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  1. taylorb

    Race Replays

    Thanks again Rudder_NZ! Race 2 and Race 6 are the same links (Sweden vs Japan - do you mind posting the missing link?
  2. taylorb

    Race Replays

    Thanks Rudder_NZ for the posts! Do you mind posting up the correct google drive link to SWEDEN vs JAPAN? The posted link is a repeat of ARTEMIS vs USA
  3. taylorb

    Race Replays

    FYI https://www.ampercent.com/bypass-google-drive-download-limit/13333/
  4. taylorb

    Race Replays

    Thanks Rudder_NZ - we appreciate seeing the racing! To save using up your downloads (or if the file has had too many downloads) I did the following: 1. Logged into my google account 2. Clicked on your links 3. Pressed the "add to my drive" button on the top right (this just creates a link to the file) 4. Opened my google drive 5. Copy (duplicated) each of the files 6. Download the copies of the files