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  1. E2nO

    Corona Virus

    Assuming that the Chinese figure are at least somewhat representing the truth (which is disputable), the even more worrying part is, to what make of the current numbers reported for the other countries: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca At least for me, I would be more than amazed, if there will be any ACWS regatta this year. I also would be more than amazed if there would be any ACWS at all, as ETNZ perhaps has good reason to not push out the Match for a year.
  2. E2nO

    Oracle Team USA

    What you mean with " Burling thinks ..." - I thought is was a fact that JS is " a chapped lipped cock"
  3. E2nO

    Race Replays

    Hi folks, it's a pitty that link to race 6 is missing. I found a replay for the complete 3rd semi-final day here: http://www.servustv.com/de/Medien/Louis-Vuitton-America-s-Cup6 (linked from here; http://www.servustv.com/de/Sendungen/America-s-Cup-2017 where you can find replay of all days. The ones from the Qualifier even with original world stream commentary) however I fear that this might be geo blocked (someone please confirm if so). Worse than that is that the commentary isn't the world stream one, but the one from ServusTV reporters. Fortunately it is in German - so most of the folks outside Germany & Austria will perhaps be spared to understand the crap.