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  1. Connor.kainalu

    Buying an old 29er

    On the 29er North America website there is a pdf on how to see if the boat is within acceptable stiffness
  2. Connor.kainalu

    Tactics: longest tack or lifted tack?

    The long tack, more often than not, is the lifted tack. So I usually sail until I get a header and tack
  3. Connor.kainalu

    What to eat ? 4 day regatta

    For long events, I like a big sandwich before I go out (noon, because California) and a cliff bar between races
  4. Connor.kainalu

    Quant 17 Foiler

    The trainer is a modified quant 23
  5. Connor.kainalu

    Rumors Floating: LP selling out??

    What exactly happened to vanguard? Steve?
  6. Connor.kainalu

    Frankenstein Speedball 14

    Could get lee helm. If you do get weather helm, just put the board up. Uncontrollable heel, maybe. It might be a light air machine
  7. Connor.kainalu

    caption contest

    New top endplate
  8. Connor.kainalu

    Why does my mast do this?

    Annealing aluminum is really easy. You want to heat it up to just below it’s melting point, allow the crystal structure to relax (the heat allows the structure to straighten the body-centric-cubic crystals) and let it air cool. Just use a blowtorch and “paint” the heat. A good way to tell that you’re at the right temperature is to take a sharpie and mark the mast where you’ll heat it. You’re at the right temperature when the sharpie starts to fade. this shouldn’t affect your beautiful gold anodization either. Anodization is actually an artificially oxidized layer that’s been dyed. You can actually melt aluminum and the anodized layer will actually hold the molten aluminum in a little bag. Don’t stress the piece until it’s cooled all the way- it can cause a bumpy texture to form.
  9. Connor.kainalu

    Frankenstein Speedball 14

  10. Connor.kainalu

    Square heads

    A lot of designs I’ve looked at recently have fairly straight leeches. Is there a reason besides maximizing the area up high?
  11. Connor.kainalu

    Crew San Diego

    Can’t really afford to at $100 per clinic, especially if I can’t practice on my own time. It also interferes with the high school sailing schedule. I’d love to do it, but probably can’t. Another note, I’d love to sail even faster boats too. I might be open to cat sailing too...
  12. Connor.kainalu

    Crew San Diego

    I know this isn’t crew pool anarchy, but no one looks at that anyway. My club got rid of the 29er, and I’ve been itching to sail skiffs again. Anyone in the SD area need someone to crew or drive? I’m about 140lbs
  13. Connor.kainalu

    Hold Down strap

    have you tried bread slices?
  14. Connor.kainalu

    Gay Test

    The rudder looks really close to the laser too
  15. Connor.kainalu

    Square heads

    Did anything ever come of the endplated jib on the front page a few days ago?