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  1. I haven't been here for long but I'm pretty sure over the summer they use it on the regular for charters.
  2. Just came in to post that one. Still sitting/used here.
  3. zaTTaz

    Oracle Team USA

    Me personally? I'm not a professional sportsman in this AC so what I say has no representation or bearing on any sort of sportsmanship for any team To be fair I don't think I've ever laid into any of the major players this time around. JS on the other hand, as entertaining as it was.... From what I have seen of the 'modern' AC, there have been a very small amount of victories and defeats that any team could claim to have any sort of real moral high ground about, and that includes NZ. A bit of a 'ribbing' is all part of the show that JS was quite happy playing before to be fair. Life goes on
  4. zaTTaz

    Oracle Team USA

    You talk your game up and fire pot shots like he did at the beginning of the regatta then you have to expect to get a bit of it back when it doesn't go your way. It's all part of the often vicious entertainment game JS plays. Same deal if it was PB talking smack and then losing. Either way someone had to lose I'm sure the Oracle team did their best with what they had, just as ETNZ did. Shame it wasn't a bit closer considering all this 'one design' jazz, but LE and RS had their crack at it and it didn't work as intended (although the world series part was really cool imo, even if not executed as well as promised either) so chapter closed, upwards and onwards. See you in 4 years?
  5. zaTTaz

    Oracle Team USA

    You never know... "After two consecutive wins against Team Oracle in Bermuda, Emirates Team New Zealand have set themselves up perfectly to lose the competition 7-6."
  6. zaTTaz

    Oracle Team USA

    Not over yet, but mate....
  7. zaTTaz

    Oracle Team USA

    I'd happily put my money on JS over DB, as much as I like the guy. IMO that particular change wouldn't be on anyones mind at Oracle right now. Could be wrong, but doubt it.
  8. zaTTaz

    Oracle Team USA

    I think he's safe but I guess whoever is helming during this weeks testing and training will tell us soon enough.