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  1. SailorMatt

    Best 30 foot racer?

    Hi all, The club I race out of is looking at purchasing a 30 foot boat for racing purposes. They are looking for a boat that is manageable for a few skilled youth sailors and several young adults (crew size 5-8). An ideal boat would be around 20-30 thousand dollars but depending on the boat we can go higher and the boat needs to be competitive under phrf. Any ideas out there? farr 30, Flying Tiger 10M, Antrim 27, Carrera 290? Some boats we would race against are 4+ Farr 30's, 2 flying tigers, 4+ J109's, J111, and several other boats around 30 feet that rate between 70-98. Cheers, Matt
  2. SailorMatt

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    We were out doubling handing a J22 on Saturday when the wind got up to 35+ with 6 foot waves, ended up hitting 13 knots with only white sails up. We put the masthead kite up and who knows how much faster we were going with that. Didn't last very long with the kite up before shit hit the fan...
  3. SailorMatt

    Restoring a boat to racing condition...

    @Jubblies Thanks so much for all that info. Our plan is to get them up into some tents over the winter and just go at it over the course of the winter. I will definitely look into the mast step and our main concern right now is re doing the bottom as it is really rough. The hull above the waterline looks much better after we took some polish and hull cleaner to it last night.
  4. SailorMatt

    Restoring a boat to racing condition...

    That's good news! Do you know what type of paint we would need to use once we have the boat stripped?
  5. SailorMatt

    Restoring a boat to racing condition...

    @dash34 Is it time better spent just doing a new bottom paint coat and instead of a full refit spending that money on sails?
  6. Hi all, At my club we have two J22's hull numbers 361 and 266 and to say the least they are requiring some attention in order to return them to their previous state and hopefully better. What would be involved in going from photo 1 to the end result in 2 and 3? They currently have old bottom paint and barrier coat that is at the end of it's life span... Both boats are stored in the water so I am assuming we would need to add some sort of bottom paint unlike 2 and 3? Cheers, Matt
  7. SailorMatt

    J22 PHRF

    As long as there is wind you will be competitive! We race Wednesday nights up in B.C, Canada and we found a 155% genoa was a must have for going upwind in anything under 8 knots of breeze. A mast head kite will also make things a little more fun if you want to go faster...
  8. SailorMatt

    What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    Didn't buy anything yet but plan to eventually!
  9. SailorMatt

    What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    Thanks for all the great responses guys!
  10. Hi J boat forum! The club I race dinghies for has two J22's that us juniors use and is looking for some new sails. Also interested in asymmetric spinnakers and bigger jibs/genoas that would suit light air better. West Vancouver Yacht Club, British Columbia, Canada Cheers, Matt
  11. Viper 830 vs pocket rocket 22 vs melges 24 vs martin 243 vs martin 241: Where I race it's generally light conditons for 9/12 months but during the winter racing season it's 20+ knots. Any suggestions on a good all round sport boat that can race in both conditions.