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  1. Team EnVyUs will be making their competitive Rocket League debut at the X Games tournament on July 14. The FACEIT X Games Rocket League Invitational was announced in June, bringing together fast cars and extreme sports to fit into the By Games identity. Explode League is the first esports title at X Games since Call of Duty was played at the event in 2014 and 2015, which makes this a milestone achievement not only for Rocket League, but for esports in general. EnVyUs will be joined by several heavyweights of the Rocket Group scene, with Gale Force, G2 Esports, NRG, and more ready to face off at the event. Competitors will battle each other from July 14 to 16 for a chance to win their share of the $75, 000 prize pool. The teams will be split into two groups, each featuring two NA teams and two EU teams. Both groups will feature best-of-five double elimination brackets, with the top two teams advancing to the best-of-seven knockout stages until a winner is determined. FlipSid3 will certainly face Selfless in the opening matchup on July 14 in 1: 30pm ET, with all eight teams playing throughout the day. On July 15, viewers will know the four groups left standing in order to duke it out within the semifinals before the event concludes on This summer 16. All Back button Games Rocket Little league matches will be streamed on ESPN3 and FACEIT's YouTube channel. https://www.randyrun.com/Rocket%20League_items/
  2. The actual Immortals are the tenth confirmed CSGO Skins team that will play for the bulk of the $250, 000 prize purse in the ESL One Cologne Counter-Strike: Global Offensivetournament. The Brazilians will be in the thick of it when they head to Perfume, Germany from July 7-9 playing the likes of SK Gaming, Virtus. pro, Cloud9, G2 Esports, FNATIC, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan and North. Lead by former SK Gaming’s Lincoln ‘fnx’ Lau and Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles, the Immortals have been up and down, but mostly on the rise after their 3rd/4th place finish at the IEM Season XI World Championships. From the release: We are happy to announce that the 10th team heading this year to ESL One Cologne is Immortals! They will be the second Brazilian team to compete in the tournament, among SK Gaming, Virtus. pro, Cloud9, G2 Esports, FNATIC, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Natus Vincere, FaZe Group and North. With a US$250, 000, the actual coveted ESL 1 trophy and the chance to play in front of the legendary LANXESS Arena crowd on the line, we are looking at another unforgettable ESL One event. Currently placed 12th within the CS: GO World Ranking, Immortals are not a team any opponent should underestimate. The team had a great performance at the recent IEM World Championship Katowice. They advanced to the playoffs with a 4-1 score inside the group stage and wins against FNATIC, NiP, OpTic as well as Astralis. The quarterfinals, they played against North and took a 2-1 victory. Their tournament run ended in the semifinals with a 0-2 loss to FaZe Tribe and finishing from the top four. Their most recent LAN performance was at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 where they did not make it to the playoffs, finishing in the swiss stage with a 2-3 record and losses to North, FaZe and CLG. We are excited to see what Immortals will show us at ESL One Cologne. They proved more than once that they are capable of beating the world’s very top teams. Will the manage to do it in Perfume? http://www.csgo4skin.com
  3. Guest post by Maria Reeves from CSGOPedia Looking to get into competitive CSGO? Let’s take CSGO AWP Skins a look at one of the simplest tools you can use to improve your game from the start. An effective way of boosting your aim in CSGO is to use a custom crosshair that is easier to see and assists your aiming ability. While the settings menu may have some options, it’s not showing the whole picture. It’s actually possible to customize almost every aspect of the crosshair, from its shape and size to the color and thickness. Custom crosshairs can be implemented in-game by typing in a few lines of commands into the console window which can be brought up by pressing ‘ ` ‘ on the keyboard, according to the default keybindings. The code can also be pasted into a configuration file that the game sees while starting up. As you can imagine, the problem with making your own custom crosshair is that you need to know the actual code that implements the crosshair design of your choice. It’s pretty unintuitive to read up on the individual commands and type them within yourself. A better approach is to use crosshair generator. A crosshair power generator is an application that takes care of generating the particular code for you. It allows you to focus on what your crosshair will look like in-game without worrying about writing the code that implements it. It effectively makes the job easier and will make you wonder why Valve didn’t include an application of it is type in the main game itself. Most of them run online, so you don’t need to download and install any separate application yourself. Each of the following sites is easy to use and makes designing a customized crosshair a very intuitive task. You couldn’t really go wrong using any of them. There are, however , a few key features to note that make the first option stand out as the best. http://www.csgo4skin.com
