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  1. J/80 Redux

    The deck on the French boats is way better. Everything is moulder in, and the only things that aren’t are the winches
  2. Out of Control Laser

    As a high school student (I’m not sure if this opinion is shared by my peers) I want to move out of the Laser (I sold it before I moved to Coronado) into something more high performance. I don’t care what class I sail, I want it to be fast and I want to get as much speed out of it as I can. People ask me why I cut holes in the top of my bailer, just to save a few grams. My standard reply is, “it’s a few grams lighter than everyone else.” Foiling? Skiffs?Heck yeah! I don’t want to sail an easy boat that I can win in easily. I’m sure the learning curve is steep, but I’m ready. BTW, if any of you guys have advice on higher performance classes for a guy who’s only about 130lbs, let me know
  3. Radio controlled sailing

    I’m a high schooler, and my dad, younger brother and I all build our own boats to specifications that the current champion in our family writes (AC style). Last time we had 24” waterline boats of any design before 1940. (Pretty general, I know, but very even). I built a j class based on rainbow, the 1937 AC defender, my brother built a ketch with the hull style of a bluenose schooner, and my dad built a gaff schooner with a hull based on Reliance. These radically different boats were incredibly close in speed, and the only reason I won the most recent edition was because I spent weeks testing sail settings and learning to sail it particularly fast. It was fun, and also serious, and I learned more about how rigs worked, lessons that I continue to apply to big boat sailing. The construction learning curve has been interesting too, from foam hulls with a thin layer of fibreglass to the boat I’m building for the next cup, using moulding and infusion with carbon fibre. The next one will be run in an open design 24” with unlimited sail area downwind, so hopefully we can see some really fast boats!
  4. Beat it, NERD

  5. Imoca 60 poles

    What are the poles sticking out the side just in front of the cabin? I’ve never seen any sails flown from them
  6. VPP for dinghies and skiffs

    FB has a couple in high performance sailing.
  7. caption contest

    Portuguese man o’war
  8. Speed wrinkles?

    What the heck are these mystical "speed wrinkles" I keep hearing about? I've heard them mentioned applying to lasers, fj's, and 420's. How do they work?
  9. I like how he could "use the wench attached to the end of the front stay to assisting raising the mast." his words, not mine
  10. Out of Control Laser

    Full, luckily I sailed upwind before it really started blowing
  11. Out of Control Laser

    Yeah at the time I was 5'4 and 115lbs
  12. Quant 17 Foiler

    I want one
  13. Paper boat

    Like this https://imgur.com/a/oqYbb
  14. Paper boat

    Have you ever been sitting around bored and taken a notecard and folded up one end and thought, "That would make a great skiff hull" You can make it even better by using a knife (or the edge of scissors) and scoring lines to fold on to make chines. Has anyone done reasearch on the topic of simplistic hull forms like this? What do you guys think of it?
  15. VOR 2019-2020

    How the heck are they going to make foils strong enough to last a whole ocean leg? With FIVE trim tabs!? Don't bother arguing that the IMOCA 60 boards lasted because Alex Thompson broke his, and Armel L'clèach said he was only using the boards when he needed to, no clue how he managed that, but that's what he said