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  1. Before the AC started, diff teams explored it. Theoretically hand grinders can get from one side of the boat to the other faster. What the analysis didn't correctly predict was one cyclor can essentially power the wing trimming/foil adjustment temporarily and the entire crew aren't pushed to the limit. I think ETNZ could have probably sailed fairy well with one grinder off the boat. The other teams would run into immediate problems after the second mark.
  2. @fstbttms - any experience with silicon antifouls like Hempel? Something that is clean when sailing & easy to gently wipe clean without polluting the waters?
  3. Marc Lombard or Finot Conq. Either way you want an actual naval architect who will look at the hull, deck layout and interior.
  4. I'm gutted for Annemieke - 2015 all over again.
  5. I'm struggling to understand him too. Not sure what's diff about this edition that'll make the 65 more dangerous. It's interesting getting criticism from some saying the 65 are too robust and are a bus. Then others say it's too unsafe. Don't think there's much the 65s are worse than prior boats at. Except maybe DNF a leg because the boat's structural limits the crews ability to drive them hard. If I had to nikpick something it'll be the habit of helm not being clipped in and getting hit by a large one really instantly knocks you to the rear of the lifelines. But they're probably as speced to keep you on board. Just painful.
  6. With these large beamy plaining boats, they're supposed to be heeled over 20-30 degrees, the design makes the leeward side much safer to work on because it is actually leveling when the boat is heeled over. Also helps create headroom/volume where you want it.
  7. I certainly hope you're right - National Guard and Coast Guard have never been the problem, its the "boring" recovery that requires years of attention and support from government budgets that I don't trust the US gov to allocate.
  8. Saint Martin/Sint Marteen and BVI will be better equipped to recover. Relatively benevolent colonial powers will help provide the capital to rebuild as tourist destinations. I'm concerned for the future of American Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico....
  9. To be fair - those events occurred before the big recession and syndicate sailing hasn't really recovered to those levels since.
  10. In re VOR60 + foiling cat - I think we are seeing the diff styles between Mark and Knut. Knut really saw the future a couple of years before everyone else and dragged ppl crying and whining to the OD. Without his leadership, 2015 would have been a sad year for Volvo.
  11. I'd like see a poll from folks who consider the VOR65s a walk in the park re how many ocean miles they've had in the last five years. The VOR65s aren't the fastest boats in the world, but they're amongst the most robust and if we had a 4 boat of 65 and 4 boat fleet of 70s, more 65s will be at the finish line in the top 5 than the 70s. I don't think it needed a reminder, but the VOR65 OD saved the Volvo Ocean Race from complete irrelevance as the large sponsors have never really recovered from the great recession and VOR would have not seen a healthy list of teams. If you want to see two to three competitive 70s Duke it out then watch a boring sail to the finish after Auckland and cape horn because 2 teams didn't finish a leg... Well you have a strange sense of event coordination...
  12. MT is in la-la land re the in port foiling catamarans - the VOR60s won't be as expensive as the latest IMOCAs because fundamentally it is a fleet boat. VOR has already had good experience working with the naval architect/boat yard/trades being all involved early in the development process and once the design is finalized - the boat/unique hardware will get a nice serial production run that keeps costs lower than IMOCAs that often we don't see more than a few example identical hull/decks arrangements. Yes design cost will be higher than the latest IMOCA 60s, but price per boat will be 20~40% lower depending on how many they end up building.
  13. I would be amused also - tho the female OBR will need to be onboard a potentially toxic environment for weeks. I would be concerned for mental health.
  14. Are you talking about rotating masts w/ wing profiles or wing sails?
  15. Riou had to push really hard and have perfect weather to keep pace - even in conditions more favourable to daggerboards. It is a shame he had to abandon, but had he not - I don't think he could have put in enough distance to buffer his lead once the foiling boats got the right conditions and basically set new extended daily records one after another. I forgot the precise number, but it wasn't just HB - but 2 other boats surpassed the prior 24-48hr distances by other VG boats by a significant margin. A lot of people like to look at top speed as indicative of foiling advantage. The crazy thing with the foiling boats is once there's enough apparent to lift - you can maintain speed with more conservative sail area. Once HB lost a foil, AT could still minimize his losses by driving hard - but to do so was really tough on the boat and himself .