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  1. Miffy

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    The worst isn't even over yet - as the slower participants approach, the fact that their boats are slower and they're less capable at pushing hard basically means there's probably a higher likelihood more of this will happen. Don will have no responsibility of course.
  2. Miffy

    New imoca boats

    With the technical committee involvement, you see what's coming down the pipeline - current HB retains far more value being sold now than waiting for next gen/next race to occur.
  3. Miffy

    Which TP52 would you buy?

    Japan is one of the most heavily invested public infrastructure centers of the world - high tech adoption rate. Also where you need to carry cash for many nice establishments that aren't chain stores. Rational central banks are moving towards currency that last longer and are harder to counterfeit - there's no evidence that any are planning to remove hard currency at all.
  4. Miffy

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Personally I don't understand how it validates anything - people circumnavigate on their own all the time. Every year folks leave from Cape Town to Perth - fewer do Auckland - Cape Horn, but people still do. You do it on the boat you prepare on your own terms, the weather forecasts of your own choice - the risks you accept/mitigate on your own terms. What's Don providing that makes it more genuine? He imposes more arbitrary rules than any other offshore event. He owns your story so you can't even retell it on your own terms. If you were into the adventure you can do it without him - if you want to write it down for your grandkids you can do it without him, if you're looking to do a documentary you can do it without him.
  5. Seems to me they're trying to maintain a quarantine. Anti-vax morons count on herd immunity to justify low infectious rates - freeloading privileged sociopaths.
  6. Anti-vaxx, religious fragiles probably see everything as political.
  7. Apparently disease is now a political thing. Who would have thought.
  8. Which part? Being sorry or exposing local isolated populations to disease?
  9. It is a destroyer/frigate thing. Crew is used to operating around larger less maneuverable fleet companions and expect their maneuverability and acceleration will get them out of trouble every time. Also expect fleet operations behavior to translate to commercial shipping. Russian trolls love to joke about it - but the Russians hardly have a fleet that operates in conjunction with anything larger than a missile cruiser. If your shit navy never leaves port, it never gets grounded or into a collison.
  10. Miffy

    New imoca boats

    I'm pretty environmentally conscious. But I'm pretty sure the IMOCAs consume less fossil fuel energy during time they're offshore than when they're living at home. Asking IMOCAs to reduce margin of safety for environment messaging is pretty strange priorities when people can reduce their consumption more by lowering their heating by 8 degrees can put on a another layer of clothes.
  11. Sort of contradictory to say it doesn't work then ban it huh? Hence I said get a diagnosis so it applies under the TUE.
  12. It's been part of academic doping for about a decade. The point of starting it a week before event and tapering off afterwards is precisely to not build a dependency and not let neuroplasticity undermine the boost.
  13. Get a ADD diagnosis. Selectively take ritalin a week before starts continue thru event. Pretty clear improvements in cognition, including working memory, episodic memory, and inhibitory control.
  14. All I hear is a lot of amateur anthropology psychobabble about free will and choice. Some sort of Amish style "expose them to the outside world and if they come back they're Amish"
  15. Hopefully Indian and US authorities recognize that the islanders are the victims and don't start some putative nonsense against people who want to be left alone. Perhaps they can claim he was a journalist. That'll satisfy some egos in the WH and State.