  4. With 3 months of tryouts and also talks behind them and also the final roster secured, PENTAclinched third put in place the ESEA Leading Season 24 playoffs before their trip to the PGL Main kicked off. These people took part from the first open nommer for the Europe buy csgoskins Slight, at the end of April, along with powered through to the last after 11 roadmaps, including three in opposition to then-Tricked. Then it had been time for the ESEA S24 Global Problem. innocent and organization traveled to Leicester because borderline favorites, prone to make semis however in most people's eye a level below GODSENT and BIG. PENTA travelled undefeated in their off-line debut, leaving typically the Swedes in 2nd place of their party to duke it against Fatih "gob b" Dayik's group in the semi-finals, prior to taking down BIG on their own on two near maps in the great final. suNny shone in the UK with a 1 ) 40 rating, exceeded only by Johannes "tabseN" Wodarzby often the slightest of margins (1. 43), together with innocent proving themself as the squad's supplementary star at - 30 thanks to constant showings across the board. ESEA Season 24 noticeable the beginning of the competition between PENTA and massive, with the two groups going on to face one another several more occasions over the next 8 weeks. PENTA conceded any spot-deciding series versus their new competitors in the ESL Professional League Season five Relegation, but their particular next encounter on a single day saw kRYSTAL's five triumph inside third round from the Europe Minor's shut qualifier, obtaining a 3-0 record and a place in the next qualifying period for the Major. Using a series loss to be able to Gatekeepers that noticed them eliminated inside last place in GeForce Cup throughout Poland only 2 weeks before the Europe Trivial, PENTA's road towards the Bucharest event had been far from encouraging, regardless of the addition of Niko "naSu" Kovanen like a coach. In all justness, the Finnish expert had not had plenty of time to make an impact within the team's play when this occurs, but as time continued, he proved a key component in fixing smaller sized issues and examining opponents. "naSu is an extremely experienced player, who else competed on a best level back in their days, so this individual knows how to play the overall game and helps us to correct the small details that people are still doing incorrect but that have a big effect, for example retakes. This individual helps everyone generally a lot, because they have an objective view of our own game and informs people briefly right after practice in the vapor chat: 'Look, I believe in this situation, you ought to have just made a quick strategy and then play the exact 2vs2, ' for instance. He helps myself a lot with examining our enemies, that helps me using calling and making a game plan against our own enemies. " Which has a bootcamp under their belt, the worldwide Challenge champions proceeded to go 2-0 in the class stage at the Insignificant and proceeded for you to clinch a spot in the Main Qualifier overEnVyUs, finishing second general following a one-sided collection against BIG ultimately. On to the last level they went, their very own toughest challenge as much as that point, facing preferred sides such as OpTic and Liquid during the first two units of the Main Nommer. Happy with the United states match-ups, suNny wear a show just as before as PENTA wandered to a 2-0 document, one map from the Major. The Finn struggled to find the exact same impact versus mousesports, who got aside with a 16-14 succeed, but PENTA had been quickly back in activity and celebrated some sort of Challengers status following a comfortable Vega Squadron match-up. http://www.csgo4skin.com
  5. ESL One Perfume 2017 is in complete swing with the last matches of the switzerland group stage he was played yesterday, This summer 6. With Group Liquid and Ninjas in Pyjamas getting already secured their own playoffs spots your day before, the remaining groups were fighting to become one of the six who does join the former within the LANXESS Arena. Every one of the teams gave buy csgoskins this their all to have an opportunity to play while watching legendary Cologne audience but in the end, it had been Cloud9, OpTic Game playing, SK Gaming, Natus Vincere, G2 Esports and FaZe Group who will play together with Liquid and Go in the battle for your ESL One trophy. Results Space Troops vs . FNATIC 3-16 on cobblestone Northern vs . Heroic 16-14 on inferno   Cloud9 vs . Immortals 16-11 on train   Na’Vi vs . mousesports 16-4 on mirage   SK vs . G2 11-16 on inferno   FaZe vs . OpTic 10-16 on train   FNATIC vs . SK 6-16 on mirage   Cloud9 vs . mousesports 22-20 on inferno Upper vs . FaZe 16-7 on inferno Chosen highlights   Quarterfinals attract   Ninjas in Pyjamas vs . Cloud9   Natus Vincere vs . G2 Esports   OpTic Video games vs . SK Gambling   FaZe Clan or Team Liquid The actual playoffs begin these days! Congratulations to all from the teams who caused it to be to the playoffs -- we cannot wait around to see you be in the LANXESS Arena later on today! If you’re avoid us at the location, be sure to tune in towards the live broadcast through 10: 00 CEST and follow ESL CS on Tweet and Facebook with regard to updates, live protection, highlights and more. You could find the full schedule right here. http://www.csgo4skin.com
