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  1. TimmyHate

    Auckland AC logistics

    I'll add in Kelly Tarltons; (https://www.kellytarltons.co.nz/) esp for the young one
  2. TimmyHate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I'd say anyone on the leeward side could use the 'crew channel' as an escape way. Its below the level of the DSM and should allow them to travel towards to the stern and pop up behind the main
  3. TimmyHate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Sounds like they were. Best way to find the limits is to push slightly past them.
  4. TimmyHate

    Team NYYC

    The foil on the left of the image looks like a hybrid between a large bird (an eagle maybe) and something like the B-52 bomber. Not relevant to any of the discussion, just the random musings on seeing the photo
  5. TimmyHate

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Easy Wife, Easy Life
  6. TimmyHate

    Team NYYC

    Few thoughts; 1) Not sure if its the perspective, but it almost looks like the deck slopes back as a whole, rather than having 'pits' as in the ETNZ boat 2) No 'dimples' around the tops of the foil arms. 3) Definitely dig the plain, almost 'stealth' paint job 4) Not sure about the bow shape - looks almost 'wrinkled'. An organic shape for aero maybe?
  7. Imagine the Chaos. All the teams trying to work out how to get their challenge picked. Suddenly someone from the preferred challenge raises their head..."COLORED PAPER" I think all the challengers submit their challenge, then you have a last man standing brawl in a UFC style cage. Last team rep still conscious gets to challenge.
  8. TimmyHate

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Backed by the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham FC
  9. TimmyHate


    EDIT: Todd posted it as a 'reply' to ETNZ, I have suggested he repost with a period at the start. If he deletes and reposts, the tweet says "EmiratesTeamNZ Kevin Shoebridge confirms 2 late #ac36 challenger entries immediately acceptable, with 2 of 6 others close for #americascup"
  10. TimmyHate

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    So simple yes/no questions: Do you believe the ETNZ sailing crew (i.e on the boat) in AC35 were not the best all round crew? Do you believe that the ETNZ crew, with the same lead time, would not win in one-design boats? I fully admit I am as biased as they come, but in my opinion the ETNZ crew were the best sailing team in AC35.
  11. TimmyHate


    Certainly in the prestart I think they'll go in stable mode (both down) - then try to go to 1U1D when they go time on distance. Could be interesting if teams make that call too soon too late. And assuming don't need to charge for dropping foils, how often do you see more than 2 tacks in 15 seconds during actual racing.
  12. TimmyHate


    Do they need a charged cylinder to lower the foil or just to raise it? Assuming there is a cylinder per foil and no pressure is needed to lower it, that means two quick tacks should be possible: 1) Drop Left foil (cylinder stays charged) Raise Right foil (Cylinder begins to charge) 2) Drop Right foil (cylinder continues charging) Raise Left foil (Cylinder begins to charge) 3) Drop Left foil (cylinder continues charging) Raise Left foil (Cylinder begins to charge again)