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  1. The boat was so Big that even when they were doing twenty knots, it looked like it was moving slowly.
  2. This story has an element of bullshit about it. The story I'm sure has been reported correctly but Craig Monk must be leading the most slap dash racing team ever. Who would even invest in such a mickey mouse outfit. Learning how to sail your boat after the race is started is not a formula for success. Unless you can drum up some people with extensive Volvo Ocean 65 experience there would be no way you could catch up with the training that other teams have done. I would also imagine that the required experienced staff have already been picked up by other syndicates. Also if your flat broke as reported you could not pay the required staff what they want. I don't think Craig Monk is brain dead so something else is at play here. 1. This is a training run for a future VOR campaign and more importantly a VOR campaign that coincides with the Americas Cup. 2. ETNZ are going back to monohulls and need staff to up skill monohulls skills, however they don't want to dilute the Brand name by being associated with a Bad VOR campaign so are hiding their involvement via Craig Monk 3 Its a mixture of both 1 and 2 as reasons 4 Craig Monk is delusional and wants to run a real VOR Campaign with no training and no budget and this has nothing to do with ETNZ
  3. I agree in a week or less we will know, The government use to help here in past, now there purses are shut tight even after the government posted a surplus of 4 Billion which is a $1000 per kiwi which is not bad going
  4. Everything you said I agree with....make sense to me. The problem here in NZ the AC is like a giant money vacum cleaner that sucks out all available yachting sponsorship dollars leaving no money for anything else. So even if the VoR needs three million per boat...good luck finding that here. Thats the problem with a small economy like NZ theres just not enough money to do VOR and AC yet twenty years ago no problem. Yet our exonomy is stronger now than it was twenty years ago. Corporations here have become just as greedy as their USA counterparts and dont want to effect yearly profits, because that would effect the Chief Executive Bonus. What kept ETNZ alive during the years of no sponsorship was a kiwi and italian Multi Millionaire dipping into their pockets
  5. Yes I agree not much chance, unless its like the russian entry in the whitebread race in 1980's
  6. Sailbydate......Do you think theres any chance that Craig Monk can pull this off ?? Wouldnt he need to raise a couple of Million........ Gee I remember twenty or thirty years ago this wouldnt be an issue, were a lot richer country now but money is harder to find
  7. You go and buy 400 cans of black spray paint. Also you would knock out the supply of paint for the local grafitti artist in that part of spain.........im not being serious
  8. Thats the Cats sorted out, as for the spare IACC hulls floating about, maybe you could rip the top deck off put a cabin on, so you can stand up in the thing. Put a cheap diesel in and hey presto motor boat, albiet a strange and ugly looking one. You would want the Hull for a song ......like free. Still a better solution than them being on the hard collecting dust.
  9. If a new sail inventory exists for this boat, then it seems doable. With a good crew the boat might be competitive. I could even see Dalts being involved as just a crew member....hmmmm no
  10. What ever happens I cant see ETNZ attaching their Brand to this venture. They would only do this if they felt they had a good chance to win. In a unofficial manner they could help a lot.
  11. Do you have any idea of minimum budget required to do this ......even if no pay to staff and old sails are recycled to some extent. You could use the old SCA sails when out of port ...no one will see them My underlying thinking is that ETNZ are going back to monohulls and they might provide free staff who need to up monohulls skills. I dont think ETNZ have touched a monohull for a long time, their whole world has been cats.....the whole premis on this thought that LR deal with ETNZ was the right to select type of boat. LR sure threw their toys out of the pram when boat design changed half way through last AC cycle
  12. How in hell is Craig Monk going to pull this off. There is not even time to make new sails, or change boat colours to sponser livery. This is starting to look like a pipe dream. It says hes payed a deposit.....so what the depsit could be ten bucks for all we know. All that seems to be happening is Craig is trying to ride the coat tails of recent AC success. Does any one have any idea the minimum funding cost even if the crew were volunters not taking pay. Is there any chance the govt might dip into their coffers, even if its half a milion. The govt woukd earn the money back via extra economic activity when the VOR circus hits town.
  13. Its hard to predict what would of happen. Part of the problem is that weather can be tame in San Diego and compared to Fremantle the 12 Meters would be boring to watch
  14. To my kids foiling is what they do at the hair dresser when changing hair colour
  15. Hes on my ignore list as well. Theres never a sensible answer other than verbal abuse