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  1. I'm an outsider, so I fall into your latter category. If there are too many people it seems like there isn't a shortage of resources (people) and everything is so organized that there is nothing to watch. I agree that grinding it boring, but it can add fluff to the spectacle, for better or worse. I agree, but I wonder that if you automate too much, you could have one or two guys sailing a 70 foot boat. I personally wish they'd figure out a way to get about five guys on the boat and create enough work for about 7 crew. Then you could see the activity and strategic trade-offs that make it interesting to me. In a way, the way the Kiwis adapted in design was a subtle version of this, and was somewhat interesting, but actually watching guys adapt on the fly might be pretty good. I assume cats generally favor lighter crew weight? If so, maybe that would affect some of this. I'm not saying change everything, but maybe looking at ways to add spectator appeal from a different vantage point might have merit.
  2. I kinda think the playing area of the sport isn't necessarily the ocean; it could be viewed as the deck of the boats. So instead of designing a boat that is entertaining going across the water, design a boat that is entertaining to watch the crew do stuff on. Then design the boats and the race from that. How many crew? What would they be doing? What kind of boat and rules get us there?
  3. Rule: Eighty percent of Louis Vuitton bags must be made in France.
  4. Azure

    Cats are finished

    I wonder what a 60 ft international moth would look like wiping out...
  5. Also from that same link: The dates between races aren't necessarily the same as the length of time between challenge and race. Not all challenges happened at the previous regatta. The final revisions in 1887 to the deed were only a few years before George Schuyler died. At that time, the races WERE about every year or two. So, yeah, I do think there might be some truth to just grab a boat and race. You know, I'll meet you after school at the drag strip.
  6. Azure

    Auckland AC race course

    I'm checking out that game. It seems like a game that sorta had potential. It's old but it was made by UbiSoft so it's probably pretty well-designed. Some of those games though, need to have a "fun" setting that's less realistic. The Battlefield and Halo franchises figured out how to balance fun and realistic long ago.
  7. Hysterical. You practice this? I can't tell if you're referring to me or George Schuyler.
  8. I think the deed's revision was written immediately after 3 consecutive years of challenges, though. Who do I need to talk to?
  9. Gee Azure, that's an interesting question. So you're suggesting that if someone were to sue that they're taking too long, then it could reopen the challenge to anyone else who wanted to race sooner, and therefore, remove this stranglehold on the Amerca's Cup? Wow, I wonder if there's any plausibility in that.
  10. Since you said "please"... 0:14 suggests it may have been premeditated.
  11. Azure

    AC36 - The Venue

    If they stop trying to cater to spectators on shore, they can choose a location that's better for both television and the race. The beautiful islands, to me, would look more interesting than a wharf as a background. Similarly, creating a pavilion for the after-party is also misguided, imo. Spend that money on assisting bars, restaurants, and hotels in throwing parties, considering that's what they're designed to do. Locals could just walk to the harbor afterward as the boats take a victory lap, and they could get a better, close up view of the boats and crew. Win/win/win.
  12. You have some good points, but I don't think a sailboat race is actually a valid indicator of maritime technology and might. I think it's mostly just viewed as a sailboat race between rich dudes. Above: USS Harry S Truman Below: HMNZN Canterbury A similar argument is sometimes made in soccer.
  13. I was just kidding (I shoulda used an emoji.) But I did find this commentary about it:
  14. If you want, I can just describe it to you really vividly.
  15. Maybe that was the symptom more than the cause.