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  1. Brand new and totally ignorant

    my husband found the video he took of this happening and put it on FB....I'll see if I can find it tomorrow
  2. Brand new and totally ignorant

    yeah I'm alive. y'all have become the voices in my head that remind me I should be on the water lol
  3. Brand new and totally ignorant

    so....I'm still here. I have been hiding from shame because I got NOTHING accomplished over the winter. It rained buckets here (or stormed) nearly every day. I did recently make arrangements with a friend of mine (who lives on a local lake) to let me launch Fight Song and keep her at his private dock so she is ready to go whenever I get the chance. Maybe that will help me get some more sailing experience under my belt. You guys have been on my mind so I wanted to sheepishly check in and say hi.
  4. Brand new and totally ignorant

    I like the looks of that little yellow compass you posted
  5. Brand new and totally ignorant

    I keep a handheld compass in my purse along with a serrated pocket knife and a magnesium fire starter =D so I have them with me at all times. most folks think it's funny but you never know when you might need one or the other of those things and wish you had them. mostly I think I just like survival gear. the compass on my boat is mounted and sealed in the wall of my pilot house so you can see it when you are inside the pilot house or sitting outside. it's weird. but when the engine is running and we are underway the little black ball floating inside of it just spins like a top so fast that you can't read it.
  6. Brand new and totally ignorant

    I didn't notice it happening while we were docked. only while underway .
  7. Brand new and totally ignorant

    I took a video of it but I never could get the video to upload
  8. Brand new and totally ignorant

    oh...I had a question. Whenever we motor her, my little nautical compass just spins constantly....what the heck is that about? its the kind with a ball that floats in liquid inside it.
  9. Brand new and totally ignorant

    good point. I hadnt thought about it like that since I am not expecting to be in any rough water but I would like to keep her as versatile and able as possible because you never know....I will think about it some more before i decide. The way it is set up now I dont see how one could climb out over top of the boards if some of them were left in place but I will fiddle with it and see if new perspective can make me like them any better.
  10. Brand new and totally ignorant

    thank you! We are in a pretty good area (northwest Louisiana) and probably wont get hit too bad...I just feel terrible that I cant do more to help the people in south Texas. Its starting to get bad in south louisiana too now =/
  11. Brand new and totally ignorant

    tomorrow. I actually told Mr. Savage that one day (in the probably distant future) I would like to trailer down to florida and plan a trip out that way...my favorite chocolate/coffee shop is in Freeport
  12. Brand new and totally ignorant

    one of the reasons I picked her is because the PO specifically built her pilothouse so that he could keep sailing in the winter in Alaska. The next project is a pulley steering system so I can stand in the nice dry pilot house out of the wind and still be on the water when its cold and the project after that will be swinging doors for the companionway (is it still called a companionway if it leads into a pilot house???) because I LOATHE the boards she came with. The main reason we have only been fishing/motoring in her up till now is because I havent been well enough frequently enough to deal with stepping and rigging so we just launch her in the river (closest to my house) and paddle around for fun. Once this bout of "bleh" is past and Mr. Savage has some time again (busy with work atm) we are going to take her to the lake where the yacht club is and sail where there is plenty of room for screw ups.
  13. Brand new and totally ignorant

    also note the fact that @oliverbendix said "trailered" and "can"
  14. Brand new and totally ignorant

    Well she Isn't "rotting in place" her deck is scrubbed clean, all of her gear is neat and tidy and carefully put away, I just went out in the hurricane earlier today and bungee-ed a tarp over her to keep her extra dry, and then I sat with her for a while and took advantage of the torrential rain to look all through the pilot house and cabin for leaks (2 of the windows have very small leaks) so I thoroughly dried any dampness I found and put drip buckets in place to keep her lockers from getting dripped on until the storm has passed and I can reseal the windows. That's part of the reason I didn't get a slip (like I had originally planned) when I felt my health crashing again...I didn't want her sitting in the water away from home waiting for me when I didn't think I could show up. I had Mr. Savage park her right outside my bedroom window so I can look at her when I cant get up and go drink rum with her when I can't manage to do anything else. When I'm seaworthy again she will be ready. Until then I research and read and learn so I can keep both of us safe and happy when I'm well.
  15. Brand new and totally ignorant

    and my next project is going to be a pulley steering set up so she can be steered from the pilot house....so we will probably keep taking her out through the winter.