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  1. That's instantaneous - look at the 4 hr avg - Boris is sailing well but he's also sailing a better angle than the folks to the west.
  2. He backtracks whenever something goes wrong. So unless the client and architect start throwing mud at each other, we will never know. Bernard Stamms boat breaks in half - the recovered hulls are still wet when he’s talking to the boating press saying it was corrosion from aluminum honeycomb, and of course - he didn’t choose it, didn’t prefer it, advised against it. Beneteau First fails to deliver - Beneteau yard’s fault for building it heavier than he specified. I know you’ve said you’re a fan of his work, but there’s no grand conspiracy against him - it is his work and his own words:
  3. Miffy

    American Dumbass

    BJP has been cruising not watching YouTube or boat show PR shticks.
  4. Miffy

    American Dumbass

    Kyle and Karen feel they love Iceland and would like to connect with their Nordic roots. They want to move there then find a job. Their budget? $250,000. realtor: this apt 50km from Greater Reykjavík is $300,000; 2 bed 1 bath with small hob and appliances. Bus stop 10 min walk. Good deal. expat to be: not what I expected. No pool?
  5. Miffy

    American Dumbass

    It is complicated and with many layers like an onion. Suffice to say - there are legitimate uses whether for hobbyists, hunting, specific threat perceived home defense - and then there’s brandishing firearms in videos ranting about big brother and needing guns to defend yourself from terrorists in the middle of no where Montana and treating every brown person in a fishing boat in the pacific as a pirate.
  6. Woah if Beyou can get a tack completed including shifting all the gear in 20-30 minutes... that’s a huge advantage and shows the strength of his abilities and program. In years past, it’ll take an hr.
  7. Miffy

    American Dumbass

    It is the spirit of friendship and love and friendliness at sea!
  8. Le Souffle du Nord?? Edit: confirmed yep - V and B - Mayenne now Look at the tracker now - BP upwind on a better VMG angle.
  9. Never mind - no sense beating the dead horse when no one in their right mind wouldn’t already know.
  10. Kojirosan’s reef hook problem has been resolved.
  11. Miffy

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Yah between the cult of personality, dueling small men - unless someone tells me the event is going to be called off; can’t even tell what is going on here
  12. Miffy

    CANADA-US COVID difference

    After a late start, we had a pretty good state-county level response up until April - then idiots on twitter at night got into some orange baby’s head and he undermined everything by saying something to the point of retaking back your lives and go back outside as if it is all normal. the rest of history.
  13. I haven’t cut into any recent ones but my understanding was with the foiling boats, they’ve had to switch out nomex cores with PVC foam from the bow to the keel area where there’s more slamming/compression than before. it might be design - it might be fabrication - it might be just accidental damage. Just kind of scary/bad vibes from prior VGs when new generation of boats were failing because they were being built too light. Love the race and class. Don’t want anyone hurt or programs to fail because architects and builders were afraid to say no.
  14. Cremer showing how a crowdfunded mini pogo 3 campaign can launch you into imoca if you’re good, work hard but also a natural communicator
  15. https://www.facebook.com/675728085786774/posts/4555733114452899/?vh=e