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  1. it's to hard to have all of that sails, but as you said it's a bit expensive we will have: new main 133 sqm (dacron or aramid) new genoa 160 sqm (dacron or aramid) new gennaker (will be rolled, and we have to put some changes in top of mast) 290 sqm new inside jib 45 sqm (dacron or aramid) and we made refit of old sails: main (dacron) genoa superflanker (twin head sails) runner (spinnaker) storm trysail storm jib and we have got also old main (yellow one, that which you can see on pics from 1984) and 5 more sails. so we will see how fast will be! In our working schedule we've got sailing test in October. for sure I let you know how is going. and also in next week I will put some actual pics.
  2. no, it will be short length battens in main. bad?
  3. it's done, sea valves are coming to europe. In this moment I order gennaker, main, genoa and inside (small) gib. I made refit of super flanker and spinnaker and few others sails which was on board.
  4. Hi, I need to buy special sea valve which are available only in USA and NZ (also I have to put new shaft seal but I found it France). so my question is: is it here someone which is coming to Europe in next week and could help me? I'm asking because normal shipment is coming to Europe more than 3 weeks and I don't want make so long break. (It will be great if someone could pick it up to Europe. after that I could send driver which deliver this part from somewhere in Europe to Poland, but as I wrote above, I can't wait more than 3 weeks for normal shipment from USA to Europe, it is to long) best for you. On board I order few new sails. I will try to put some profiles of new sails. in next week cos I haven't it now.
  5. So, today I have got some question about sails and rigging. EVERYBODY HOW KNOWS SOMETHING ABOUT MAST, RIGGING AND SAILS... Check it and please send to me some tips. 1. Did you use the sensor of tension on the back stay and stay. Do you have got any information about it. (nowa days on boat is no panels and electrical cable, and I'm thinking that those sensors could be important to sailing. Should I refit that sensors? Are they important? 2. How big (sq m) was your super flanker (twin head sail) and spinnaker and is it here someone how use it after 2002? (after changing mast) 3. How high was original mast (from deck to top), I'm not sure that "new" mast (from 2002) is enough good, high and strong for those sails. 4. On board we have got few extra booms. One of them is in two pieces and it is made from aluminium, this length is about 30 ft. When did you used it? Did you used it only to super flanker? 4.1 which booms did you used to super flanker. 5. and another extra boom is made from carbon fiber, did you used to spinnaker? this one is little bit shorter than that one with two pieces. 6. and last one, the smallest one also made from aluminium. the smallest one is about 6 ft 7. If you have got any tips about mast, rigging and sails, please just write, maybe it will be very necessary tips for me and for new Sassy best for you, woj "polish sailor" I put some pics which are agreeable with my question.
  6. Hi, welcome back after small break. again, first, I would like send great thanks to all of you. for helping me with this project. and now: *Monkey, stayoutofthemiddle: It's hard to say what is it (that small part on the end of bulb keel) but for sure it isn't anode (because it is made from brass not from zinc. So I expect that is something to grounding, or ass you said it is something to protect the shape of bulb keel. (if I understood you correctly) *Bob@ydl.co.nz, I'm happy of that, it's great that people want make repair older boats and make it great again. I think that they have got much more money to do this than me but I'm not afraid, and I'm going to do this as good as I want and can. *@last, thank you for that one more stories, It's great. *billy backstay , ok, so, thank you, And I found something like a toe rail. so probably they do the same on Sassy as you on Boomerang. *frozenhawaiian, hi, also in Poland is good time to do refit. It's just beginning of the season but the weather is great and we can wok on fresh air. *Archytec, Thank you for those pics, it's great to see it. *Cal20Sailor again great story, it's incredible in next post I put some new question. check it out!
  7. the question is. 1. What is this small part of the ending of bulb keel. and what is their function. This part is made from brass (probably) and is very small just few centimeters and it is screw in end of bulb keel. check it on photo. Is it something to grounding? 2. How many anodes did you have on it. Did you have only one anode on propeller shaft? and when you was mooring in marina did you put some additional anode on metal line from board. woj.
  8. thank for quick respond and check (If you want) two more question in next post. * Turd Sandwich, dopo: you've got right about this man overboard staff. thank you. * FINS, thank you and check the situation in next month. * Archytec, thank you for your stories, and some pics. I write it down and download. maybe you can sail on it again in future. * Cal20Sailor, thank you for this a bit scary story, from your point of few. I hope you could enjoy this yacht after refit. woj.
  9. Question to those guys which was sailing on it. What is it? it start as hole on the left corner of transom and the pipe is going under deck and is finishing in left bathroom (inside console 1 meter above toilet) exactly is obstruct there by something. look at pics.
  10. Hi, ON THE BEGINNING, please Don't make off topics, it's getting mess. this thread is about SY Sassy, Palmer Johnson Maxi 78 ft from 1984 by Ron Holland for Dutch Schmidt. Sassy and other names Julianna, Cheeky, Wild etc. Ok and now, thank you: * RobDoyle, I wrote a PM to you, it will be great. * shoot, monkey, thank you * wyd, Thank you for keeping finger crossed * stayoutofthemiddle, maybe you have got any pics from that days? * Trauty, it's nice story and great pics. Today on of my guys saw "wilington" during he has been polishing. But unfortunately he doesn't expect that is important for me and he didn't take a photo of it. * Rejected, BayRacer, quezal, 1sailor I hope that you find that other brassy/sassy. Maybe try to make your own thread it should be easier for you. * Bosy, it's good to catch a contact with you and talk easier in polish language. I hope you can visit us, or we can meet in Poland. * Great White, thak you again, I fund there few important notice. * Bill E goat, I think it will be nice to talk with them. * Richard 4073 Than you for this drawing, i download it. * DavidBuoy and also you colored version is very nice. * Galley Skullker, if you have got any pics it will be great to see it. Best regards for all of you, and one question in next post.
