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  1. edward mason

    The debate over assault weapons

    the term "assault weapon" is a misnomer.Any weapon you use to assault someone is an assault weapon--even a twenty-two pistol.
  2. edward mason

    14th Most Dangerous Man In The World

    hey mikewof: I concur
  3. edward mason

    Are there any MEN in the NFL?

    It seems to me this whole dust-up misses the point.The obvious solution is simply not to play the National Anthem at silly mass entertainment sports diversions such as football games and stock car races in order to confer an importance upon them which they do not deserve in the first place. When did observing the spectacle of a bunch of over- grown millionaires running into each other become a patriotic act ? And playing the Anthem at a stock car race? OH, PU-LEESE. This "sport" grew out of "them good ole boys who soup-ed up their old cars so they could run moonshine and out run the po-lice". The National Anthem, If it's meant to instill a sense of patriotic duty should be reserved for solemn occasions as for example- when soldiers are shipping off to war or presidential inaugurations--or events that have actual National Importance. Playing the Anthem at every table tennis championship and junior tiddly-winks contest does not make you a patriot-- it only cheapens it. Please, people, this is our NATIONAL Anthem. Lets reserve our anthem for occasions of NATIONAL import. And no matter how big a football fan you may be, remember, it really does'nt matter a FUCK who wins the superbowl ! It's a GAME for Christsakes.
  4. edward mason

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    WTF ? Do those letters even spell anything? Nice decoration but apparently you must ingest something hallucinogenic in order to read it !
  5. thanks to rainbow spirit for  his response to my question on tasar singlehanding. Experience on a similar boat is helpful, however' from what I can learn,the tasars mainsail is about 90 sq ft, Is this larger than the main on the NS 14?  Ive been unable to find a profile view schematic of the NS 14 to compare the relative position of the mast/daggerboard on the two boats. Is the mast on the NS right up against the forward end of the daggerboard trunk as it appears to be on the Tasar or is it 8-10 inches or more forward? Anybody Know where I can go online where I can compare accurate drawings? thanks.