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    sailing and coffee.... they seem to go well together.

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  1. tui

    Race Replays

    Thanks so much!! It's downloading now.
  2. tui

    Race Replays

    Any chance that you can keep this one up? No seeders at the moment, and I'd love to have the whole thing saved. As a note, I'm still seeding all the races that I have - using transmission as I haven't had any issues throughout the races. Thanks so much everyone for their help in allowing us all to watch this wonderful series!! Looking forward to seeing what ETNZ decide to do for the next cup.
  3. tui

    Race Replays

    Yes please.... love having both. (Though there seems to be few people seeding) **Just saw that everyone is having problems getting past 74%. Bit of a shame.
  4. tui

    Race Replays

    Oh - the joys of Peter Montgomery during the America's cup in NZ. He was so brilliant!! He's doing live coverage Radio Sport in NZ - so you can still catch him. This race has a little of that excitement.
  5. tui

    Race Replays

    Agreed - or funds? (Might be easier from Canada) Maple Syrup?
  6. tui

    Race Replays

    Isn't it insane!! Especially for North America.... they make this giant farce about how they want to encourage the next generation of sailers - but how will they know about it if they can't watch? We had some American friends staying with us during the San Fran races and they got hooked - watched everything when they got home. This year they can't even watch. How to loose new fans of the sport. Very disappointing.
  7. tui

    Race Replays

    Rudder_NZ, so grateful for your early morning downloads..... I've been getting home from work to find them to catch up on the days sailing. Absolutely brilliant!! Canadian's don't seem to care about or even know the America's Cup is happening. Alas, I'm not smart enough to know how to help with seeding - but would love to contribute somehow. (I did manage to download to my google drive)
  8. tui

    Race Replays

    Rudder_NZ - thanks so much!!!