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  1. gnelson

    Race Replays

    Thanks Rudder_NZ, but can I have race 9 now please, I can't wait for tomorrow.
  2. gnelson

    Race Replays

    Excellent stuff, great effort ... thanks Rudder
  3. gnelson

    Race Replays

    mmm, I use uTorrent, with no problems at all so far, on my mac. Should I be worried or is that an isolated issue. Do you use a Mac, Windows, tablet or what?
  4. gnelson

    Race Replays

    when they eventually race, will it be considered the same race ( again) or a new race. SO, will the teams enter the start box from the same sides, port/starboard as they did before ??
  5. gnelson

    Race Replays

    Good Stuff ...... :-) and thanks Rudder.
  6. gnelson

    Race Replays

    Just wondering, Ian Murray believes ETNZ's 2nd damaged Wing was their preferred appendage. I thought the Wing & Hull are the 2 'one design' components that are identical on each boat, and can't be changed. Will someone please clarify this for me.