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  1. RockCartel

    Race Replays

    Moved my Google drive file into the torrent location and forced a recheck so am at seeding at 100% right off the bat. Giving what I can to say thanks.
  2. RockCartel

    Nutty Schedule.

    Agree, 3 rounds would have been good. With performance being so close between each team there's too much luck and chance with just 2 rounds. It's early to say, but the ACWS points GB have may save them from being knocked out.
  3. RockCartel

    Artemis Penalty Fair or Shit?

    I doubt the crew have that much time to plan this. When foiling a boat at 30 knots with another coming across your path if you carry on your desired path and collide it ruins both teams prospects. I expect it's more likely the teams have all said in internal meetings to avoid high speed collisions.
  4. RockCartel

    Race Replays

    Even if you pay for Sky TV in New Zealand the times they show the replay are rubbish for me (when I'm travelling to / from work). Being asked to pay an extra $15/month for my-sky to enable recording is just another way for Sky NZ to stick it to their customers (has been free for Sky UK subscribers for 10+ years). So my middle finger is joining yours. Thanks Rudder_NZ for your work. Have 100Mb link and will seed 24/7