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  1. MakeOracleGreatAgain

    Aust Sailing Australian IRC Championships

    In PHRF which is for beginners.
  2. MakeOracleGreatAgain

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    I always wondered what you spent what little time was left from concocting your ridiculous posts. It’s obviously going back and editing previous posts.
  3. MakeOracleGreatAgain

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Are Kerumba and Decadence v2 not 50 and 54 foot respectively? Did Kerisma beat them? So not such a big boat race? Is Blackjack not just as much of an ornament as Envy? Harburg has 2 boats which he only sails a handful of times a year? As well as the 42 in the marina? at least try to be even handed in your insults.
  4. MakeOracleGreatAgain

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Well at least your reply wasn’t some 6 paragraph long diatribe about why your opinion is correct this time. At the end of the day Envy beat what was in front of them. Fair play to Kerisma, they beat the other 50 footers. So maybe not that much of a big boat race. Just that the best boat won?
  5. MakeOracleGreatAgain

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Ah yeah. Didn’t take long for the bitter cunts to come out. Yeah. Kerisma were robbed by 6 hours in a race that lasted less than a day.
  6. MakeOracleGreatAgain

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Can you please stop trying to push your stupid joke. It is fucking painful.
  7. MakeOracleGreatAgain

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    I would think the 54 has more chance of being in the Kerisma v Crankster battle than being anywhere near a 52. It takes a special type of crew to sail a DK46 as slow as they managed.
  8. MakeOracleGreatAgain

    Oracle Team USA

    Classy responses here from to kiwi fans on Jimmy's instagram. Don't see the same from Oracle fans on Blair Tuke's response,