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  1. Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    I agree, but this thread has not talked much about weight. Although the average weight of a sail is about 40% up the mast, weight in a sail is bad in waves (And when heeled for that matter, but less damaging). We all know to centralize (or eliminate) all weight, plus keep it low to allow the boat for be more like a cork than a tanker. Plowing through waves is slower than riding over them. To that end, weight in the rig can become momentum stuffing the bow into the next wave. With the leverage factor in mind weight in the rig can be substantially worse than weigh on board. Oh but wait, I'm supposed to be clueless so ignore this.
  2. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    Need six pack. My wife Lisa will also be getting her license and she is about as American as it gets (being on the family tree of a past President and also eligible for 'Daughters of the American Revolution'). So long as she is on the charter we will be OK but I want the flexibility to go solo too.
  3. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    John, I've been a permanent resident since 1984. You talk such garbage. Why even bother posting as it just makes you look dumb.
  4. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    Someone needs to call John out for his outrageous interjections. I'm just standing up for what is right. You should try it. And IMO a Troll is some anonymous person who hides behind an internet handle. NOT someone who you have known for years. NOT the same thing.
  5. Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    I'm afraid to post lest Espo calls me clueless again. Oh, and John I was a sail maker for eight years and made my own sails with which I made 9th in a World championship against 140 other competitors from around the World, but I forget. I'm supposed to be clueless.
  6. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    Actually no. Taking the bait would be providing an answer, not asking another question.
  7. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    Oh John. Yet another 'Espo is a Dick' example. Why do you persist with this rhetoric of abusing people online for no apparent reason and no basis for your jibes? So, I have no clue? I have no ability to win a yacht race? I can't build a race car and win an International Car Race? I can't earn enough money to buy a Porsche 911 Turbo? I can't amass a seven figure net worth? I'm really so clueless? Well, unlike you, I know how to behave in polite company, refrain from online infamy and I speak the truth. So go look in the mirror and ask yourself "do I have a clue?". There is no place in this world for nasty inflammatory comments that are undeserved, serve no purpose and are insulting to people you know (and are indeed fellow club members). Are you man enough to post an online apology? Alan Townsley.
  8. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    Why do you ask?
  9. I started sailing when I was 5 years old. I'm now 62. But I never did any formal training. There's nothing I cannot do on a boat, including mechanics, electronics etc. With half a dozen Bermuda trips, Key West and back (3 times) and a plethora of other adventures, deliveries, YRALIS racing etc.I have yet to secure ANY sort of actual credentials like YRA Yacht Master Captains license. And, I've been here 32 years in USA but still not a Citizen. Now I want to run charters. What is the best plan?
  10. C&C owners, need parts?

    A week or so ago I took a trip to South Shore Yachts in Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario Canada. I needed parts for my boat that needed to be custom manufactured and this company is the last bastion of all old C&C information. I picked up a new stern rail, some toe rail, rubbing strip, stanchions and some stanchion bases which were custom cast in metal. (Way stronger than the original plastic). While there I got to speak with Cody who showed me all the original drawings for pretty much every part of every C&C ever built. This a great resource if you need parts. On the return trip I stopped off at the border to get my receipts stamped by customs for exporting the equipment. You are required to pay HST tax when you pick up but can claim it back when you prove export. For me this was a refund of $350. Make sure you get your receipts stamped and you will be OK. Bonus? It's a wine making district that is now making some excellent wines. Government funding has encouraged growers to rip out native grapes and grow European varietals of venifera.
  11. What bedding compound would you suggest for this task? Bolting to fiberglass. Thanks
  12. Caption Contest

    Vlad takes up sailing.
  13. New old sailer

    Hi crustydog. The replies here are mostly from a deranged group of people who want to appear smart but fail to read the initial question. A 24 foot boat such as yours is a good way to start being a recreational sailor. Apart from basic boat handling (docking, mooring, anchoring etc) you need to pay attention to the weather. You having spent a career under the waves now requires that you come to terms with changes in wind and waves. These can change your day and your plans. If in doubt, use less sail. (i.e. reef the mainsail or use a smaller jib). Do you have auxiliary power? If so, make sure it is reliable. If you have planned a day sail or overnight, when the weather looks a bit dodgy, change your plan. Sometimes just being aboard is enough of a change in life to feel like a vacation. Keep up with the maintenance and have a few spares and tools aboard. Small boats need to be self sufficient. Thank you for your service and happy sailing. Alan
  14. A different type of Charter?

    Excellent feedback. Thanks to all. And, as to stiffing the crew for a tip, I'm actually looking to buy a 52 foot trawler style boat to do private charters. Just needed to get a feel for the math.