  6. The CS: GO community has been buzzing with CSGO Ak47 Skins excitement and intrigue over a new website counting down to the release of CS: GO for China. The game will be released and developed by Valve in conjunction with China's MMORPG developerPerfect World. Perfect World is known for making games such as Neverwinter, Blacklight Retribution and Star Trek Online. In addition , and perhaps most importantly, Perfect Globe are already responsible for Valve’s other huge esports title, Dota 2, in China. A press conference held on April 11th revealed a number of features that will be made available to Chinese players such as 64 tick official matchmaking servers along with different anti-cheat measures. On top of the official servers, there will also be 3rd party services offering 128 tick rate servers, much like CEVO, FaceIt and ESEA in North America. The anti-cheating measures will include the requirement to link an Alipay account, a Chinese service tied to personal identification much like PayPal, in addition to Valve’s Anti-Cheat support. In an effort to help players in their attempt to make a career in CS: GO, tournaments like Chinese Pro League (CPL), similar to NA’s ESL Pro Group (ESL), and City Elite Events will take place. Reddit on the CS: GO sub have also speculated that Valve will have to publicise the odds of getting each item in their case drops as per new Chinese regulations. The website has a number of helpful tips and guides for new players such as the various game modes, the game’s different cases and ranks as well as the most recommended guns to use along with their brief descriptions. The website also gives a short history of the Counter-Strike series from the 1999 release all the way into the present day. Esports Insider says: Expanding into China not only serves as a new market for Valve but also as a new source for professional talent. It will be fascinating to see how many Chinese professionals arrive on the international scene in the near future. http://www.csgo4skin.com
  7. Game Show was accused of delays in the payment of prizes in 2015 – at the Buy CSGO Skins time the main sponsor of the tournament, Logitech, took control of the situation and settled the debts. In 2016, the scandals continued. In May, a player in the PARTY team, who won the Game Display Open Season 2 in CS: GO, claimed that the organisation had been unable to pay the team 100, 000 rubles for more than six months. GSL Season two prize winner for Hearthstone – Dmitry “Unwi” Izhmyakov as well as Egor “Twist” Belkovets joined in on the accusations. Later it became known that the company also owed money to the GameplayDNA team; the actual GSL Baltics winner Samsung Challenge. It’s worth noting too that Game Demonstrate delayed not only the large sums. In November 2016 a Hearthstone player named Daniel “Svl” Yurt stated that he did not receive $50 that he had won in an online tournament. The organisers told him the same story regarding the nature from the delays as they did the winners of the large championships. At the time of publication, there is not information readily available as to whether these financial obligations were settled by Game Show. The largest esports event held by Game Present was the Dota a couple of league. In September 2015, representatives in the organisation announced three seasons and a prize fund of one million dollars. However , since then, only one season has been played with the LAN Finals at DreamHack Moscow, where the teams competed for $330, 000. Team Empire, which won the particular tournament, said that they received only a part of the sum, but the company’s representatives promised to gradually pay the remaining fee owed. Silver finalists 4Clover & Lepricon, who won $65, 000, are also still waiting for money from the Game Indicate, while Vega Squadron, which took third place, received its share ($35, 000) in 2016. According to sources in the industry, another asset of Game Show was the esports organisation ANOX, which had rosters within League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch. By October 2016, most players had left ANOX. The CS: GO roster broke up due to a reported conflict between players, and Hearthstone gamers left because of a four month delay inside wages. Just like in the case of prize money, typically the organisation “fed [the players] with endless promises of payment. ” At the same time, Quake 3 legends Anton “Cooller” Singhov and Alexei “Cypher” Januszewski were dismissed from the Overwatch roster, and in Nov the team fell apart. The actual League of Tales team moved towards the M19 organization. Video game Show’s problems additionally extended beyond tournaments. The company’s channel, which broadcasts news and game streams, was shut down on February 8, 2017 for reconstruction. The official announcement in Vkontakte said that it would last a month. It has now been over three months and no new content is being produced, instead it’s showing broadcasts of old recordings. The approach associated with Game Show for the reconstruction of the TV channel demonstrates that without funding, often the restricting of such a big organisation can take a lot of time. The history on the company shows that it really needs to change in order to survive and only time will tell whether the studio will rise to its former glory or be forgotten. Esports Insider says: Although there is a substantial amount of debt accumulated by the company, there has always been intent by Game Exhibit to settle the conflicts amicably, which gives indication that we may yet see a rebirth of one of the largest CIS Esports studios csgo4skin.com.
