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  1. Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    My J/27 cabin is gutted, nothing remains but bulkhead and ribbing; a thru hull sprit would look a lot cleaner, not clutter-up my deck. I think it would be cool to fit my J/27 w/ thru hull sprit; I already re-cored my deck plus many other restorations, I am certainly capable of installation of the sprit. I'm in Asia at the moment, but I will give J Boats a shout end of February.
  2. Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    No, I didn't. I thought J Boats ( US Watercraft) is out of business and has been or is being liquidated. Regardless, is there an aftermarket source?
  3. Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    I bought a project J/27 that I'd like to retro-fit a retractable sprit into my hull; I'm searching for the fiberglass sprit part that is fitted and molded into the hull, been looking on-line but I haven't yet found a single company offering that retro-fit part as a stand-alone part or preferably as a complete kit w/ pole. Does anyone know of any companies that offer part or kit? Rick
  4. J35 Shoal Keel

    I purchased "Foot Loose" a couple of months ago, a 1985 J/35; the hull and deck is solid, no blistering at all, just needs new bottom coating and deck will probably get new gel coat and non-skid. The interior,.............., that's going to be a job! I'm investigating swapping the 7' draft standard keel for a shoal draft keel, maybe a wing keel, etc but ideally need a 5' max draft keel to be able to sail on Lake Arthur; the J Boat factory optional shoal keel is 6', I haven't contacted Mars Keel yet regarding a custom keel or keel draft reduction but will give them a shout in January if I'm unsuccessful sourcing a used keel. Does anyone out there have a spare shoal keel you'd be willing to sell? Rick
  5. J/27, newbie questions

    Yes, both tracks are missing, nothing remains but silicone inside the dozens mounting holes where both T tracks once were. Is each T track one solid piece, 20'+ long?
  6. J/27, newbie questions

    Thanks for the info, I found Schaefer T Track can be had in 10' lengths; did the J27 T tracks come in sections or one continuous length? the inside of my boat is gutted, it's fine though as I only plan to sail on Lake Arthur which is in my backyard, compete in the yacht club races, go sailing with my wife and my Labrador, just have some fun and enjoy life.
  7. J/27, newbie questions

    Andrew, i did purchase Ranger, hull 111, though I didn't know that was its name. The boat hull was absolutely coated with sea life, roughly 5" thick! The bottom was fine, no blistering at all, just some tiny pin holes in the gel coat which were easily repaired. I wonder if all of the oysters attached to the hull protected it, sealed it? I'll give J Boats a shout, see what they have to say. Thanks for your advice Rick
  8. J/27, newbie questions

    This is my my first sailboat, aside from ASA 101-104 courses, I'm a rookie sailer and could use some advice. I just purchased a J/27 from Coconut Grove Yacht Club in Miami, hauled it home to Louisiana and already have a new bottom and sides, now about to tackle the deck. My boat is missing all of the T track that according to attached J Boat photo runs from stern to ~3' shy of the bow. Where can I purchase, what is the size and specs? Regarding other J 27 boat specific replacement parts such as hatches, Windows, companion ways, etc, where can I purchase parts? I found Waterline Systems, but the J/27 isn't listed. Any advice will be appreciated. Rick