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  1. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I enjoy very much this thread even if I don't watch the vlogs. Too much bandwith needed, and they are very boring! But I like the social commentary that goes around it. I don't know if the vloggers start their endeavor to pay for the ride or because they would do it anyway. Almost anybody flood the internet with unsolicited videos anyway. The attention racket teaches them how to become viral (stupidity this great human capacity helps) and the algorithm feeds itself, again and again. I have a little bit of cruising experience under my belt and I noticed that there are more popular ways to fund one own's cruising budget than trying to make videos, so I believe this phenomenon has much more to do with vanity rather than being a viable way of making money (beside from the stars of course). During my life afloat I observed and practiced other ways of financing cruising, waus that are more popular and of proven efficacy. Three is really space for everybody out there! I needed to add two new categories to the classic ones because times are changing, and, believe it or not, we are evolving. Harbor rats A group of very dedicated and skilled cruisers, with budget limitations that enhance creative thinking, like raising your hull above the waterline using truck tubes and perform other crazy low cost, low-tech solutions. Their boats are put together with a collection of mad max type dumpster dived items. The hoarding beahvior is what made me delete the "minimalist" from the name. Only harbor rat. They soon get skilled enough to perform sketchy boat work for clueless and/or broken sailors that pay in boat parts, favors like car rides, boat sitting or food/shelter. Countries with expensive cruising fees are skipped or deceived by forging clearance papers. Their budget is very low so it does not attract the vlogger type, which is usually high maintenance. Comfy retired or semi retired folks Easy spotted by their complex and heavy as hell stern arches and bimini structures that costed not only money but human lives in the fabrication. Another good indicator is the size of their battery banks. If it exceeds 700ah you have 78% chance of being in this category. They usually live off their savings and or investments with different degrees of luxury depending on the case, but generally speaking on the lower end which translates in a very good ability to keep track of expenses. They try to save money nitpicking on contractors' work and equipment, on food vendors and taxis and they may never leave the comfort of the harbor without a spare alternator but they don't buy an available one because it's more expensive than "back home". They say they will pick up one when they fly back next time, which is entirely dependent on the house or financial market returns. Due to all the crap on deck and above, their boats sail poorly and with great effort until they settle, usually in a part of the world which is cheap and where it is still possible to communicate with the locals that they need in order to satisfy their needs. Internet, chinese restaurants and booze are the expenses they struggle to keep in check. 3rd world charter businessmen/women They got a big boat thinking that it will pay itself doing illegal charters and in general having paying guests. They settle in some 3rd world country with loose regulations but with good enough infrastructure for the guests to be able to reach the boat and for them to enjoy their first world vices with a lower price tag. As there are not many places like this around they compete with other hungry likeminded people over customers. This drives the price down and so the returns. Costs keep raising as they have to keep the boat in good shape because otherwise guests are going to give bad reviews on the internet and they cannot afford it, but they are in a place where locals paddle dugout canoes and can only give you fish and coconuts and where shipping is either unknown or crazy slow and expensive. Places where a mechanic has to fly in, for example. Logistic hassles, booking fever and, sometimes terrible guests totally undermine the healthy lifestyle they were longing for, while their boat falls apart. Technomads The forst byproduct of the internet revolutionl, these are people with a "real job" they can do anywhere, even on a boat. I've met editors, skype english teachers, cruising consultants (I know this should not be a "real job") coders and other tech people, runnomg profitable business from a sailboat. Their focus is to keep the infrastructure going, making sure the machines stay out of salt water or anchoring closer to the cell tower even if the swell there is good for surfing. Marinas and cruising destinations are chosen and rated by the internet signal and other amenities (internet cafes, libraries) and they move the boat to nicer places on weekends or during holidays. Usually before any long passage there is a deadline panic. Finally, after the second day on passage they dream about quitting their job and find a different source of income. Part time cruisers They are experts in packing/ unpacking the boat for long term storage, and they are a tough cookie for any yard manager. Halout fees and collaterals are the main expense on their books, together with airfare and unnecessary compulsive shopping items, boat parts and souvenirs that fill the extra check-in bags each way. They are usually able to ratch up quite a sum during their work period that they then spend quite instantly in the first weeks of cruising. By the end of the sailing period they look a lot like the Harbor Rat type, sometimes having to borrow money to get back to work. Girls and dudes with patreon accounts Here is your bunch folks, this is the totally new addition to the list thanks to the omnipresence of the internet that boosts egos and celebrity fever and also to the relentless stalking that platforms operate on us. They say commercial fishermen destroy the oceans, but I think people buying and eating fish are the real culprits. Same with the vlogging. Blaming the hardworking bluecollars of the camera for our inevitable loss of intelligence and taste is a form of hypocrisy. The basic idea here is that a group of "angels" pay upfront for a product that involve a lot of work and investment and that then anybody else can see for free on youtube. So far I haven't met many of those in the real world, just a couple, and not the superstars. Because the videos were not paying off they were also resolving to other forms of hustle to keep the finance in check. The internet makes it a bigger phenomenon than it is in real life and yet, because homo sapiens is mainly here to mimic other homo sapiens, the number of people who try is increasing, as it's wonderfully documented in this thread. (Thank you guys for keeping an eye out). Having no real world working skills or financial assets seems to be a good enough reason to try this way, even if the odds of financial solvence are pretty slim. It only seems to pay off to the ones at the very top but with a cost in hours of work and focus on their public image that hinders a little bit the idea of traveling for fun, and to take themselves not too seriously. Grifters and visionaries It takes guts to be in this group. We are looking at a very elite of individuals that are willing to sail no matter what. To conquer donors and enablers they need a higher purpose or a big challenge and also to look as as clueless trainwrecks doomed to fail as possible. Stubborness and willingness to go down to the lowest possible points of human dignity seem to help as well. This is only for the very motivated ones, like Rimas and very few others. The good thing is that you don't have to put any money in it.
  2. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Hard headed fuck you all the cucaracha of the sea is alive! I would love to see who's the first denier to bitch about Rimas...
  3. Origami Boat Thread

