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  1. Horn Rock

    Team NZ

    I wouldn't worry too much about the wobbles. When the foil hits the water and is under load, I doubt it's going to wobble much.
  2. Just the first one TC? Reasonable chance that crashes might happen across the fleet I reckon. Whether it's a big deal remains to be seen.
  3. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Well, we did have the Superfoilers last year, but the coverage budget was way smaller and the images were patchy. We were getting shots from boats on the water but that's tricky - just ask the crew that shot Waterworld - it was a nightmare. Stabilizer tech has come a long way since then though. My G85 hybrid photo/video camera gets around 5 stops of stabilization with lens and body IS. Yeah, no way I'd swim there. The attack in Byron is a big bummer - that is exactly where I swim, out the back of the breakers at Belongil. Fuck that though, getting eaten is probably the worst way to go.
  4. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    I agree, and felt there were too many wide shots from a distance. They don't have those skinny hulled chase cats with the big nose pod, for the nice low angles we got from Bermuda. I know it's hard to have chase boats in a fleet race, and long lenses from on the water have issues with jerkiness. Movement is amplified due to the focal length - probably why they've not gone with them, but wide angled aerials don't really capture the "action" on board the boats.
  5. I don't think anyone is going to launch in March. I posted around 6 months ago that I thought the timeline was overly ambitious, and I think that seems to be playing out. Ben has stated that he's not launching till June/July. Idiot4ever could be right in that AM might launch first? LR has been very quiet on their launch plans. I think the boats from the big four will go in the water somewhere between June and September. Wouldn't surprise me if everything gets pushed back 6 months - which is no big deal for a complex new class - better to get things right than rush and have humongous fuck ups. Not that we won't probably see some major fuck ups as they get to grips with these new beasts. As an aside, was about to go for a swim at my favourite spot at Belongil (Nth Byron), but we've had a fucking shark attack this morning, which kinda puts a dampener on those plans....... bastard sharks!!!!......Read here.
  6. Horn Rock

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    I read somewhere that each boat is worth about $3.3 million. I guess that includes the two sets of foils, and I think there are two wings for each? Not cheap, since with that sort of dosh you could get something like this.
  7. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    I know how not to keep her interested - watch Sailgp.....She quite liked Bermuda, although being an Aussie did have trouble cheering for ETNZ.
  8. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    This is event is for die-hard yachties only. Watched it with my non sailing GF and she thought it was boring. No way this will ever attract a wider audience or anywhere near what F1 cars does. It won't attract the sponsorship dollars of F1 either. In terms of monetary value, F1 is in a different galaxy. Even for sailors there was something very uncompelling about it. I'd argue the Superfoilers were more interesting - at least a few of those tipped over. I know it's only the first event, but to say there's room for improvement would be an understatement. Sydney harbour has been, and always will be, an overrated place to sail - too narrow, too much land influence. Bermuda was better, and the Gulf (Hauraki) is in a different league.
  9. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Better effort from Phil.
  10. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    A bit more breeze today around 9-10 kts. Slingers dominating again.
  11. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    The last race of the day is a match race between the top two. Most likely NO and Slingers.
  12. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    I know what this event is missing - Jimmy's sound bites slagging off the Kiwis, and the friction it generated.
  13. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Hopefully the breeze will pick up a bit tomorrow and the racing will be more exciting. I'm on the fence about this event, and I'll wait to see how it pans out a bit more. I loved the racing in Bermuda, but it might turn out to be a tough act to follow.
  14. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Alistair Eakin - rugby guy.
  15. Horn Rock

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Chinese are an entire leg behind. Boats are really strung out again.