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  1. Aren't these "pods" out the sides, the very definition of a multi-hull? If my aunty had bollocks she'd be my uncle, and if my monohull had two pods out the side she'd be a trimaran.
  2. Lots of conflicting tradeoffs involved here and the design challenge is massive. To quote just a few things we have definitely heard from tnz: - they want the races to be 45min to 1h... that means v fast boats - they want upwind starts... that means tacking, maneuvering and low speed performance important - they want a wider viable wind range... that means foiling in v light conditions and being more robust in heavy weather (or no foil flying at all) - They have specified 75 foot with good match racing... coupled with upwind start to me that implies boats without massive beam or extended outboard appendages - they want billionaire spectators on board during racing... to me that implies far greater safety emphasis than cats had - they want to keep the boats relevant to regular sailors... to me that doesn't imply flying machine that takes off from the water and needs a computer to drive - they want the boats to look prestigious not some sort of beach regatta... to me that implies more j-class than foiling skiff - they want bigger crews and crew-work to be relevant again... to me that implies crews provided grunt for trimming sails - they have ruled out engines on board which implies no keel canting- or a very different approach to it! I certainly cannot think of any existing class of boat that comes close to meeting the speed targets, match-racing, crew-work, prestige emphasis and other goals... let alone satisfying all of us rabid bleeding-edge full-foiling tech-hungry anarchists! I do think if they try to make everybody happy they will make a dog of a boat. I also think that the more movable foils they have, the harder it is to write a rule, and the more likely it is that there will be exploitable loopholes in the class rule. Interesting times, and probably quite stressful for the design team!
  3. KoW


    Having a design team in place early may not be as much an advantage as some are claiming - letting others make the early mistakes and then coming in with the benefit of knowing what is working and what ain't could be just as valuable... having a spy team in place early might be the better approach! Which team's funding, sailing and design approach wins will, as always, be what drives the interest in this crazy event. I think Oracle's big mistake was being too data-driven at the last event. Data-driven design is about optimising every last detail of an already close to optimal design, but by definition it rules out innovation, because its about looking at numbers and then refining, rather than throwing away the blueprint and thinking outside the box (rule).
  4. With the protocol bringing back the spectator seat, whatever boat design they come up with will have to be much safer than the foiling cats from the last 2 ACs... perhaps the new class rule won't feature foiling as much as many are anticipating?
  5. KoW

    AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    Will there be any limiting of computer aids used by the sailors during racing - ie. prohibiting electronic course-planning computers, automatic flight control, weather data calculation etc? How can something like the meteo data-gathering ban actually be policed? Will there be stored power on the boats?
  6. KoW

    AC 36 Protocol

    Looks like they have brought back spectator seats for billionaires during racing - good move from a fundraising point of view
  7. KoW

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    - Races longer duration than Bermuda, but still under an hour - Some one-design elements to constrain costs but not in key performance areas - Restrictions on materials - Weather data gathering prohibited - Tank testing and wind tunnel testing prohibited
  8. KoW

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    In the America's Cup nothing is more important than having the money to be able to compete.
  9. KoW

    Team NZ

    Interesting - It seems that the "If Team NZ move away from foiling catamarans" is NOT a quote at all(?). If it isn't, then whoever wrote that headline should be taken out and shot... as it's a fabrication that appears to be a direct quote. It seems he has just said it would be a step backwards to have a slower boat... Of course, whether it is possible to make a mono that can approach speeds of 50 knots remains to be seen - but I cannot actually find anywhere that he has openly said he backs foiling cats specifically.
  10. KoW

    Team NZ

    Interesting that PB has been quoted as favouring foiling multis for the next AC - I wonder how much input/sway, if any, he has over the decision? I would've thought that the successful defending AC helmsman's opinion would be given plenty of consideration?
  11. KoW

    Goodbye Russell ... ?

    Apparently he's at the Moth Worlds - recruiting talent for his next campaign?
  12. KoW

    Thank You

    I don't know how many people who were actually involved in the America's Cup event visit this forum, but I'd just like to post a big thank you to everyone who was involved in any aspect of the Bermuda America's Cup and happen to read this... I'm prompted to write this because I find I have been suffering withdrawal since the event finished - I enjoyed every bit of the racing, incidents and intrigue so much. I know there has been plenty of whingeing about aspects of the event on here, but if there is one truth in life it's that you can't please everybody all the time. There were some things I didn't like, but overall the good things vastly outweighed the bad, and I enjoyed the entire "roller coaster ride". I am really looking forward to the next Cup whether it be in multis, monos, foiling or otherwise and really hope to see as many of the teams as possible back again. In the mean time I have to be satisfied with watching some of the team's event highlight videos etc from Bermuda. Skippers, shore crews, sailors, Bermudans, broadcasters, bloggers, volunteers, ACEA event managers, billionaires, course managers, caterers, good guys, bad guys... Thank you all for making May/June 2017 so damn entertaining!
  13. KoW

    Groundhog Day, anyone?

    I think the biggest concerns with a Figaro 3 type concept in A cup is how that would translate to match racing - having foils sticking outside max-beam doesn't seem like a good idea in a pre-start or tight mark rounding. The benefit with foiling cats is that foils can be kept inside max beam.
  14. KoW

    Team NZ

    I think some of the howling might've come from harmonics in the stays - in Bermuda they had black aerodynamic "deflectors" which someone mentioned stopped a lot of noise (you'll notice those black things aren't present in that "howly" sign-off video). Notably Artemis don't seem to have had the same attachments on their stays which could help to explain why their boat was the whiniest.