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  1. Nandan

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    Ok , about 2 weeks of actual use on my boat. The system seems to be working well , the Bluetooth Base unit is inside the cabin near the chart table. No issues with signal loss etc due to a carbon mast or sails. The system initialises a little slower than the older wired system. It takes probably about 30 secs from powering up to display reading. One thing I don't know, is how long the system will run on battery in the dark , I've asked B&G Tech support but haven't had any answer.
  2. Nandan

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    Nope , no signal indicator on the base unit , its just a white disc shaped receiver , no LEDs on it nothing. Sails I'm using North 3Di's , so yes there'd be some carbon content. B&G claims 200k hours of field testing the WS320 so I figure that may have had some sails with carbon content . Anyway lets see how it works , we'll know soon enough
  3. Nandan

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    J122 , I had some trouble with the mast cable that dropped into the mast accidentally and couldn't be retrieved last season , finally i had to run another cable in the mast. So , I decided to go wireless this season
  4. Nandan

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    Hello , I just installed the B&G WS 320 wireless system. Seems to be working perfectly with the Triton MFDs, though the Pairing of the MHU Sensor and the Base Blutooth unit took about 40mins of plugging and unplugging the battery instead of the 30sec as claimed in the manual Like someone posted , the system seems to be new even for B&G support , because when I called to ask about how many hours of night time use the battery backup would support , i was requested to send an email. I haven't got a response yet. Some internet videos claim 18hrs on battery alone The system is still too new , Im leaving my cable in the mast just incase I have to revert back to the wired system
  5. Nandan

    J122 Mast Maintenance

    Thanks for the response guys
  6. Nandan

    J122 Mast Maintenance

    Hello, I am the owner of a J122 in India. The boat is 3yrs old from J Composites in France J122e Hull #86 I have a Hall Spars carbon mast on it and I intend to take the mast down for inspection and maintenance. Since the boat is in India and no spares are available locally , I have been advised to have all the spare parts on hand before taking the mast down. I contacted Hall Spars and I was told that the Standing Rigging was out of their scope and therefore could not advise on the parts from the standing rigging , Similarly J Boats France again has said I would need only the spreader tip cup spares - Tip Cup (631-) This is the only link that J Boats has provided Can anybody please advise what parts from the standing rigging I should order ?