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  1. GD, in the presser, when asked about the future direction, talked about the fragmentation of sailing at the top, Volvo, Vendee, TP52, for example. Answering the same question he emphasized the responsibility of holding the Cup, rather than the right. He also said the Americas Cup is the pinnacle of them all. I interpreted that to mean his idea, as he put it, would be respectful of the traditions of the original Deed, and re-connect the spiritual disparity between AC boats and the big mono races that he spoke so fondly about just then. So foiling cats are gone, imo. Big, super fast monos is my guess.
  2. HP2

    Team NZ

    I'd like it to drag out for a few more races. Loving every second of it, on and off the water, don't want it to end.
  3. Oh man. What a sorry excuse for a soul.
  4. Sorry about the 3rd post, but if there's no answer to this I'll be extremely disappointed.
  5. If there is evidence of what you say, this should be investigated and someone shamed. Only unthinking people fuck with flags. Surprised the kiwis aren't going ballistic. Something to do with why after a race win they don't do a big hug fest, punch the sky, scream fuck yes. Are kiwis restrained?
  6. The photo shows them behaving like they're scalps. If I was kiwi and that was my flag, I'd be pissed.
  7. HP2

    Team NZ

    Other than being motivated by lefty pearl clutching, I think that's a pretty fair assessment. You won't find much argument from Trump supporters. Whereas Clinton etc are outright liars, which is the whole difference. But if it's winning stuff you're after, he's your man. Could take over after LE. So much winning we'd be tired of winning. A big Pepe on the wing, would be glorious.
  8. Here's my prediction: The start takes on new meaning. Like, why can't ETNZ beat OR to the corner.
  9. HP2

    Team NZ

    Day of reckoning tomorrow. Remember just 48 hours ago when every sane person agreed that Saturday would tell us everything we needed to know? I think it did. In retrospect we'll be recognizing that the race program was rigged. It was all about the 5 day break. As the founder/owner (now retired) of a very large product development company, I know that 5 days is tons with any material if you are super super prepared for it and have unlimited resources. I've tried to make the point that anything was possible and in this case probable. Even took a photo of my lady's tits the other day to get going here on SA. Fuck, what a downer. I hope I'm wrong.