  11. decide to polish/grind whole hull not only pieces, now we are doing hull above waterline. this is our method of working: 1 st man is removing a coat of varnish 2 nd man is removing a palette knife 3 rd man is polishing last layer before aluminium [woj]
  12. it's our second day of grinding. but it will be long way. (photos in next post, 15' after this, I have to take new photos for you) we are planning our working time until someday in august. we wil see. thank all of you for your engagement, for me it's amazing that so many people try to help me with this project. and now. thank you (chronological): * ChiTownRigger, Pinching, bill backstay, BFD, jerseyguy, klkirkman@aol.com; in this case everything is much difficult, as you saw on this two website https://cgmix.uscg.mil/PSIX/PSIXSearch.aspx http://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/pls/webpls/cgv_pkg.vessel_id_list the numbers are showing in different dates. I've got on fore hatch one of those number which meaning two different things depend in which database you check. even now, this number is disappear from last documents. but I have also this second number (under the engine). It will be ok, but someone made mistake in past. btw. I've got nothing on the transom even from inside and outside but I know that it should be there. * chuso 007 and hmsmweasel, Alcatraz5768, madohe, I hope that this thread will be good to following. (today's photos for you) * Great White, thank you for this article, it was few very important notice for us. * Peter Askew, don't worry, it's not your money but thank you for your opinion. * Parma, my previous yacht was small Swedish boat (first post), and I'm not from North Sails, but thank you for finishing talking about money (your second post Sir) * Soundreamer, designer of both of this boat was Ron Holland and both of them are IOR maxi. thank you. * johnhhs, this marine was the owner of Sassy before 2010 and the boat was calling Jullianna (source: http://www.st.nmfs.noaa.gov/pls/webpls/cgv_pkg.vessel_id_list of course I will write to them. Thank you, Sir. * Great Red Shark, we do as much as possible. and I think that I'm strong * Gutterblack, Twolegged, sunseeker, Al Paca, Bill E Goat, so it will be nice project and the sails are in order, btw. it's hard to talk about money on forum but if you want you can be a founder or sponsor think about it. our working deadline is someday in August. * dyslexic dog, if you can find some photos it will be great thank you. * Cal20sailor, thank you for a part of history. all of information are good for me. * 1sailor, of course I didn't order so much sails that was in 1984. We will see in future, maybe someone want or try to find any sponsors! * surfguitar57, Of course I'm happy of this photo and I hope to catch contact with that guys. Probably they have lot's of very important information about IOR maxi. * @last, we are grinding all of layers, not only painting. * bosy, than you for this part of history, of course I'll write mail to you. * davesect, thank you Dave, and I will write * Fred Roswold (nick wingssail), thank you for keeping finger crossed, I hope that you will see this yacht after renovation. Thank you for pics, I will try to find important solution for me. About hydraulic system, here is also hydraulic system connected with grinder (winches), So, I didn't make quote to everybody due to I afraid about mess. I will put new photos in next 15 minutes (I have to take it) woj.
  13. EASY and VERY IMPORTANT!!! Who of you saw the hull identification number (HIN) and where exactly is it? Where (on the boat/hull) I can find HIN, I've got problem with customs search of a ship because they don't believe me that this is this yacht and they have to see this number on the hull. WM
  14. Hi, everyone. So. Has anyone got any diagrammatic drawing of all hydraulic on boat? and how knows about the major accomplishments of this boat. I would like make also the chronological history of this boat and people who was sailing on it. I want make memorial. If somebody has got the private photos which is difficult to find in internet please send it. I show lot of photos but maybe somebody has got any more from deck. (all of photos which was in old thread I saw) Thank you for all of good wishes and keeping your finger crossed on this project. * Slick470, thank you, of course I read whole ole thread. * Happie Jack, Yes, it's good idea to chose the more important post from old thread and put it here. * ThijsK, Thank you, I will check it. * RKoch, what mean gear failures? The gearing of winches? * Geff, Burtas, Ropetrick, Mad, Rejected, Thank you, it will be good time no one knows everything but together we know a lot. so I would like to collect our knowledge about this boat. best for us. Wojciech
  15. Hello all of Sailors who knows and like Sassy I'm new member here, and I'm the new owner of Sassy. I'm writing this post due to make Sassy again great boat. I had taken Sassy from Sardegna in Italy and now I have it in Poland, and it has been on dry dock since yesterday. I started making big renovation, the plan is: clean whole hull and deck and put all layers from the beginning, put a new sails, new pipes, lines, and electrical cables, whole electronic. Generally almost everything will be new or renovated. I'm writing to you because I'm looking for any information about boat, and I'm looking for people which was sailing on it from the beginning in regatta to write down the history of Sassy and find some tips. I read all on this forum but last topic is archived. I want make it again as good as I can imagine. For sailing all around world and much more. I want start in regatta Sydney-Hobart and others. so could you help me? will be with me on this project? my mail: wojciechmadej.wm@gmail.com for all of you I will put lot of new photos during our working. and after that. And everybody whose like/know/love old Sassy could enjoy it again. For sure we can meet somewhere on the world in future on boat. btw, I'm so interesting to talk (during our meeting in future) about yours party in 1987 after race. it's sound like a legend. best regards Wojciech Madej from Poland.