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  1. AC 36 Protocol

    I'm back.
  2. AC36 Auckland NZ

    I'm marking your statement for later reference.
  3. AC36 Auckland NZ

    The a announcement was good. Fuck Core Composites, fuck potato eyed white chokers sailing for Japan, fuck ginger sledging cocksuckers with their worn out cunts and fuck all you whining little bitches. We need: Monohulls Long races Hard sailing by men Faggot fucktard American teams with fuck all Americans and a boat made in New Zealand racing in the round robin series with constant rule changes and points carried over from a series no one gave a flying fuck about was just fucking awful. Only dumb cunts think that was good, so bring on an argument for your fragile little twin hull, one design flying boats. I'll crush your skulls in with a reasoned debate. Real men sail boats with soft sails in open water and no chase boat/ambulance following behind them. Fuck Russell and Larry. They fucked the spirit of the cup in the ass with no jelly. Men will fix this. Stand back son, this clean up is about to start.
  4. Poll: Next AC Boat

    Chicken feet could be used to correct the afflicted mind. Boiled with rotten possum gizzards and seasoned with crystals of sea from the foredeck.
  5. Poll: Next AC Boat

    That explains the old cars. Your guy Elon Musk is on the right path. I've had the pleasure of using an Model S and I reckon you'd be surprised. It's not a stroked 383 with a 6/71 and twin double pumper Hollies, but it feels like it!
  6. Poll: Next AC Boat

    I prefer Omega.
  7. Poll: Next AC Boat

    Grated cheese great?
  8. Oracle Team USA

    I've spent a fair bit of time with Dalts. He's old school but the kind of guy people want to be around and work with. He doesn't suffer fools however, and in no way tolerates false cunts or people that remind him of his failures. His sense of humor is sharp and fast. Often he cracks jokes with his facial expressions and without saying a word you can know exactly what he's thinking. Dalton is the guy you want on your side and fear the day he's not.
  9. Poll: Next AC Boat

    Lol. I enjoyed that. Modern American cars are a total fucking joke. I'd rather walk than be seen in one. What happened to that once great country?
  10. Oracle Team USA

    I'm not sure either really enjoy the spotlight. Most of the journalists ask questions that should not be answered or fluffy shit that offers sweet fuck all to anyone. PB mastered the avoiding reply by saying whatever the fuck he wanted. These guys are sailors, not PR experts. Dalts is gruff, Jimmy's a CUNT. Big difference.
  11. Team NZ

    It's harder to defend than it is to challenge. Head start? I don't know in this modern era.
  12. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Bob. Don't feed GBR. He's an insufferable moron. Feeding him only let's his fingers convey more of his mind goo upon these pages. He's a goat riding troll worthy of nothing but rail meat upon the ship of fools.
  13. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Jimbo loves to be hated. He thrives on loathing and bullying. He is a ginger wanker. We've all met them, hate them and feed their pathetic ego. Jimbo thinks he's the hammer and all others are nails. In fact, Jimbo is now the rusty nail left in the bottom of the box to be used last. Mmmmm perhaps second to last. There's another rusty nail called Deano. He cried himself to rust.
  14. Team NZ

    Small cock Larry? Money buys smiling appreciative whores aye Wussell?
  15. Team NZ

    PB is the evil bastard love child of Wussell. Pete. Your horns are showing, quick, put a hat on.