  8. DreamHack has announced four side competitive events that will run at the same time as its main DreamHack Summer 2017 tournament. The four tournaments include an all-female tournament, a junior competition CSGO AWP Skins for those under 18, a free-for-all event for and perhaps the most interesting, the ‘senior’ tournament. In an environment in which most players are in their early to mid twenties, save for Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, having a tournament for gamers aged 30 and over is certainly a unique concept. This and the other three tournaments will be BYOC (Bring your Own Computer) and will run from June 17-20 at Elmia Fair in Jönköping, Sweden like the main contest. According to Yahoo Esports, the event “holds the Guinness World Record for highest number of computers in a LAN. ” This match has the chance of turning into something like CS Reunion @ Inferno Online, a tournament operate by DreamHack last April for ex-1. 6 legends to show their skill once more. Players like Emil “HeatoN” Christensen of the classic SK 2003 squad would definitely be fan favourites but there are other legends who could make an appearance too. One player who immediately comes to mind is the Brazilian Raphael “cogu” Camargo who was considered to be the best Brazilian CS player of all time. Someone else who might make an appearance is popular streamer Anomaly’s dad Papanomaly, who is often seen in videos either assisting with case unboxings or actually playing the game. The prize winnings for the side tournaments are as follows: 1st place - 10, 000 SEK 2nd place - 5, 000 SEK 3rd place - Product prizes Esports Insider says: It is very considerate for DreamHack to create tournaments for people who might not have otherwise competed. It will definitely be a breath of fresh air from seeing the same teams compete against each other. Perhaps the Junior tournament situation will show us some great up-and-coming legends that might get a chance at their own pro contract. http://www.csgo4skin.com
  9. Team Liquid Chemical had several cozy wins to attract the group point. Their first online game against Natus Vincere was light benefit the North Americans with Inferno, where they will won 16-7 above an underperforming challenger. The team’s next match was next to a familiar CSGO Ak47 Skins foe from your Americas-Immortals. Train alongside Immortals was purely a sport of momentum right up until Liquid woke up inside the second half and also came back from a 13-7 deficit to push overtime. A top notch efficiency from Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski, which contains a 32 destroy bomb and a 63. 5 headshot portion, led Liquid into a perfect overtime and also a 19-15 score inside their favor. Liquid’s ultimate match of the crew stage against OpTic Gaming on Cobblestone was their least difficult of the tournament. The particular North Americans in azure limited OpTic to only five round wins-all of which were for OpTic’s Terrorist aspect. Although no participant particularly stood out in their last cluster stage match, Veggie juice defeated OpTic 16-5 without much of a tournament. The Playoff Photo The 12 staying teams in the group stage will challenge it out in around four or circle five matches down the road to decide who should go home and who also stays in Cologne, Australia for the playoffs this specific weekend. A lot will be on the line tomorrow, as much of the best CS: MOVE teams in the world deal with the chopping obstruct of elimination csgo4skin.com.
