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  1. Inshallah

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    There was a Flying Fifteen in NZ called Effingham Hall
  2. Inshallah

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    interviews live on ABC 24 now
  3. Inshallah

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    knowing the finish differential how does the jury make a decision on the penalty without prejudice
  4. Inshallah

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    how much notice does Mark Richards need - an email the day before?
  5. Inshallah

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Has anyone told the CYC the first boat has crossed the line?
  6. Shows 'green' all around them. Does seem strange but maybe the data feed is all screwed up
  7. What's happened to Scallywag.? Tracker has them going north at 3.3kts
  8. Inshallah

    caption contest

    as this appears to be from Jayspers home town I'm sure he can get to the bottom of it
  9. What evidence is there that contradicts my view? I'm not saying that there is evidence in the public domain to support my view but the assumption this is a case of the tail waging the dog is just as much based on an unfounded belief as mine is. Is it not possible the GD and the Italians had the same view? Considering their visions for the cup appear very similar this is more then likely.
  10. After having listened to all the various points on the protocol and various statements made I would like to throw mine into the mix. I think that anyone who truly believes in the traditions of the AC and what it stands for would have struggled to sign the LA even if they agreed with some of the specifics, so to say that GD didn't sign it because he didn't agree with any of it while having a similar agreement with LR is probably a bit of a leap. Simplistically it was a massive departure from what the AC represents. Though the Italians are being portrayed as holding a gun to ETNZs head and demanding a return to monohulls we dont actually have any evidence that this influenced ETNZs decision. Based on what GD has said post the protocol release he wants a class that can 'filter' down to the real world of yachting, doesn't think the AC50 is suitable for AKL and he obviously prefers a more larger grandiose yacht. If he had these beliefs prior to the discussions with LR then he would have no hesitation to supporting a move back to monohulls. The fact that he thought the AC50 was a great boat and that they would be hard to move away from doesn't mean he didnt have the desire to do so. Governments find tax increases are hard to do but still manage!!! The current AC50 cats just don't suit his vision of the AC. Assuming one believes in the tradition of the AC and aims of the DOG it's hard not to believe that this is one of the most balanced and fair protocols since NZ last held the cup.
  11. Inshallah

    Poll: Who is the America's Cup for?

    it's for any talented and rich individuals/groups who wants to win one of the sports premier trophies while abiding with the general concepts of the DOG. As an event disassociated from any formal sporting body it has no requirement to support the sport in any way. If there is any benefit - great, but that is a spin off, not a driver.
  12. Inshallah

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    Lets face it the only people who watch yachting on tv, or the internet for that matter, are serious fans except for certain events like the AC for Kiwis (if they are doing well) or the S2H start for Ozzies. If you see it as a revenue stream you are kidding yourselves. It needs to be seen as a promotional tool for sponsors and as a interest driver amongst the sailing community. The more people that see the racing the better for sponsors and for maintaining the interest in the Cup for sailing fan base - therefore it needs to be easy and cheap to view through free to air TV in relevant nations (ie NZ) and easily accessible on the net at minimal or no cost for the rest. Most non yachting people I spoke to here only ever saw clips on the tv news and even if they wanted to, couldnt see it on the net. I doubt that this AC did anything to increase interest in Oz outside those already interested in it - even amongst sailors. Considering that Oz is a potential challenger going forward I think it was a pretty shortsighted approx by RC and co.
  13. Inshallah

    Clean Interview of GA

    cant have been that well funded if they couldnt afford to pay the team wages for June until they won the LVC!
  14. I am not sure why you are so pessimistic - yes money is an issue but if NZ can raise sufficient funds to run a successful campaign in Bermuda of all places then Oz would have no trouble nor the USA. NZ will provide a better sponsor profile/return than Bermuda. Some of the biggest ACs have been the NZ ones while in 2007 in Spain there were 11 challengers. After Oracle won it we went to 3 and then 5 this time around. Hardly progress. I dont see that a design change should affect things too much. Any existing team has the infrastructure/designers in place - it's the mindset that would need to change NZ first got into the AC when it got a new lease of life after 83 and was in an affordable environment - AU vs US. NZ offers significant cost advantages when it comes to spending USD or EURO. Not so advantageous for the Aussie these days NZ has a very small economy and very limited number of people of any significant wealth. If they can do it any developed western nation could also if they had the desire and organisational/fund raising ability.
  15. With a population of 350 million plus and numerous billionaires I find it hard to believe that Larry is the only one interested in an AC campaign.