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  1. Connor.kainalu

    Raise the daggerboard to depower the boat-Why

    Part of it is that you’re taking load off the board, and allowing more leeway (with a negative impact on forward drive), another part is that having a lot of area underwater with a very powered up sail plan will load up the board and rig, and cause the board to feel a bit sluggish. It’s the same feeling you get when you sail overtrimmed on a close reach. On a boat that planes upwind (my experience from a 29er) lifting the board up can help release some of that pressure, and consequently the boat will ‘feel free’ and be closer to breakout and planing.
  2. Connor.kainalu

    West Coast c420 fleet

    High school boats would be worse. We had one with maybe a hundred and seventy pounds of water in there. No bueno
  3. Connor.kainalu

    West Coast c420 fleet

    Because the C420 is crap compared to the i420 (or any reasonably fast dinghy)! As a high school student, I’m lucky that the yacht club nearby has a 29er, and I can race it. The thing with the C420 is that it’s slow, and it doesn’t really do a great job of entertaining teenagers. I’d rather go surfing Also, it doesn’t really get blowing that hard here, so those screaming reaches don’t scream as hard as the ones back east
  4. Connor.kainalu

    Hot to Stop PFD From Riding Up Into Armpits

    Wear it with your legs in the armholes and it’ll have a hard time riding up
  5. Connor.kainalu

    Fast affordable dinghy for 2

    The 29er is fairly easy to depower, and I race with a combined crew weight of about 230. And that’s with the lighter one on the trap
  6. Connor.kainalu

    Square heads

    The 4.7 section is bent to balance the helm on a laser with a smaller sail. It wouldn’t hurt to have the radial section bent a bit too, in heavy air I have to pull the board up a bit I meant to have a changed luff shape for aerodynamic purposes
  7. Connor.kainalu

    Square heads

    Has anyone tried building masts that are already bent ?(which I think is different than prebend, which (I think) is induced by rig tension) Would changing luff profiles make the sail any faster? Is there a way to do it in a real world situation without screwing up mast bend?
  8. Connor.kainalu

    Blood sacrifices - how it made you a better sailor

    Tripped once while on the foredeck, slid my shin across the end of the jib track. It opened up a huge gash that ran from my knee to my ankle. I barely felt it. I finished what I was doing, and grabbed an empty bottle, filled it up with salt water, poured it it on my leg. I dried it up, then superglued it (I always have a tube in my pocket), wrapped it in a t-shirt, and wrapped the whole thing in e tape. Bomber
  9. Connor.kainalu

    San Diego PHRF Number

    How do I get one? boat is a one design J/80
  10. Connor.kainalu

    Gouv in a Laser again

    Same with most sports, I've experienced it with climbing and mountain biking, and I assume it's true for stuff like (god forbid) golf.
  11. Connor.kainalu

    Parental Sailing Barrier

    Go in like 6-8 kn and anchor and swim
  12. Connor.kainalu

    RS Cat 14 Question

    Pretty specific
  13. Connor.kainalu

    Protesting other fleets

    We were on course for about ten seconds. It was right on the edge of the circle
  14. Connor.kainalu

    Protesting other fleets

    By the time the situation happened, we had the kite up and were on our proper course
  15. Connor.kainalu

    What is This? How is it Used?

    Its a wire and it works by magik