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  1. Miffy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Horrible optics if they really fine them - particularly when the French gov is pushing ppl to be responsible so another mandated measure won’t become an absolute certainty.
  2. Everyone’s circumstances is a bit different but I’m pretty sure I can identity the trumpets a million miles away in regular life because they’re out and about not giving a shit about masking to protect others.
  3. You know? With 3 weeks to go before the election? If the trumpets want to reduce their own turnout by choice? Shrug. I’m stopped having the emotional energy to care about ppl who don’t care about others.
  4. The trick is to minimize combustion sources in the fuel and electrical system - not fantasize about fire hatch escapes This is a long rant against the agency that is chronically underfunded, asked to deploy abroad, while getting no regulatory authority for more aggressive enforcement because WH and Congress. but go on.
  5. Miffy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Armel just won the figaro solitaire for the 3rd time at age... 43? Thomson is barely older - Beyou about the same age. Tripon is 45. The IMHO offshore sailing - some ppl need to learn how to sail fast and pickup the other ancillary boat and project/life management skills before they can win. I think Alex needed to learn how to not break his boat and slow down a bit - particularly in his case, age and slowly his mind down a bit might actually make him a better sailor.
  6. Miffy

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    This thread definitely somehow attracted a bunch of theoretical wondering advertisers.
  7. Maybe I’m missing the point - how is the emergency tiller pole in a bad location? It gives you something to hold on to - divides the starboard from port side if you’re heeled over and gives you something to secure a leecloth to.
  8. Miffy

    Vendee Globe 2020

  9. Miffy

    statistics and the truth

    If you sat down and do the math - about 1 in 1500 Americans have died from covid19; but the trolls who keep denying it think it isn't real because fundamnetally their social circle is isolated and likely limited because they're insufferable in real life and people already cut them out.
  10. Miffy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Look at those outriggers! The satellite antennas also got moved outboard on gimbals & looks like the cameras by the rig are bigger than ever.
  11. Miffy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    A lot of the improvements the last two cycles seems to be getting the downwind sails transition to constantly reaching/upwind apparent wind and maybe the “smart” strategy is to carry multiple of the same working sails & leave the downwind spinnekars at home.
  12. The point was if you're not part of the institutions that represent or benefit from part of the esprit de corps - then your outrage at the institutions that maintains the esprit de corps is basically daily mail manufactured outrage not dissimilar from pearl clutching woke pc crowd. Like I said above - if professionals doing their job to critically evaluate history, the institution and promote the future esprit de corps of the British RN and its own traditions makes you say "I'm so sick of this shit" and ascribe it to some woke PC bullshit - maybe take a moment and read the posted link above re what the institution is actually doing instead of DailyMail hack jobs. The difference between a cult and a healthy institution with binding traditions and sense of purpose informed by history is a fine distinction - and we shouldn't attack historians or institutions doing their job with blanket "OH NO MORE PC" critique of the serious business of institution building. And no I'm not from Pennsylvania. But I learned about the West Africa squadron as a young lad and how hard the individual skippers worked to do the job without sufficient funding or political clout - it was essentially thankless glory-less work, maintained over generations by officers and crew that didn't get medals or promoted above peers or into admiralty positions worth mentioning. And I think in our era - we could all use more complicated heroes.
  13. Miffy

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Time to finalize the hull fitting locations and spec!
  14. Miffy

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I saw ATR on BBC and don't think I've ever seen Alex Thomson this lean - hope it is intended via fitness and not stress/health issues.