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  1. jibeho

    J27 predomonent sailmaker?

    Thanks, decapo. As you know well, Chelsea is a very strategic venue. Pay attention to the strong shoreline effects, react swiftly to the changes, and sails play a less important role. Lake sailing with strong current. The J27 excels in those conditions.
  2. jibeho

    J27 predomonent sailmaker?

    Thanks everyone, I will try contacting musicman
  3. jibeho

    J27 predomonent sailmaker?

    Never heard of Schur. Where are they based?
  4. I have had my J27 #149 for 28 years. Bought lots of sails, but none in a while. Previous sailmakers no longer around. Anybody know of any sailmakers that know the J27? Maybe Buffalo/Toronto area or the upcoming New Orleans fleet? Perhaps a group buy?