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  1. 2savage

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    Really? You eek out a lead in light air over three hours, and cross the finish line just as the afternoon breeze kicks in and everyone else finishes in the next couple of minutes. You love that? Really?
  2. 2savage

    Hank Buchanan, R.I.P.

    I just heard that Hank past away. He had been suffering for some time and I visited him in hospital about ten weeks ago. He was not a happy camper and it did not surprise me when I heard he instructed the staff to remove all tubes and cease medications. I raced with and against Hank for many years and enjoyed his company at the bar of City Island Yacht Club. OK, so he was often very opinionated but who isn't from time to time. By best memory of Hank is when my rudder broke off when competing in the Lloyd Harbor YC Fall Series. With no ability to get home I pleaded with fellow Club members to give me a tow home. Not wanting to hijack my own thread I do recall that John Esposito on Hustler turned down my request with a lame excuse and motored off into the distance. But Hank took up the rescue mission and towed me some thirteen miles over four hours to get me back to my Club. This was indeed a heroic effort with a nine HP outboard towing a 7,200lb boat. Hank you will be missed. Alan Townsley.
  3. 2savage


    Er, face plant? That's exactly how it's done. Now STFU !
  4. 2savage

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    Had the privilege of racing against him in Solings on the Chesapeake. Great guy and will be missed. (And yes, he beat me in the regatta).
  5. 2savage

    Sailing one-liners

    "You withdraw from the race? No, I think your Father should have withdrawn".
  6. 2savage

    the scoring system tiebreaking system sucks balls

    Nothing wrong with the system. There is however something wrong with your understanding of why it is like it is. Winning a race is MUCH harder than coming second. Likewise, coming second is quite a bit harder than coming third. To be honest expecting better than second place with a 3, 3, 4 is kinda pathetic. As mentioned, why not just win all the races so you don't have to bitch here.
  7. 2savage

    stupid trim question CE

    To come up with meaningful responses it would be best to start with why you think you need to do this. Are you getting too much helm? Are you slow? Before deciding to depower the main, are you in general overpowered? If not, consider getting more shape in the headsail first maybe? It's all a balancing act with no formula like CLR here on this piece of tape and CE main and CE jib on these bits of tape. knew a guy who balanced his boat perfectly and started to lose to pretty much everyone. He initially bragged about his neutral helm. well consider this. a good portion of lift comes from your rudder, which should NOT be neutral upwind. Let the conversation continue............
  8. 2savage

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    Who said PHRF rates boats, not people? Yes that's the theory but in practice I know differently. My first PHRF boat rated 168 when I bought it and 156 when I sold it. Three years later it was back to 168. Several boats later my C&C 34+ 'Savage' was protested for its rating and at the committee meeting (I also sat on the committee) it was brought to the persons protesting that I had won many major regattas on the previous three boats I had owned and that was probably something to do with why I'm winning with the boat in question. The people protesting me were not regular podium material. End result, no rating change. So, if you have had previous boats that were winning, this could be a solid defense.
  9. 2savage

    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    My wife who is a nurse brought to my attention several articles that explained the interaction of these two substances. I now realize what had happened. Just do a search on "Vodka and Ambien" and read what pops up.
  10. 2savage

    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    You guessed wrong. He is a neighbor.
  11. I just returned from a three week cruise of New England and at the beginning of the trip had a non-sailor along for the first delivery leg from NYC to Newport RI. The trip did NOT go well. Belligerent behavior, aggression toward me the skipper and continual drunkenness led me to actually lock the aft stateroom door while at anchor at night. The final straw was when after getting some ice blocks from Bowens Wharf I asked this crew member to get the ice down below. (I was driving so could not). He took a ten pound block and just threw it down below where it damaged the teak and holly sole. I immediately informed said crew to go below and pack his bag as he is to be put ashore in five minutes. I had decided this was essential to protect the boat. After coming alongside a Marina dock the crew member was removed along with all his possessions. After anchoring in Brenton Cove I summoned Oldport Launch and went ashore. He had disappeared but all his things were still on the dock. Then the people I were meeting in Newport called me to say he was about to be arrested for sleeping on a bench on Thames Street. They managed to prevent the arrest by taking control of him. The next day this crew member had no recollection of anything. They are now in a 28 day rehab program. So, before any cruise, insist you are informed of any prescription drugs being used monitor the booze. Sure they can lie to you but after this episode I'm toying with having people sign a form with details of any prescriptions aboard. Has anyone else ever had such an episode?
  12. 2savage

    What's your boat beer?

    When racing, I buy the beer. And with a crew of ten we get through a lot. It HAS to be cans, and Coors extra Gold is cheap. I do a deal early in the season at my local supermarket and buy 20 cases of 30 pack cans. With the bulk discount it works out at about $10 a case of 30. $0.33 a can. Screw the IPA sh!t. When we crack a few beers and suddenly we need to gybe or change a headsail, we need to dump the beers in the sink and get the job done. Better $2 than $8 going down the drain.
  13. 2savage

    Fazisi Front Page

    There are aluminum grade numbers. According to the designer it was correct. Maybe the planes were for carrier duty? Why does everyone on this web site try to make themselves look smarter that the other guy? Boring!
  14. 2savage

    Fazisi Front Page

    I have a few interesting stories about Fazisi. After it got damaged in a storm in the late 80's or early 90's the sides were bent and stove in somewhat. My foredeck guy David Langhorne was instrument in bring her back to life. His father had done the very first Whitbread Race on the British Army boat and David wanted a crack at something similar. So he called up Northrop and Grumman, who had recently had a contract for some F15 fighter jet wings cancelled, and got them to donate high grade aluminum plate along with welders on loan to get the boat fixed. Grumman got a tax write off and Fazisi got fixed. There were still a few crew living aboard back then. The designer and his wife and kid (Pavel?) plus Juki, a crazy guy from Georgia who was as strong as a bull. As Langhorne continued to call people to donate money to fix up Fazisi, he gets a phone call from Dennis Connor, who was also in NYC drumming up $$$ for his AC campaign. Seems that Langhorne had been calling the same people Connor had in his rolodex and Langhorne was taking money out of Connors pocket! Anyway, David Langhorne gets invited aboard Stars and Stripes (the cat) for a blast around NY harbor and Dennis schmoozed him to stop calling his money men. So, Fazisi got fixed and the first event was the Around Long Island Race. Not having been sailed for years, the first time the boat heeled over crashing noises could be heard below and cans of paint, chemicals and god knows what else found its way into the bilge. The boat instantly became a toxic waste site and just being down below, your eyes started to water. As for the boat's design, with maybe 15 degrees of heel the ocean was washing over the side deck continually due to a lack of freeboard amidships. Never seen that before! Juki disappeared for a full day, not wanting to do any work. He was discovered on day two, zipped inside a sail storage locker amidships.