    And with him the fun

    Fuck you. Now I am enjoying sailing but in few years I am planning to move up on the Alps and grow coffee. They already started to grow olives up high.
  5. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Social justice in the face of disaster. The hurricane leveled the institutions put there to grant social order. Now there is nothing to put poor people in their place and they all mix up. This is temporary though, that's why they are looting the shit out of it while it lasts.

    I'd love to read some scientic publications that link tropical storm development and global warming. Please help.

    I think tropical weather data is still too small to find definitive evidence of man made global warming in tropical storms trends. Keep in mind that we collect a huge amount of data and we have been able to do so for a number of years but that's only a tiny fraction of the time we inhabited the planet. Satellite hurricane tracking started in 1966 and the resolution get better and better but historical data from ice cores with Co2 level and other atmospherical data goes way back. These set of data are hard to confront. That is why it is tricky to link hurricane activity to global warming, but that is not enough to deny global warming. It is happening even if the storm energy was not significatively different. Scientists agree that human activity impacts CO2 levels and CO2 levels contribute to warm the earth. This relationship is real, it is a fact. It is also a fact that we can do things globally that decrease our emissions, even though it is not clear if this would arrest a phenomenon already going downhill. those who says that global warming is not man made prefers fantasy over rational and logical arguments based on solid observations.
  8. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    This thread is basically about everyone's youtube feed. A feed of the feed. A YouTube square or esponential feed.
  9. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Why won't you talk to meYou never talk to meWhat are you thinkingWhat are you feelingWhy won't you talk to meYou never talk to meWhat are you thinking Where do we go from hereIt doesn't have to be like thisAll we need to do is make sure we keep talking
  10. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    It's enough to estimate how much money will "Sailing A(g)round the World Contiki Style" generates. A bestseller that would likely sell million copies all over the World.
  11. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Finally this thread is having what everybody feared/ cheered for.
  12. Thank you Steve, this is a comforting comment. I am still looking for the right spars to begin the project, but I hope it will happen soonl
  13. Hi everyone, I have an 8ft WB and thinking about giving it a rig. I am in the Panamanian Jungle wooden spars make more sense than any other material. I am for a sprit rig, using an old gennaker to cut the sail. I wondering what dimensions are appropriate as I won't have inflatable tubes I probably need something smaller than factory sail area. Any WB sailor can suggest on this based on how the boat behaves under sail?
  14. Buying Old vs.New

    It is not wise to buy a new or used boat. You are going to pay for this foolish decision one way or the other. Having said so buy it used. There are so many boats waiting for a new owner who is willing to pour sweat and money on them. And don't pay too much for it so at least when you sell it your disappointment will be minor.
  15. Chasing the dream.

    Also, cruising only happens once you fixed the boat,and made it decent to live aboard. Consider 1 year where you are grounded and actively preparing for cruising. That year also will cost you money.