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  1. Mooneyman

    SailTimer wind instrument

    Would be great if it worked as advertised. I have had mine at top of mast now for 4 months. (Catalina38) At best I get 2 hours of use in the morning before the batterie dies. So probable not a top of mast unit. Additionally and this is probably my issue, but it has no sense of direction. North and south are relative to which side of the bed it wakes up on. I also purchased the Link unit and bridged it to my B&G chart plotter this works great. For two hours in the morning as long as you are not concerned about actual wind direction. Tech support is fantastic as long as you are not in a hurry. Very knowledgable and courteous. Just be patient they will eventually get back to you. Now for the big question. Would I do this again? Hecks NO.
  2. Mooneyman

    SailTimer wind instrument

    I have recently purchased a sailtimer wind instrument and air link. So far I have discovered that there is sporadic email based support. My suggestion is that you use the device out of the box connected to your mobile device and it works great. I have a Catalina 38 the sailtimer is at the top of the mast 54' no reception problems. Works as advertised. I do have some concerns with the battery in particular for long overnight trips. On a recent overnight the wind instrument battery registered as empty. Although it was still functioning. The battery has never fully charged. This may be due to the always on status. Air Link is a different matter. My goal was to use the air link product to connect the Wind Instrument to my Vulcan 7 chart Plotter ( which by the way is outstanding.) To accomplish this I purchased the recommended Simrad NMEA converter and connected the device to my NMEA 2000 network. Initially it came up and worked and it was a beautiful thing. Then it quit and has not reconnected. The Simrad A10 is there and working but not getting any data. I have sent email to SailTimer and may eventually get a response. Not happy with support. I also discovered that the once connected to the AirLink I am not able to use the sailtimer chart due to some incompatibility. So get this, the manufacturers components are not compatible with each other. But they do tell me that this configuration is compatible with other software based chart plotters. i will update this review as I progress hopefully Technical support will respond. Additional I am an IT guy network engineer for the last 30 years so I get all of this protocol stuff and still cannot get it to work.
  3. Mooneyman

    Santana 35 Keel Repair

    Lee, thank you for your input. I will post keel pictures later today. The problem with what you are recommending is not applicable to my keel. The structure of the S35 keel bears little similarity to the keel repair you are describing. My "lame ass" fix would be in addition to the fix recommended by Lucky Dog. Adding stringers to the aft end of the keel + adding a saddle to spread the keel load. I do appreciate any qualified input from the community. in any case the nice thing about glass is it can always be ripped and redone .
  4. Mooneyman

    Santana 35 Keel Repair

    No it is not. lucky dog has a good description of the repair. I would like to find a copy of the drawings for this repair. It was very common for a grounding to cause this type of damage. The description I have seen built up an extrrior saddle to spread the keel induced stress over a larger area. This along with added stringers and thickening the hull thickness at the aft most keel bolt.
  5. Mooneyman

    Santana 35 Keel Repair

    Thanks for the info
  6. Mooneyman

    Santana 35 Keel Repair

    pictures are here
  7. Mooneyman

    Santana 35 Keel Repair

    Damage occurred when the keel received an impact during the storm. Similar to a low speed running aground. Or dragging the keel on a hard bottom.
  8. Mooneyman

    Santana 35 Keel Repair

    I'll upload pics in a bit. But basically the keel is sagging when on the hard. There is a 1/4 to 3/8" gap at the rear same at the front of the keel. You can see daylight at the front of the keel and a depression at the rear. There is a very small crack aft of the stern most keel bolt. At the base of the last rib. The crack is 4 " long and allows a very small amount of water to seep. This was a well known issue with early Santana's corrected in the shock 35. What I'm looking for is someone with knowledge of the approved repair.
  9. Mooneyman

    Santana 35 Keel Repair

    My Santana 35 Hull #62 has just suffered storm damage resulting in a weakened keel. It seems there may be a prescribed method for strengthening the keel. Looking for someone that may have some information on that. Here in Oklahoma not allot of sailboat experts At a minimum I'm planning to re bonding the aft most rib just behind the aft keel bolt. Then adding a 3/8" saddle extending 6 - 8" beyond the keel attach point. Thoughts / Suggestions are much appreciated.