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  1. ardie

    My favorite boat repair tools.

    JGBrown, Re; The photo of your adjustable wrench/shifting spanner. That is the second one I have ever seen. The other is in my garage. Dad left it to me. It was made circa 1940 and still has no slop in the jaws. (no it is not for sale). You said it was British. Appearently during world war 2 Australia suspended copyright due to inability to get a lot of imported goods. Dad always said it was a King Dick brand most likely made in USA. He also said many tools in that era were made at Mount Isa Mines in I am not sure of it's pedigree. Either way it is a great tool. treasure it.
  2. ardie

    Arco winch service

    The circlip (circling ) in the socket hole has two small holes in the ends of the part circle. Get a proper pointed circlip plier put it in the holes and squeeze together. This allows the circlip to be lifted up through the hole. Yes it releases the drum. Put a towel or rag between the winch and the gunnel line. You wouldn't be the first to flick the clip over the side. Two screwdrivers can achieve the same job..
  3. I have been building a cat for too long. I am now up to the window installation stage and am totally out of my comfort zone.How thick should the acrylic be? What width expansion gaps are required etc.? The window is to be countersunk into a glass over foam hull. Total window length = 2155 mm.(86.2') Max. height = 210 mm.(8.4"). I am considering doing it in three expansion gaps may be narrower. Present thoughts are 3 panels 175 mm. x 690 mm ( 7"x 27.6") 210 mm. x 860 mm ( 8.4'x 34.3') 205 mm x 605 mm.(7"x 24.2") How much gap around the edge between acrylic and hull frame?How much gap between panels ? I intend to use adhesive tape such as 3M.for mounting.Is doing it in a single panel preferred? There are two wide uprights where the panels will meet so it is convenient to use them for the joints. Max. annual temperature variation -1C to 38C (30 F to 101F) All information gratefully accepted.