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  1. Connor.kainalu


    Have you ever been in a motorboat going downwave just faster than the wave speed? The bow goes up and then comes down fairly slowly. That in the 29er feels slow to me, but I'm not sure overall
  2. Connor.kainalu


    I mean trapping, but bearing away in a gust
  3. Connor.kainalu


    How how far do I want the bow knuckle off the water in soak mode? Also, any tips for not bleeding speed up the backs of waves?
  4. Connor.kainalu

    laser carbon tiller fix

    It's a West System product. It's either 404 or 406 (maybe something else) but it's labeled as 'high density filler' and it's basically a white powder that you mix with epoxy to thicken it. On my tiller extension, the part that made contact with the rudder head was made of the same stuff as the standard (not GRP) foils, and it wore down fairly easily. The high density filler is tough enough that I can't see it being a problem again until the tiller is dead for some other reason
  5. Connor.kainalu

    laser carbon tiller fix

    I squeegied a bit of high density fairing compound around and sanded it down
  6. Connor.kainalu

    Gill Thermoskin Vs Zhik Superwarm Skiff Suit

    I know a lot of guys who get the women's version, I'm not sure why
  7. Connor.kainalu

    caption contest

    Anarchy V
  8. Connor.kainalu

    Dinghy Racing Is Fucking Awesome!

    Weight placement is important (fore and aft trim- try to maximise WL and keep the transom corner out of the water)
  9. Connor.kainalu

    Dinghy Racing Is Fucking Awesome!

    The hard part for me right now is splitting my time between sailing and climbing (and other things)
  10. Connor.kainalu

    Best 8mm rope for performance oriented mainsheet

    Rooster if you don’t want tangles, although I think they only make 6mm and 7mm. I like really skinny main sheets, so I use the 6mm pretty much everywhere (420s, 29er, laser)
  11. Connor.kainalu


    About four inches in the bow-stern axis, and around the bottom to the chine. There’s a few raises in the band about every six to eight inches
  12. Connor.kainalu


    I can’t sand it out because the dents are deeper than gel coat thickness
  13. Connor.kainalu


    I’ve got a question about boat maintenance: underneath the hull, where it sits on the dolly strap, there are some dents in the hull, along the strap line. It doesn’t seem softer there, but there’s still a row of dents, small enough that you can’t see them perpendicular but you can feel them or see them if you sight the hull. I don’t think it’s delamination as there bowing inward. Hull number is 1087 if it helps
  14. Connor.kainalu

    Craigslist Finds

    Overpriced non-dinghy (or non-sailboat for that matter!)
  15. Connor.kainalu

    Boom vang loads?

    Email it to yourself, save the image, And then it should post