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  1. When does americascup.com pass to TNZ

    It would be good to get an answer re the YouTube/videos from 2013/17. I suspect that OR had ownership of them and so either retains them or have deleted them - or maybe ETNZ are just too busy on more important things (fair enough if so). Have sent ETNZ an email. Doubt I will get an answer but if I do i’ll post their response here...
  2. Team NZ

    Yeah it's incredible isn't it.
  3. Team NZ

    I haven't read or heard anything from him since the win. The last I heard was a tv interview - I think it was before the last race and he was basically saying that JS was sailing embarrassingly bad.
  4. The Presser

    Hahahaha. Gold.
  5. Live Racing Thread

    I'm a bag of spanners
  6. Live Racing Thread

    Thanks Jaysper. I like the positivity! "For myself" I'm struggling. I thought today would give us answers but I now think tomorrow will. Who wins and how they win will make it clear whether it's going to be a battle, a 2013 repeat or that ETNZ has it.
  7. Team NZ

    You are right. Some answers today but still a lot of questions. Race 2 today reminded me of our RR1 race against them. We could have won but made a mistake. What worries me is this show feels awfully familiar. Some people focus on the score line but as we found out in 2013 it is who had the fastest boat in the end that wins. I was disappointed that the best ETNZ could improve over the 5 days was aerodynamics. Was hoping they had something up their sleeves. They clearly didn't have anything substantial left in the tank. It feels like OR does but time will tell. Tomorrow will be key
  8. Team NZ

    No we aren't going to lose the next 6 but when it's 6-3 we will lose the next 4 #2013PTSD.
  9. Live Racing Thread

    Yes but this is OR. The fear is that just like 2013 they are able to get better and better and and the pendulum swings. This feels a lot like 2013 despite what everyone is saying.
  10. Team NZ

    Yep this has been an agonising wait
  11. Thanks for that - had been wanting to watch that one again. Man we did make some stupid mistakes but even so were still in the hunt. My memory was that that race was in more breeze so is interesting to see that it was in the 11knt range. Apologies for what follows as I know I am being a negative nancy and my 2013 PTSD is kicking in big time but it helps me to get this off my chest!! Watching that race does remind me why I think everyone is getting way ahead of themselves. I hate to say it and I know this is a poor analogy but this situation reminds me of the lead up to the rugby world cup semi-final between the ABs and Aussie in 2003. No one expected Aussie to win - they gave them no chance, not even their own media or supporters. But they did win. In this case the media are reporting that even Ken Read is rebooked his flights - he may be joking but still... & LE and RC are even saying we have a better package... I just have this bad feeling that things are going to go pear shaped for ETNZ on Sat & Sun. It could be gear failure, mistakes or something else. But I know that if it does then regardless of our advantages the pendulum will swing and we will have the possibility of a 2013 on our hands. It is amazing how little unlucky things or small mistakes can add up to something big. We need to remember that. I am going into this Sat/Sun with an expectation that we have a 50/50 chance of winning each race (an attitude of personal preservation perhaps).
  12. +1 but that could go either way
  13. haha... I'm glad I now have a name for my condition
  14. Wow that is a telling admission. Not admitting defeat but admitting they are slower and likely can't change that. It does fit with what other people (eg. M Jones) are saying. But as an avid ETNZ supporter that experienced the heartbreaking experience of 2013, I negatively can't help wondering if we are being set-up for an ambush. Surely not! Occam's razor ... simplest explanation is that Coutts and Co are now in damage control in anticipation for defeat.
  15. Oracle Team USA

    Pretty sure RC didn't come on the scene until the '95 cup.