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  1. Well, the mast is on tresses next to the boat so he only has to 'climb' three feet off the ground. Sometimes people just HAVE to find something wrong. His other comment was that the rod rigging should have an induced kink at each spreader so it does not flex each time it is stressed. Now this makes more sense, but after 25,000 miles over 28 years and no issues I wonder about this wisdom too. Before I cross an ocean I'll replace the rod anyway, but otherwise I feel like I'm OK.
  2. 2savage

    Scoring question

    Does it really matter how it's scored? There are four boats here that seem to have crew with not one racing bone in their bodies!! Better to focus on motivation than scoring IMO.
  3. My rigger advised that this is not good practice. Can anyone shed light on this?
  4. Why look elsewhere? Its an easy install and costs just a few dollars. Installation tip is to punch grommets in the aft end and rig something to tension the gasket before it is finally secured at the rear. This ensures it springs back into shape. When I was a we sold hundreds of these gasket kits a year. Never had a complaint.
  5. 2savage

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    I've had issues in Hadley Harbor in the past due to over crowding and the holding near Bull Island is poor (rocky). Apart from that there are some good suggestions here. What about Falmouth Me? If I'm near Newport, how is Greenwich Bay?
  6. Heading Down East around Sept 2nd. If a named storm threatens, what are my best options? I'll be any where from Newport to Mt. Desert Island.
  7. 2savage

    We have our first Spinner

    I thought a 'spinner' was a light weight woman who would sit in (on) an appropriate place while naked.
  8. 2savage

    Coming back from a serious disaster...

    Looks like I'm sorted. Survey and rig inspection booked. Barrons will be stepping the rig, not Jack, the new owner of Fenton Marine. Should all happen later this week. BTW the 'person of importance' is Bob Fenton. Good guy and straight shooter. Misses a lot of deadlines though. I was supposed to get finished and launched in 2015! John, did you realize it's been over ten years since you saw me? Maybe that's why you didn't recognize me at first at the Moose Hall? I've had a lot of stress during that time and grew old fast!!
  9. 2savage

    Coming back from a serious disaster...

    Get your stinkin' J109 comments off my thread!
  10. 2savage

    Coming back from a serious disaster...

    Bizarre thing is, they have no workers in my yard. Not only do I have to do everything, they prevented a friend from helping with buffing the topsides saying he does not have insurance. Finally, a person of importance at the yard suggested I get the yard next door to step the mast because the crane operator in my yard sucks. Well, I appreciate the sentiment but I've already paid to get my mast stepped and the guys next door wand $600 to do what I already paid for. Would it be unreasonable to ask for a reduction in my yard fees if some work is moved to the yard next door?
  11. 2savage

    Coming back from a serious disaster...

    OK, so it's a few days past the deadline, but looks like we launch next week once lifelines are in place and insurance requirements are satisfied (need a full survey, including rigging). The bills continue to stack up but as I mentioned, it's not about the money, it's about past memories and future escapades. This boat has won Key West Race Week, the Sappho Trophy, Manhasset Bay Series, American YC Series, Larchmont Race Week, City Island Cup, and too much more to remember. It would have been a shame to let 'Savage' die.
  12. 2savage

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    So now the pissing match is almost over, where are we? You can quote rules at each other and nit pick that it's not the latest version, but where are we going? Someone said "this is the end of amateur racing'' and maybe that is worth pondering. If race committees fear the law suit then we are toast. What if we can develop a binding, all encompassing legal document that MUST be signed by all competitors to curtail any future legal action? Would this shift the burden back to the skipper, where it really should ultimately be?
  13. 2savage

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    How about after 45 years?
  14. 2savage

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    Having done BI Race and Vineyard in somewhat boisterous conditions, Some people who just day sail in LIS, then get a bunch of yahoos to go around BI may come unstuck. But there are safety classes as well as seamanship considerations which I see as separate issues. During one Vineyard race my forestay let go on a beam reach in 25 knots and my boat had a deck stepped mast. No safety class would let me know to bear off to 170 degrees true, get all spare halyards forwards and tight, then drop the jib and secure the now loose forestay. No safety class would tell the navigator he MUST find the gap through Long Sands Shoal so we can get to shelter in the Essex River. I understand the man overboard thing etc (which will remain a skippers responsibility even on a day race) but this thread started talking about classes, NOT the type of experience needed to handle ANY unforeseen situation. I've posted in the past about having 20,000 miles under my belt but no 'apparent' credentials. It's like Mario Andretti not having passed his test for a drivers license.