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  1. Next week I will give reason No 5 --that one will deserve a new thread
  2. its mighty thick thanks can take it from the Luna fanboys
  3. A few cycles ago Luna Rossa would have been a formidable America Cup Winner. Now its the wrong team at the wrong time. Dennis Conner has won the America's Cup three times, successfully defending the Cup in 1980 and 1988 and winning as the challenger in 1987 after losing it in 1983. Luna Rossa have made the mistake of thinking this timeline can be repeated with James Spithill. Unfortunately the universe does not work like that and they have not accounted for chaos theory.
  4. 1: A few cycles ago Luna Rossa would have been a formidable America Cup Winner. Now its the wrong team at the wrong time. 2: Personal ambition to win is not enough "they have an unfortunately high estimation of their own beliefs and think the Prada Cup is won already" 3: Their politics are unpopular and a backlash is mounting https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/america-s-cup-2021/2021/02/america-s-cup-2021-sir-ben-ainslie-hits-out-at-luna-rossa-prada-pirelli-for-changing-the-rules-to-suit-them.html 4: The team is rattled you can clearly see this at the press conference
  5. d2ba

    Luna Rossa poor sportsmanship

    https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/america-s-cup-2021/2021/02/america-s-cup-2021-am-show-host-mark-richardson-takes-aim-at-luna-rossa-over-disgraceful-racing-stance.html The AM Show's Mark Richardson has called Luna Rossa's behaviour "disgraceful".
  6. Has to be one of the worst examples of poor sportsmanship we've seen in any event ever. My guess is that if this escalates it could derail the entire Prada Cup series and it will be need to reset to start from zero again https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/americas-cup-2021-divide-over-prada-cup-covid-plans-as-luna-rossa-oppose-delay/NMFEYTYJETGYVB7NKNLF2WF26U/ The America's Cup Challenger of Record has issued a stunning ultimatum to event organisers: proceed with racing as planned despite uncertainty around Auckland's immediate Covid-19 restrictions, or award the Prada Cup final - and the right to challenge Team New Zealand for the Auld Mug - to Luna Rossa.The Challenger of Record will hold a press conference at 11am tomorrow to outline their position.
  7. What happens if AM has to pull out of Prada Cup because of damage today Do we go straight to Prada Cup Final? Fine print in rules please?
  8. d2ba

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    more here http://www.royalgazette.com/americas-cup---sport/article/20170630/bermuda-blow-as-kiwis-rule-out-return some of the 78 comments will be boycotting lamb from New Zealand... Where are the 2,000 jobs PROMISED by the oba to Bermudians?? Had enough of sour Kiwis? Mr. Ellison is an innovator - why fight success? Let's start the Bermuda Cup every 2 years, in our stadium, the Great Sound.