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    Best 30 foot racer?

    Hi all, The club I race out of is looking at purchasing a 30 foot boat for racing purposes. They are looking for a boat that is manageable for a few skilled youth sailors and several young adults (crew size 5-8). An ideal boat would be around 20-30 thousand dollars but depending on the boat we can go higher and the boat needs to be competitive under phrf. Any ideas out there? farr 30, Flying Tiger 10M, Antrim 27, Carrera 290? Some boats we would race against are 4+ Farr 30's, 2 flying tigers, 4+ J109's, J111, and several other boats around 30 feet that rate between 70-98. Cheers, Matt
  2. SailorMatt

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    We were out doubling handing a J22 on Saturday when the wind got up to 35+ with 6 foot waves, ended up hitting 13 knots with only white sails up. We put the masthead kite up and who knows how much faster we were going with that. Didn't last very long with the kite up before shit hit the fan...
  3. SailorMatt

    J22 PHRF

    As long as there is wind you will be competitive! We race Wednesday nights up in B.C, Canada and we found a 155% genoa was a must have for going upwind in anything under 8 knots of breeze. A mast head kite will also make things a little more fun if you want to go faster...