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  1. Replacing a piece of toe rail

    All good advice. The rebuilding of this section of the boat means there are no existing holes. All is new glass. I was thinking drill two new holes to secure the rail at the rear then bending it in to the curve of the boat and drilling new holes as needed. Finally, cut the rail to length (I bought an extra foot to be sure) then refit with bedding compound. I bought the OEM rail from South Shore Yachts, along with a bunch of other things I needed.
  2. C&C 34+ I need to install a new piece of toe rail to fix some damage. From the stern fitting used for a dock line to about ten feet forwards. What would the process be? What issues making the bend? What about bedding compound?
  3. Amazing how a thread morphs into something totally irrelevant. Well, maybe not for this web site. Espo, I'm surprised you know anything about laying pipes, not other peoples wives. Anyway, my issues are fixed and my launch date is coming up. Thanks to anyone who provided any worthwhile information.
  4. Running Backstays Bungee Set-up

    Bungee goes from one block then through a micro block attached to the backstay above any split of tensioner equipment then back to the other check stay block on the other side. Bungee needs to be long enough to be able to have both blocks snugged but also needs to lift blocks away from the boom. If it does one but not the other, make it longer and move the micro block further up.
  5. "Sailing" v "Yachting"

    I raced a laser in the 1970's and back then I weighed 123 lbs. When it blew over 20, I sucked. When is was around 15, I was able to win. The trick is you need to hike with your ankles at the edge of the cockpit and keep your stomach flat and be out there. I had built a training bench to get stomach muscles tuned and used to sit at home watching TV hiking out on my laser 'bench'. Oh, and I wore clothing that would soak up water to give me another 20 lbs when needed. Kills your legs!! If you want to win there is a way.
  6. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Seems to me too much of this thread became political. jarcher, maybe if you look at your original post and think about the desire for 'conservative politics' you can get closer to your quiet anchorage. But with few exceptions, the coasts are blue, in more ways than one. What is important to you? Good sailing or people who say things that make you feel comfortable? Maybe it's time to get out of your bubble in more ways than one? Michael Moore, who I expect you are not a big fan of, has mega family in Wisconsin who are all VERY right wing. That said, he goes there for the holidays every year. Daniel lived in the lions den and came out no worse for it. So how about spending time with your fellow man who may be a bit different from you?
  7. I was warned by a local sail maker friend that dates at this yard are 'elastic'. I accepted this because at the time my re-launch requirements were also elastic. But now it's time to close up this situation. Problem seems to be communication. Which yard am I dealing with? Who? I have had no correspondence of the change of ownership. This seems to be an omission on behalf of the yard when it comes to the hand-off from one manager to another of a current customer.
  8. Coming to the end of a MAJOR repair to my 36' C&C I am a bit stuck with how to handle the final steps. The boat yard very recently changed hands. The previous person who ran it and did the work to my boat wants payment of the invoice presented. It has a dollar amount to pay and not much else. No detail of work performed. No detail on storage or any other fees. But here's the real issue. The boat is not finished. Jobs not completed are as follows: 1) The cabinetry in the rear cabin was dismantled (to do fiberglass work on the deck) and not reinstalled 2) The rear part of the toe rail was removed to continue fiberglass work. Although I have a new replacement purchased, it is not installed. 3) The stern rail was remanufactured but is not installed. 4) Three winches were removed and are no re-installed. 5) The mast is on top of a 12 foot mast rack and is not accessible for inspection and preparation for stepping 6) I'm still on dry land because I'm not ready to splash. 7) There are no life lines or mounting brackets yet on the port side. The repairs have taken at least four years longer than I was lead to believe it should have taken. Also, I suspect the yard has tacked on storage fees to the bill but if you have not completed the work, how can I leave? My feeling is to make a major payment on the bill but keep four or five thousand in reserve until these other issues can be resolved. Also should I get a guarantee of launch without further reaming of my bank account? Please, less of the anger and joviality this web site is known for. I'm about to spend between $16,000 and $20,000 based on your advice.
  9. Weight of crew is not the same as weight of stores, supplies or equipment, unless that is you trained your dinghy, outboard and storm anchor to hike out on the rail.
  10. Stern rail issues

    Agreed. Two man job or risk a 20 foot fall!
  11. Stern rail issues

    Emailed them a short while ago. No response yet.
  12. Stern rail issues

    South Shore Yachts, original vendors to C&C and have all the original plans.
  13. Stern rail issues

    Well, it was made in Canada and I drove there 12 hours round trip to get it.
  14. Stern rail issues

    I have had a new stern rail manufactured, but have some issues. First, they got the curve a bit wrong and I need to have the rails bent a bit more to fit. Probably about six inches increase in curve over two feet. Is this a matter of using a pipe bender and running the rails through it a bit? The other issues are straight forward like they missed giving me a stern light mount and 'feet' to bolt it down with, but I think I can figure that out. Where is a good place to go to get this work done in Western Long Island Sound? I was thinking Brewers in Mamaroneck. Any other places for stainless work I should consider?
  15. Sail: how much is shape and how much is material?

    I agree, but this thread has not talked much about weight. Although the average weight of a sail is about 40% up the mast, weight in a sail is bad in waves (And when heeled for that matter, but less damaging). We all know to centralize (or eliminate) all weight, plus keep it low to allow the boat for be more like a cork than a tanker. Plowing through waves is slower than riding over them. To that end, weight in the rig can become momentum stuffing the bow into the next wave. With the leverage factor in mind weight in the rig can be substantially worse than weigh on board. Oh but wait, I'm supposed to be clueless so ignore this.