  10. Arosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski, Virtus Pro's secondary AWP and lurker, vented about his team's hardships last night on Facebook, alluding to the prospect of a team disband. The Poles of VP have slumped to the lowest points in their careers, and it has Cheap CSGO Skins definitely shown in their decline in performance since their DreamHack Las Vegas championship win and second place finish at the ELEAGUE Major earlier this year. “The third tournament of nothing! In the eight years of my career! Hasn't been so weak yet! [Six] months ago we gave up the Major final, ” pasha admitted in angst. “What do you do to keep from [going] crazy? What do you do to get back to where you were? ” he asked rhetorically. VP failed to qualify for the next seasons of the ESL Pro League and the StarLadder i-League Star Series. They’ve also been eliminated from the group stage at IEM Katowice and more recently at ESL Cologne. Their poor outings in recent months have highlighted the serious issues in the team’s system. “It is hard, [and] it'll be even harder. If we endure together and not parse out, it'll be the ‘Miracle on the Vistula, ’” pasha concluded, referencing the 1920 Battle of Warsaw. The actual battle in which the Polish won against all odds, as if Virtus Pro were actually fighting a war of their own-against themselves. With the team at a crossroads, VP could be bound for some big changes if they have a sub-par run at the upcoming Krakow Main, where they will have home-field advantage in Krakow, Poland from July 16 to 23. http://www.csgo4skin.com
  11. So next, you are coming to Perfume. How does CSGO Ak47 Skins that place this tournament within perspective? Is it more valuable for you now, thinking about you are not going to the Significant? What are the goals, anticipation? Our goal, I am pretty sure, is to get from groups. And not being qualified for the Major as well as going here, we now have something to show now, that not really qualifying for the Key was a fluke. You needed two matches right here, you are already 2-0 up. The first fit, it seemed like you had been in control against Na`Vi, especially on the CT side of Dolore, can you talk me personally through that match a little? It didn't think that Na`Vi was changing, it didn't seem like they were really in to the game like they are definitely. I know, Na`Vi all of us saw versus Cloud9, that's real Na`Vi. The Na`Vi that will showed up versus all of us was not the real Na`Vi. So , they were not mentally in it also it felt easier compared to it should've also been. Then you had this particular game against Immortals, it was a totally various story because they have been leading in both halves and then you clawed back on both edges, and then the overtime, however, and then the succeed. Can you tell me concerning the breaking points to both the sides, what were being the key elements? To side, I think jdm and I had 2 huge clutches continual that really shook Immortals, I'm pretty sure it truly broke them psychologically. We ended up shutting that half 7-8 after being straight down 7-2 or some thing, winning five units in a row. Which was huge, that obtained us mentally back to it and everyone was just truly into it after that. The actual CT side it had been kinda like the exact same story, we began playing more group CS, doing points together like we should have been doing to begin with and we just get back into the game circular by round csgo4skin.com. Following the 2-0, you have 3 chances to get 1 win. Does in which take the pressure away, how are you feeling together going into the complement tomorrow? I guess a few pressure is treated but I in no way think that way. The task isn't done till we get out of organizations, so I'm going to maintain trying my greatest and hardest regardless of what. Pretty sure that goes for your team as well.
