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  1. So hard to tell if it's half-full or half-empty too.
  2. TN_Kiwi

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    well, that, and ... work out what boat will PB, GA and BT, and other top NZ apparent wind sailors, be able to sail better than anyone else.
  3. TN_Kiwi

    What was your favorite race/moment?

    I thought that was a fake too - to keep OR further off their air when ETNZ finally went. What I didn't see was anything particularly clever or creative from OR.
  4. TN_Kiwi

    Oracle Team USA

    you missed a really good regatta - apparently you had more interesting things to do than watch any of ORUSA' or ETNZ's races.
  5. TN_Kiwi

    Team NZ start watching at about 8:15 ... enjoy!!
  6. TN_Kiwi

    What was your favorite race/moment?

    PB said in the presser that was the first time they'd done it.
  7. TN_Kiwi

    What was your favorite race/moment?

    That leg 2 no-look gybe & soak sequence was my favorite too - then the soak/overtake sequence - the last nail in the OR coffin. But for pure highs/lows, the video of the pitch pole and immediate aftermath was probably the thing most will remember the longest (and the whole 'rising from the ashes' 1-2 days later thing too, of course).
  8. TN_Kiwi

    Oracle Team USA

    Go and look at the World Match Racing standings for each of the last 9 years - Jimmy is not among the top 1000.
  9. TN_Kiwi

    Team NZ

    a really cool part of this story is that, just 3 weeks ago, ETNZ went arse over kite and tore up their boat and wing. But that didn't phase the sailors or the boat builders, and a few weeks later, they're hoisting the AC aloft.
  10. TN_Kiwi

    Why was TNZ faster ?

    I think (hope) oil pressure and human pumps will be a thing of the past. The AC has to be a sailing competition first, and a technology arms race second. I think Dalts said as much in the final presser. Plus, we need to get back to boats that can sail on open 9somewhat protected) waters across a wider wind range. These flimsy AC50s are not suitable for that. I'm with others who want to see a good-sized foiling cat that has all soft sails (even asym spinnakers?) and 100% direct human provided power to make all sail and foil adjustments. Sure, use cool software for navigation, time on distance, etc, but not for sail adjustment or foil control. Bring it on.
  11. TN_Kiwi

    Team NZ

    There better be a knighthood for Dalts next year.
  12. TN_Kiwi

    Live Racing Thread

    Will there be a presser? or just the prizegiving?