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  1. fish7yu

    Team NYYC

    Patriot is back, but definitely sketchy on the control
  2. fish7yu

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    AMERICA'S CUP Luna Rossa: a red moon waning? Suzanne McFadden Suzanne McFadden is the editor of LockerRoom, dedicated to women's sport, and a writer on the America's Cup. The darlings of the 2000 America's Cup challengers, Luna Rossa, must quickly find their groove - or disappoint a nation who desperately need something to celebrate. Luna Rossa: a red moon waning?
  3. fish7yu

    Prada Cup

    I guess today is the reason why ETNZ continued to test and train with CZ.
  4. fish7yu

    Prada Cup

  5. fish7yu

    Prada Cup