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  1. AC36 - The Venue

    I remember a debate when a music venue on K Rd closed down someone said "Don't move into the heart of the city, then complain when you can hear it beat".
  2. https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/99615398/second-italian-challenge-looms-for-2021-americas-cup
  3. AC36 - The Venue

    1) Its not just their base, it is also their 'innovation hub' - so likely has a museum or similar to the technologies of the AC (the AC50 is outside in the model), 2) ETNZ will push for it to be a permanent base so they will want space for the design team to work in the future 3) ETNZ will be testing from that base (I would assume) so will need the extra space for their design and testing work
  4. According to Wiki, NZL-39 was sold to Supersail Deutschland in Keil, Germany for Corporate Charters (http://www.supersail.de/en/) EDIT: Some photos here http://www.supersail.de/en/corporate-events/segeln-match-race/
  5. Team NZ

    How great would it be if they polished that up a bit and released it for the public to 'try their luck'
  6. AC36 Auckland NZ

    In NZ it would be the 'Official Information Act': "The Official Information Act 1982 is a New Zealand law which replaced the Official Secrets Act of 1951 which made the release of information held by Government agencies an offence.[1] The Official Information Act takes the opposite approach and is designed to promote access to information held by various Government agencies. Its guiding principle is that information should be made available unless a good reason exists under the Act for withholding it." https://fyi.org.nz/ (sponsored by the Herald) has a lot of the OIA releases published.
  7. Team NZ

    I found the 1989 act (repealed in 1990): http://www.nzlii.org/nz/legis/hist_act/aca19891989n65225/ but can't find anything between 1995 and 2000. Also a fascinating article from the NZ Law Society https://www.lawsociety.org.nz/practice-resources/practice-areas/construction-law/americas-cup-2017-lessons-learned-from-1995
  8. Teams?

    Not to mention still under active and extensive repairs post EQ; and no guarantees there won't be another big shake.....
  9. AC 36 Protocol

    Remove your head from your Anal cavity before trying to read Dalts said the CUT OFF to decide is 30 August 2018. Assuming Auckland gets its shit together it will be confirmed before that.
  10. So were ETNZ cyclors a factor or neutral

    ETNZ tested that but it took up too much space, took too long in maneuvers to get in position and the thought that the reduced windage actually hurt them - they lost the cooling 'breeze' from being in the wind flow. Plus PB had to be out in the wind regardless, the "smooth" shape of the cyclors likely ended up reducing the windage of PB
  11. Oracle Team USA

    Serious who gives a flying (foiling?) fuck anymore. The cup is now at RNZYS. AC34 is done. If Oracle cheated or not no longer matters. If they did: ETNZ got revenge in AC35 If the didn't: ETNZ cameback from the comeback, and oracle can scrape their comeback off the toilet wall.
  12. Teams?

    From that point of view yes - the $B's don't tend to come right back (prob too busy having their "ego" massaged by some attractive member of their preferred sex)
  13. Teams?

    What do you mean by that Stinger? ETNZ challenged in 2007 after losing in 2003.
  14. All I took from that video is how far CGI tech has come in the last 10 years