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  1. mako23

    Team NYYC

    The Yankee Doodles will have to face Prada tomorrow, wind prediction is a lighter breeze than today. Then they have to face the Brits again. IF at the end of tomorrow they haven’t won either race, things will be looking grim for them.
  2. mako23

    Prada Cup

    I see the handbags are trying to make friends
  3. mako23

    Prada Cup

    FFS talk about moaning over a technicality. If you can’t win on the water try it in the jury room.
  4. mako23

    INEOS Team GB

    Gee I thought you would of been the first to congratulate the Ineos supporters like Dullers
  5. mako23

    INEOS Team GB

    Round 1 won by the Brits
  6. mako23

    INEOS Team GB

    Valley of death you say ???
  7. mako23

    INEOS Team GB

    Hard to tell, with Brad Butterworth in their team I’m sure he will find a way to blame ETNZ
  8. mako23

    INEOS Team GB

    Team GB won that as well. I fully admit I’ve slagged of BA a lot in this forum, so it would be poor of me to not mention he nailed the start both times and won the race. I better go and look for some humble pie
  9. mako23

    Prada Cup

    Best to blame the kiwi
  10. mako23

    Prada Cup

    AM we’re forced to play on the wrong side of the course, in the vain hope of wind shift which never came. Losing the start is what killed them
  11. mako23

    Prada Cup

    As a Ineos supporter I hoped that they would be competitive and might win the race, but I didn’t expect Ineos to win over a minute.
  12. mako23

    INEOS Team GB

    Congratulations Dullers you must be happy
  13. mako23

    Prada Cup

    Hip Hip Hooray we gave those impertinent Yankees a damn good thrashing old boy. That will teach them to dump our tea in their Harbor
  14. mako23

    Prada Cup

    I’m south of the course and the wind here seems gusty. Might make interesting racing
  15. mako23

    INEOS Team GB

    That’s was during the Crimean war against the Russians. A war that GB won