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  1. Deed

    Dinghy In The Pool?

    Just don't try the dry ice trick...
  2. Deed

    J80 Outboard Mod from Hitting Rudder

    Easy hack is to mount motor at a tilt - set the outboard clamp higher, or wedge something in there. Only need to raise it maybe 1/2" or so to ensure clearance. Does the trick.
  3. Deed

    Replace Balsa J92

    Missed this post first time around. Holy crap, that J/92S hull / transom transition gives me the shivers.
  4. Deed

    Sail or Bail 2?

    Seriously. Not even one.
  5. Deed


    Class is booming in Europe, and fleets resurging in various regions (TX, New England, Great Lakes). Growth would be faster if people weren't so attached to them! Also 15 new boats being imported form France.
  6. Deed

    Caribbean 600 2019

    From Sailing Poland FB page (with special thanks to the butchers at Google Translate): We have official information from our crew. Indeed, at the last stage of the race, the crew made a navigational error and did not correctly circumnavigate the Barbuda sign. Therefore, immediately after arrival, she reported this fact to the race committee and withdrew from the race, receiving RET (Retired after finishing). Because the 600 mile route was crossed and the yacht together with the Sailing Poland Race Team crew met the demands of such a difficult race, the Royal Ocean Racing Club recognized it as a qualification for this year's Rolex Fastnet Race. Thanks for your support!
  7. Deed


    huge pent-up demand for J/80s these days...
  8. Deed

    Titan XII

    First you have to prove that you know how to pronounce Titan.
  9. Deed

    what is it?

    funny guy, Venus. Thankfully neither boat was mine!
  10. Deed

    what is it?

    I have a (pre-digital) picture of an Etchells and of a J/24 that fell off their hoists. Different hoists, different bodies of water. I bet lots of people do.
  11. Deed

    Pretty floor options?

    OK, got it. Then try T&H veneer over 1/4" marine ply, with lots of epoxy between to ensure great adhesion. Still strong as heck and almost 1/2" in thick. I think that's what I did on the J/35 (though I used 1/2" in ply on the J/24). You need to be fussy with the grade of marine ply. Look for grade A. 1/4" should not break the bank. Alternatives are other hardwood ply, or even pressure treated ply.
  12. Deed

    Pretty floor options?

    Get a sheet (or appropriate sized) of 1/4" Teak & Holly veneer. Epoxy uniformly to 1/2" marine ply. Lots of clamps etc to ensure uniform attachment. Cut to size. Very easy and super strong. Done it 3 times with different J/Boats (incl a J/35). Epoxy the edges an all that good stuff. It will outlast the boat (or certainly the time it spends in your possession).
  13. Deed

    Best sail combination for J100

    "through" the bowsprit. Very clever solution. Love it!
  14. Deed

    J 108 - did they actually make them

    Confusing it with another J/One-off I guess. I just remember one that having no motor, maybe a bit smaller. Ring any bells?