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  1. There's also an Atlantic crossing requirement I believe. Time is running out. I'd say two weeks tops.
  2. The VOR as organized is so well vertically and horizontally integrated anyone with money can just show up, agree on price and get the last boat. The sails are one design and have already been fabricated for the Fastnet qualifiers- boat can be ready to go within a week.
  3. Is this Bob Perry as in designer behind the Taiwanese explosion in the 70s!?
  4. I think the discussion on CIC rules need to take into account the type of boat class that'll be in place. There are only a handful of technical builders with experience with AC sized multihull on foils. OTOH if the rules are more open development class, a lot of countries have the talent needed to put together a competitive boat via means they have. For example? Team Japan won't have a problem building a boat, fabricating composites isn't a technical hurdle for Japan. Japan's weakness is more a lack of sailing talent/team org and design. If the rules permit them to build in Yokohama but import foreign expertise, Japan can be competitive in a hurry. There's definitely enough discipline and money if they can get enough sponsors together. For me the biggest questions are whether France and Australia is going to bother to put together a program. As for folks complaining about a lack of details? It is not yet August. Relax.
  5. Do we know the boat weight variances? SCA was hull #1. And no matter what smart people try and put effort in, the way those one design builds were started and completed, there's probably lessons learned that made subsequent hulls better built. I wouldn't be surprised if SCA also had the most miles with all the testing and additional training that the team went through? Of the boats, boat 8 and Vestas would be in the best shape.
  6. There are various systems around. Some use a crushing washer. The most recent ones I've seen have an indicator that changes shade from black to red depending on tension. At trade show it worked also when loosened and would allow a quick glance comparison with reference card to see whether bolts are at proper tension.
  7. Don't they hurt downwind performance compared to a deep thin keel? Unless there's a draft limit why do it.
  8. In other industries there are torque indicating bolts. If there were industry effort it can prob be as simple as opening your bilge to check the bolt indicator color.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something. Boat 8, the new boat isn't missing. It's the AkzoNobel boat. If you're looking for intel on the 8th team, no one in the know can comment. In the meantime, just pay attention to Fastnet entry list. I check it a couple times a week to see updates. Since it is a qualifier folks won't be able to hide. Notice the class number says 8, even though there are only 7current .
  10. Some teams are still trying out. He's going enough for even Caffari's under 30 thing.
  11. Save the sanctimonious nonsense. The poor kid is dead. What relief would a bunch of RIP responses in a random forum accomplish? All these threads, except for ones where there's actual community request for assistance re repair ideas/boat search and the like are basically pointless if you're taking the view that thousands of RIP responses will advance some interest.
  12. I should have been more clear. I don't mean they didn't know how to zoom, but there's a fundamental misunderstanding re whether grounding depths will be apparent at the zoom level they were at.
  13. TBF both the navigator and skipper missed it because they were not familiar with the software/chart zoom. While they were clearly in error and responsible, software surprisingly didn't have grounding alarms, the race organization didn't help with last minute route changes. The navigators IMO are overworked with trying to squeeze out that last bit of speed. I think a bunch of teams accidently entered TSS, exclusion zones. Just signs they're overly strained and focused on weather and less on charts.
  14. They obviously did some analytical work and screwed up. Paid for and built a new eighth boat - only to find no interested sponsors at the right price. Problem for young skippers is networking and finding money. With the small size of the crew now there's really no room for much talent development opportunities for navigators and skippers, only two job that allow old guys. Hopefully they learn from this cycle, get rid of the silly inport cat class. If I were VOR CEO I'll put together a team on boat 8 called Team Future - with young folks with 6.5 exp out of my own pocket. Market the shit out of it.
  15. Ppl are ppl. Don't see how it is improper discrimination. Do you pay for airline tickets by weight or by seat? Improper discrimination is when you refuse to give a certain type of people a chance even though they objectively meet all the requirements for the role. *Cough cough*