic from the mid-1990's to the 2003~2004.I don't remember the exact year the plastic changed, but I found it on Google once. The later years generally holding up well in places where there are no snow days and the first generation are ALL cracked. Because of this, I would say a $1500 H170 might be a good gamble. At $3000 you would have to be high to pay that much for a plastic boat with a sketchy reputation. For $3000 you could probably find a Capri 16.5, an O'day DS2 for $2500 or a Flying Scot for $3700 or so.
  6. Eddie_E

    Prism Class (Laser Umbrella)

    I'm protesting, that dogs tiller extension doesn't look class legal. Probably a "practice part".
  7. I wonder if those are the infamous "Russian Lasers"? I think somebody needs to post that picture of the woman in a bikini falling out of her Russian Laser so we can study this.
  8. Eddie_E

    How Much to sell fair condition laser hull for

    What year is it?
  9. You could always get together with Mr. Clark to build that boat you were dreaming of in 2012 for the US market.
  10. I just heard news from our local kids sailing camp that ties into some of what Gouvernail mentioned abouts fleets generating sales of brand new boats. They are replacing a fleet of Sunfish that are actively raced and without any help from me, came up with the same boat I would have recommended. The RS Neo or one of the Neo variants with a jib. So it would seem that not only are our Laser master class buying RS Aeros, but it would seem RS has the attention of camp councilors and coaches as well.
  11. Eddie_E

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Does this mean you're waxing your Laser moulds Gov?
  12. Eddie_E

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    That's an interesting thought. Sailing my Laser full rig and the Aero 7 within 5 minutes of each other, I felt like the Aero 7 was a bit more tender at very low speed when getting past the tree line. When the wind was above 10 mph I actually felt more stable in the Aero, especially down wind. I'm only a club level racer, so your mileage may vary.
  13. Eddie_E

    Craigslist Finds

    420 in Boston https://boston.craigslist.org/nos/boa/d/newburyport-sail-boat-curb-alert/6848412985.html
  14. Eddie_E

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Some of you guys are terrible at math. The full size Laser rig is 7.06M and the radial is 5.8M. When comparing the Areo 7 to the Laser Radial, you not only have less area, but an extra 60 lbs of hull weight in the Radial.