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  1. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    Enough of one to rescue my struggling navigator.
  2. Horn Rock

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    This, and the fact that the rules state you can't change the boat once the regatta is under way, is a huge hint that a good all around boat is required. Fair warning IMO. Build a boat dialed in to one extreme is a big gamble, and you do it at your own peril.
  3. Horn Rock

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    I'm sure it is for Nick. I haven't watched the show, did he specify which end of the limits he had issue with? Bit of a stretch to say ETNZ aren't "stepping up" when they're still abiding by the rules. If they break the rules, fair enough, go to town on them.
  4. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    I would be on the helm and it definitely wouldn't be my fault. It would be the American sail trimmers and foil arm operators who would get all the blame, and rightly so.
  5. Horn Rock

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    Appreciate your concerns and I've hidden that post. It wasn't your ID I was interested in, but your comments suggesting ETNZ were "crooked". So you're still a bit of a fuckwit.
  6. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    You mean this one? Fair leaps out of the water - pretty impressive. A lot more breeze than Te Aihe's take off.
  7. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    The largest heel angle I've seen is when Te Aihe blew out her CZ. Still didn't look like going over though.
  8. Horn Rock

    Team NYYC

    ???? Onya Tom. As I heard on Mr Robot last night - "details, the devils in that shit".
  9. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    That's putting it mildly barfy. Take Torn Cat for example, he started off with the concept wouldn't work, to the concept would be unsafe. The concept would fall over in light winds. When that proved wrong he morphed from anti concept to anti Kiwi - The Kiwis are slow. They're having problems. They don't have bulbs, flat hulls will be better. They're cheating because they won't publish wind limits. To be fair Stingray also described us as "a bit crooked". Which is okay because he's just "a bit of a fuckwit".
  10. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    Weren't these boats supposed to be really unsteady in the light - as in almost blowing over as they get up? Haven't seen any sign of that yet. Another nay sayer contention debunked. The racing won't be close.........as if the winning boat will give a fuck.
  11. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    Would be curious at how the scows lift off in those conditions, or even if they would lift off?
  12. Horn Rock


    Not even vaguely relevant to an AC75 imo. Funny the way you dig in to support your loopy ideas.
  13. Horn Rock

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    I personally wouldn't mind seeing these boats in a bit of a blow, and a decent chop. Throw in some swell as well.
  14. Horn Rock

    Wind Limits - Where are they

    Sure, you'd think their would some sort of guidelines. The independent race committee I'd expect would be making those decisions and not the defender.