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  1. well I'll be damned. I'll have to read up on it. He was never one of my favorites so I never studied him much.
  2. Educate me please.
  3. I sure cant wait until I can get to the lake to try sailing. I still have to successfully practice rig this thing first though *sigh* and my health crashed again so im not sure when i will get it all done.
  4. and pirates didnt really bury treasure. except MAYBE Captain Kidd but its debatable.
  5. man.....why yall gotta take this away from me?
  6. viking funerals are illegal =[
  7. well i cant very well say "where would i float out to sea and burn until my soul is carried to valhalla" now could i? it doesnt flow...
  8. and I have already had 3 people offer to buy her from me lol. my standard answer is "but then what would I be buried in???"
  9. I think the thing Im most excited about is feeling like I picked a good boat and didnt buy "garbage" that needs a bunch of work. I usually buy junk because I feel sorry for it and want to love it back to health and end up in over my head. Fight Song (affectionately known as Baked Alaska) is exactly what I wanted so far. Even Mr. Savage seems impressed and he is usually rolling his eyes and sighing before I can finish saying "so I found this boat..."
  10. yeah, the sandbars are what i was thinking of. I didnt think about the potty issue, I was going to get her a potty to keep onboard but being able to row over to the shore would be better. she can use a potty but she loathes it and cusses me for making her do it.
  11. well it may not be worth it. I dont feel like I *need* a dingy...I just thought it would be fun to have it available if any of us wanted to get out and paddle around while we drift but it would take up A LOT of space.
  12. Well I have a (small, shitty, cheap) fishing kayak (that I love dearly) named "Sea the Light" that I specifically bought because it has a (tiny, difficult to use) sail and I have sailed it before and LOVED it. so much fun. so I don't know what it will be like to sail my big boat but I know how much I enjoy sailing my little kayak and I'm sure it will be better than that!!! I actually was gonna find a way to use my kayak as a "dingy" on this boat but I don't want it to be in the way anywhere so it will take some more thinking. sorry if I'm rambling in these posts y'all I'm just excited.
  13. it really did well! the PO gave me quite a deal! I figured the motor would need to be fixed before it would start but the PO seems to have taken excellent care of everything .
  14. and I knew we were going to end up getting back after dark but my wiring isnt done so I bought these in red, green, and white and we slipped the red and green ones into the holes on either side of the top of the pilot house and tied the white ones to the bow rail and the aft safety rail and they worked great! the ones slipped into the pilot house holes fit perfectly and it was adorable. https://www.pilotmall.com/product/LED-Mini-Glowstick-Red/flashlights?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0LCOt4eo1QIVFiSBCh2GwAz8EAQYAyABEgIwhfD_BwE
  15. My flag.