  12. These are typically the faces and noises who will be providing all the action through the world’s biggest CS: GO tournament next July. ESL Just one Cologne 2017 is simply two weeks away as well as the world’s best CS: GO teams prepared themselves to contend for the prestigious ESL One trophy plus the opportunity to lift this in front of the incredible audience filling the LANXESS arena. With a lot of thrilling matches as well as top-notch plays in front of us, we ensured to assemble Buy CSGO Skins a group of the same calibre since the tournament they’ll become covering. These are often the faces and suggests who will be presenting to you all the action through the entire event! We are delighted to welcome the exact King of Clown himself, friberg, returning to ESL One Perfume, in what will be the first time on the other side from the analysis at a super event. and look toward receiving all of his / her insight! ESL A person Cologne 2017 will even mark Redeye’s two hundredth working esports occasion which cements his particular position as a famous fixture of the esports scene (celebrations have been in order! ). Make sure to join the roaring crowd of the LANXESS Arena as we create history happen along with another unforgettable CS: GO event! For the latest updates, stick to ESL CS upon Twitter and Myspace.a http://www.csgo4skin.com
  13. ESL One Cologne 2017 kicked off yesterday with the first matches of the swiss group stage! 16 top teams from around the world have started their battle for the playoffs in the LANXESS Arena, the coveted trophy and a share of the US$250, 000 trophy. We’ve seen a ton of thrilling CS: GO action as the first two rounds of matches were played, including a 66-round match between Na’Vi and Cloud9 and Spac csgoskins Soldiers besting SK Gaming. Results Round 1   mousesports vs . FNATIC 16-11 on train   FaZe vs . Heroic 16-14 on inferno   Immortals vs . Virtus. pro 16-12 on cobblestone   SK vs . Space Soldiers 14-16 on cache NiP vs . C9 16-12 upon cache   G2 or TyLoo 16-9 in cache   Na’Vi versus Liquid 7-16 about inferno North compared to OpTic 9-16 with cobblestone Round 2   mousesports vs . FaZe 16-12 on nuke   SK vs . Virtus. pro 16-9 for mirage Space Soldiers vs . OpTic 9-16 on mirage   FNATIC vs . Heroic 16-6 on mirage   C9 vs . Na’Vi 32-34 on train   G2 vs . NiP 6-16 on cache   Immortals vs . Liquid 15-19 on train   TyLoo vs . North 6-16 on inferno The action continues today! After such an intense day one, one can only imagine what day two of ESL 1 Cologne has in store for us! You can find the full schedule with today’s matchups here. Be sure to join us starting at 12: 00PM CEST over at our live broadcast and get yourself a ticket to the playoffs at the LANXESS Arena if you haven’t yet! For all updates about the event, including live coverage as well as highlights, follow ESLCS on Twitter and also Facebook. http://www.csgo4skin.com
  14. ESL One Cologne 2017 kicked off yesterday with the first matches of the swiss group stage! 16 top teams from around the world have started their battle for the playoffs in the LANXESS Arena, the coveted trophy and a share of the US$250, 000 trophy. We’ve seen a ton of thrilling CS: GO action as the first two rounds of matches were played, including a 66-round match between Na’Vi and Cloud9 and Spac csgoskins Soldiers besting SK Gaming. Results Round 1   mousesports vs . FNATIC 16-11 on train   FaZe vs . Heroic 16-14 on inferno   Immortals vs . Virtus. pro 16-12 on cobblestone   SK vs . Space Soldiers 14-16 on cache NiP vs . C9 16-12 upon cache   G2 or TyLoo 16-9 in cache   Na’Vi versus Liquid 7-16 about inferno North compared to OpTic 9-16 with cobblestone Round 2   mousesports vs . FaZe 16-12 on nuke   SK vs . Virtus. pro 16-9 for mirage Space Soldiers vs . OpTic 9-16 on mirage   FNATIC vs . Heroic 16-6 on mirage   C9 vs . Na’Vi 32-34 on train   G2 vs . NiP 6-16 on cache   Immortals vs . Liquid 15-19 on train   TyLoo vs . North 6-16 on inferno The action continues today! After such an intense day one, one can only imagine what day two of ESL 1 Cologne has in store for us! You can find the full schedule with today’s matchups here. Be sure to join us starting at 12: 00PM CEST over at our live broadcast and get yourself a ticket to the playoffs at the LANXESS Arena if you haven’t yet! For all updates about the event, including live coverage as well as highlights, follow ESLCS on Twitter and also Facebook. http://www.csgo4skin.com
  15. HLTV. org has arrived in PGL's studios within Bucharest, Romania, to offer you full coverage of the European countries Minor, which is going to begin with Group The, featuring EnVyUs, HUGE, Kinguin, and Ballistix. The last Minor is all about to kick off because Buy Cheap CSGO Skins EnVyUs are facingBallistix (fnatic Academy) upward first in the starting round of Team A, with MAJOR and Kinguin prepared to follow with their best-of-one encounter. Our two-man lineup has arrived in the venue, PGL's galleries in Bucharest, to start our coverage from the Europe Minor, that will have three places at the Main Nommer on offer alongside the actual $50, 000 prizepool. More information about the occasion can be found in our audience's guide, such as complete schedule, talent selection, and tournament file format. We have also merged a preview, by which we take a look at every team's form and the chances of making it much in the tournament. Buy Cheap CSGO Skins