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  1. gnelson

    Race Replays

    Thanks Rudder_NZ, but can I have race 9 now please, I can't wait for tomorrow.
  2. gnelson

    Race Replays

    Excellent stuff, great effort ... thanks Rudder
  3. ok, so it's a very real possibility then that, in a fit of frustration, JS could just go for the ETNZ boat in the last prestart and cause maximum damage. oops, sorry, but we have another boat. ... and sail away to victory again. What would prevent that scenario
  4. now I'm confused again. If it's not their boat ( Japans) surely it's counted as a second boat. ( it's not their first boat ) .. this is one weird competition.
  5. that's my understanding too, but, what about the part that says the 2nd boat had to be 'declared' last month? and wasn't
  6. yea, they wrote the rules. All the rules. That fact hasn't stopped everyone here having an opinion on teams not being able to do this, or that as it applies to rules covering other things. Is the 2nd boat rule for the defender different somehow ?
  7. as always in life, it's only cheating if you're caught.
  8. Oracle had to declare any new boat last month, which they did not, although it is impossible to imagine them not having a backup in case of damage. ( ) What the hell does that mean? can Oracle still have a second boat, even though they didn't declare it last month. The reports I've seen seem to be conflicting ... maybe some learned person here can clarify this for me. thanks in advance :-)
  9. gnelson

    Race Replays

    mmm, I use uTorrent, with no problems at all so far, on my mac. Should I be worried or is that an isolated issue. Do you use a Mac, Windows, tablet or what?
  10. gnelson

    Race Replays

    when they eventually race, will it be considered the same race ( again) or a new race. SO, will the teams enter the start box from the same sides, port/starboard as they did before ??
  11. gnelson

    Rules for man overboard

    So, Murray now says .... "It was potentially a difficult situation there yesterday and luckily Nathan was safe. I'm not sure that New Zealand knew where Nathan was. "Moving forward, as soon as we know of these incidents we need to declare it on the race channel, so all boats will hear the call." I wonder how a yacht following close, at speed, can possibly avoid striking and possibly killing a 'man overboard'. There would be no time. Rules can't cover everything.
  12. gnelson

    Race Replays

    Good Stuff ...... :-) and thanks Rudder.
  13. gnelson

    Race Replays

    Just wondering, Ian Murray believes ETNZ's 2nd damaged Wing was their preferred appendage. I thought the Wing & Hull are the 2 'one design' components that are identical on each boat, and can't be changed. Will someone please clarify this for me.